Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 24th February 2021


Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 24th February 2021

Pankti recalling Ahaan. Purva says he loves you. Pankti says you stop thinking for me now, you just think for your life, career and love. Purva says why do we need to care for us, our mum is there to think for us and decide. They get sad. Anita meets Jasmin. Jasmin says minister wants to meet Purva. Anita asks is he coming to meet Purva, he didn’t see Purva. Jasmin says Purva’s fate will change, maybe she gets married, you can’t know where she will reach, she will be one of the richest. Anita says she will be rich.

Jasmin says yes, just prepare Purva. Anita says she is ready, what’s there to prepare her. Jasmin gives her 5 lakhs advance. Anita gets surprised. Jasmin says the man gave me advance as shagun, its a small gift, deal has to be made. Anita says 5 lakhs when he saw pic, when he sees Purva, it will be big deal. Purva says Anita would be dealing us, what’s the need to dream, I think your dream will get fulfilled. Pankti says it won’t. Purva goes. Pankti recalls Ahaan and sees the card. She sings Tu aashiqui…. Ahaan too sings Tu Aashiqui….

He thinks of Pankti. She thinks of their moments and stands at the window. He gets an idea and checks for her online profile. He gets Anita’s details. Aparna comes there. She asks him not to keep guitar down. She gives him honey tea. He asks do you know her. Aparna says yes, she is Anita, she was a bad actress. Anita gets hit by a car. Aparna says she failed. Ahaan says I have seen her, many people don’t handle success. She asks why do you want to know about her. Ahaan says she is Pankti’s mum, I wanted to know her family history, this affects Pankti too, don’t know what’s the matter. Richa’s dad helps Anita. He sees her and says you are Anita Sharma, my fav actress. Richa and her mum look on.


He says I m your big fan, I saw your movies ten times. Anita thanks him. He takes a selfie with Anita. Richa says she is Pankti’s mum, Pankti lied that day, don’t take Pankti’s name. Aparna asks Ahaan to meet Pankti, he won’t find her sorrows on internet. He says I m such a fool, I have to meet her, I will call JD, he will know Anita. Aparna says yes, he has such info.

He calls JD and says its not reachable. She says leave this and meet Pankti. He says yes, I will find out, is problem in Pankti or her mum. Richa’s parents invite Anita in marriage and diwali party. Pankti looks on. Anita agrees to come. Richa’s dad gets glad. Anita gets ready. Pankti makes rangoli. Anita says its because of my fame, not Pankti. She asks Pankti to get ready, JD doesn’t come here on diwali, he becomes family man, we will also celebrate today. Pankti says I will keep diya and come. She places diya. JD comes and spoils the rangoli. She gets shocked. He asks did you feel bad. Anita sees him and says you….He asks what’s the matter. Anita says we were celebrating diwali. Purva comes and sees him. JD asks where are they going. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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