Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 3rd March 2021


Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 3rd March 2021

Pankti saying I can’t take this. He asks because this is second hand and has stains. She says one who has stains on herself, what will she see stains on others. He asks did you not like the gift, explain me, I want to know. Anita looks for Pankti. She sees JD. Ahaan says I was planning this moment since long, I have sung songs and earned money, people were not paying attention, I got anger, but got calm as I had to buy this gift for you, I got all these lights, I got shock too, I was thinking how will be that moment. She says listen. He says I fell in dirt while saving this gift, I thought how will you smile seeing this. JD looks at everyone. Anita fears for his doing. She says don’t know till when will this storm stay in our life. Purva comes to tell about JD. Anita says I know, where is Pankti.

Thakur gets JD. JD acts good. Anita indirectly tells him that his thing will be just of him, so he shouldn’t get angry. Thakur praises her. She says I will go and find my thing. JD asks Purva to help her. Anita asks her to find Pankti. Ahaan says I will cry if you go, I was planning to say I love you. She looks at him. He says I had to say this, I love you. He shouts I love you Pankti Sharma. She gets shocked and runs. Anita looks for her. JD asks did you do anything that I should get angry. She says never. He asks where is Pankti, did she do anything. Sheetal comes and calls him out. He gets shocked.

JD says I was helping her find something imp. Sheetal asks is it that necklace. Anita says no, I wanted to apologize to you. Sheetal says don’t apologize, I came to say, pandit gave mahurat for marriage, sangeet got over, everyone went to rest, you also rest, you can say if you need clothes or jewelry, I have a royal collection gifted by my husband. She asks JD to come. JD goes.

Sheetal asks him how does Thakur know Anita. He says Richa and Pankti studied together, Anita is from Delhi. She says you took her name with love, I don’t know these details, how do you know. He smiles and lies. She says you know Pankti’s name, she came here twice. He asks twice? She says yes, she came on engagement, Pankti and Ahaan…. He gets a call and doesn’t hear. He says I get angry seeing Anita. She says you were talking to her as you know her, why do you get tensed. He says no. She says I get a doubt. He says matter is something else, when you start doubting, I get tensed. She hugs him and says fine, I will not doubt, don’t worry. He says now take rest, I will see marriage arrangements.

Pankti comes to room and cries. Ahaan and Anita look for her. JD comes and holds Pankti. She gets shocked. He asks were you waiting for someone else, we couldn’t meet on engagement day, so how would I let you go without meeting. He asks did you practice I love you. She cries. He pulls her hair angrily. He asks are you hurt to say this, I also felt wrong when I got to know you came in engagement and came today also, you have grown up, one who crosses door once, can’t stay in four walls, tell me what did you do, did you give anyone right to say I love you, tell me, if I get to hear your stories from someone else, I will ruin you. Ahaan knocks door. JD turns. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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