Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 16th February 2022

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Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 16th February 2022

Amadhya Raakshas asks Ashoka what he is reading. Ashoka says it was kept here only. I got curious. Amadhya Raakshas is surprised as a fisherman’s son is interested in studies and Arthshastra. Ashoka talks about his mother. She always says one should always keep gaining knowledge. He asks the same question to Amadhya Raakshas. He replies that even a monk should leanr about different topics. This one has inspired a lot many people. We have to spread similar thoughts amongst people. How will we do it if we don’t know it? Amadhya Raakshas finds something strange about Ashoka. I must find out more about him.

Radha Gupta had sent some people to check on the sailor and his family. They share that the guy died because of internal injuries. Radha Gupta says that guy was actually murdered. Acharya used to say coincidence happens once. It is a well thought out plan if it happens consecutively. Ashoka is killed by pirates. One person is alive but he dies. Acharya knew that Magadh’s biggest enemies are near us only. I am sure the game is on for the throne. A guy asks him how it can be. No one knew about Ashoka taking the sea route. Radha Gupta points out that someone in the palace is a traitor. He gave info to the wrong people. I will find that guy!

The ship stops at a port. The sailor asks everyone to be back by evening. Ashoka requests the sailor to let him stay in the ship. The sailor asks him to pay money first. Kaurvi and Ashoka get into verbal dispute wherein he asks her not to be back before sunset.

In the town, Ashoka meets a guy. He isn’t well so he is unable to take a box from one place to another. Ashoka offers to deliver it on his behalf. The guy offers to pay his fare in the ship.

Dharma talks to Radha Gupta. I can feel it that Ashoka is alive. If it is right then he is in such a situation that he cannot reach us. Radha Gupta too feels the same. I myself will go to Takshshila. Ashoka will be trying his best to reach there.

Sushim is drinking with one of his friend. He talks to him about Ashoka. I had started to be all negative and insecure about life since he came in picture. I wanted to kill him the day I got to know he is my brother. His friend says it would have been good if you had killed Ashoka. Sushim shares that Ashoka’s death isn’t by accident. he goes quiet upon noticing a man overhearing their convo. The man goes away when Suhsim comes there to check. He next refuses to talk about Ashoka. He thinks he is only waiting for Amadhya Raakshas now. I want to get Siamak out of my way so I can sit on the throne.

Kaurvi notices the man following her. She runs but he chases her.

A few people recognize Ashoka but they have heard the news of Ashoka’s death. Ashoka stops nearby to overhear their convo. He gets to know everyone thinks he is dead. What must Ma be going through?

The guy catches up with Kaurvi. He holds her hand. Kaurvi calls out Ashoka’s name for help. He runs away seeing Ashoka. Ashoka notices Mir Khurasan there. He takes a shawl from the shop. He passes by Kaurvi. She is taken aback. The guy blocks her way as she begins to go after Ashoka. Kaurvi beats him with a stick and runs away.

Mahamadhya shares that people in Takshshila are having a tough time getting food items. Bindu asks him to make arrangements so the citizens can get items on lesser rates. Mahamadhya doesn’t want him to do this as it can affect their treasury. Bindu is sure they can find a solution. It is wrong if the citizens cannot even meet their basic daily needs.

Ashoka follows Mir Khurasan at a distance. He goes inside Unani’s tent. Ashoka wonders why no one is catching him as per the announcement made by his father. Unani’s are sheltering Mir. Are they in this together? I must find out. He beats a soldier so he can stand near the tent to hear the convo.

Mir Khurasan and Nicator drink to celebrate Ashoka’s death. Ashoka is shocked to know Unani’s and Khurasani’s are in this together. Mir tells Nicator about what happened when he and Daastan escaped from Magadh’s jail. He stabbed me. I wasn’t dead but hurt. I knew Magadh’s army will be looking for me. I travelled only at night. I only wanted to reach you as Magadh’s army cannot even touch me here. Ashoka steps aside. A pot falls in the process. Mir doubts someone has been eavesdropping. Mir goes out to check. Nicator assures him no outsider can come here. They both go back inside. Nicator shares Helena’s message with Mir. Dharma is pregnant. Mir does not want Helena to rush into anything. We will end Dharma’s case once and for all. It should appear an accident. Nicator likes his idea.

Ashoka collides with Kaurvi outside. He hides behind a cart and even covers her mouth as a soldier comes there. Kaurvi repeats her question later. Ashoka gets up to go with her but the soldiers surround them just then.

Ashoka beats the soldiers. Kaurvi blames him for getting her in this situation. How will I reach Takshshila now! She too manages to free herself. They both run away. Ashoka recalls the promise he made to the old man. He leaves.

Ashoka delivers the box to that man’s brother’s house. He goes to bring water for Ashoka but he is gone by then.

Ashoka runs to reach the port in time. The ship is loading. She waits worriedly for Ashoka. She intentionally drops the boxes which are about to load in the ship. It helps her buy more time. I wont be able to do anything if Ashoka does not reach on time. The sailor asks Kaurvi to get inside the ship. It is time to leave. She boards the ship, still looking out for Ashoka. He reaches there just then. She is relieved to see him. The sailor asks him to get down. You haven’t paid the fare. The same old man pays his fare. Ashoka thanks him. The old man too thanks him for delivering the box to the sailor. I know you dint do it for taking money from me. You agreed to do it long before I offered to pay your fare. The guy leaves. Kaurvi calls Ashoka a weird guy. You even agreed to leave the ship for helping someone. I am sure you aren’t a fisherman’s son. He too is sure she is not from a monk’s family by the way she helped him in tackling the soldiers. Plus I have learnt if from my mother. She says we are equal now. He nods. I have to find my aim as soon as I reach Takshshila. I know it will be tough but no problem is bigger that can stop my way!

Amadhya Raakshas asks the sailor to speed up. He even offers money to him. Ashoka overhears it. The sailor agrees. Ashoka wonders why the monk is so eager. Plus how does he has so much money. He questions the sailor. The weather isn’t right. The sailor tells him mind his business. I have spent more time in sea than you.

Ashoka thinks of Mir and Nicator. Why is that guy (Nicator) helping Mir? Is Rajmata Helana aware of it? He remembers the celebrations that Helena, Mahamadhya, Sushim and Charu were having right after Acharya’s death. Something is still missing. I understand Sushim and Chaurmitra’s intention but why is Rajmata helping them. If Acharya was here then he would showed me the right path. Who is that enemy amongst us about whom you had told me? He looks at his bracelet as he thinks of his mother. The guy (who was following Kaurvi) asks Ashoka about the bracelet. Ashoka tries to walk away but the guy holds his hand. Ashoka tells him to leave his hand. the guy says I will get you out of my way today. Kaurvi isn’t even looking at me because of you. Ashoka holds him by his neck. If a woman is not interested in you then it is the right thing to leave. The sailor comes there. The guy cooks up a story. The sailor asks him to remove his bracelet. Ashoka refuses. The guy tries to pull it out of his hand but Ashoka beats him. Ashoka gets arrested by the soldiers. The guy thinks of Kaurvi. Who will save her now!

Ashoka’s hands are tied around a pillar.

Kaurvi is happy to think she will reach Takshshila soon. She hears some sound. The guy closes the door from inside. She stands up in shock. Get out of here! He keeps inching closer. She calls for help. Ashoka is stuck. It is impossible to break these handcuffs. How do I get out of here now? Kaurvi calls for help as the guy touches her hands. She pushes him but he holds her leg. Ashoka keeps trying to free himself but in vain. The guy closes in on Kaurvi. She cries for him to leave her. The weather worsens. The ship sways. The guy falls unconscious as he hurts himself on the head. Ashoka calls for help. Kaurvi stands at the edge of the ship. She is about to fall but Amadhya Raakshas holds her in time. Water comes inside the ship. Ashoka is having a hard time trying to stand.

People think no one will be able to get out of this storm safely. Water splashes inside the ship. Kaurvi asks for Ashoka. That cheap guy’s friend shares that Ashoka might have been handcuffed by the soldiers. Kaurvi requests someone to free Ashoka. The sailor has asked everyone to assemble outside. He refuses. Kaurvi next requests Amadhya Raakshas. Ashoka was only helping me. He scolds her for thinking about herself. He goes away. kaurvi thinks no one can understand how important is it for her to reach Takshshila. Ashoka refuses to let this problem stop him from reaching his mission.

The diya wavers. Dharma prays for Ashoka’s safety. Bindu comes there. She says Ashoka is in some problem. He repeats there can be no problem once a person dies. The sooner you accept this, the better. I have lost one kid. I don’t want to lose another. She holds his hand. I don’t know how to make you believe Ashoka is alive. The one, who stepped out of fire as soon as he was born, will come out of any problem at any cost. This is the promise of a fighter’s mother to you! She keeps her thoughts to herself.

Kaurvi finds Ashoka. She apologizes to him. It is happening because of me. He asks her to do something to open the chains. She finds one axe.