Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 23rd June 2021


Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 23rd June 2021

Vikram coming to hospital and helping Poorva. He asks nurse to call doctors to treat Anita. He asks Poorva not to worry, nothing will happen to Anita. Monty finishes the meeting. He checks his phone. He reads Poorva’s message. Doctor treats Anita. Poorva asks her is she fine. She gets Pankti’s call. Poorva goes to attend call. Pankti asks how is mum now. Poorva says she is fine, don’t worry, she will be discharged soon, you didn’t meet us till now. Pankti says Aparna asked me to stay back yesterday, I went to studio today, Ahaan’s family wants to fix the date of marriage.

Poorva asks her to come home soon and take care. Vikram asks Poorva to fill form now. She asks what insurance number shall I write. He says I will solve all your problems. Her bangle gets stuck in his coat button. Monty comes there and looks on. Ahaan asks where did you go Pankti. She says Poorva messaged about mum’s accident, she is fine now. Ahaan says Monty called us for success party. She asks him to go, its good for career. He says we both should go. She says Aparna is coming with marriage shagun, I should be there. He gets glad.

Poorva says actually Monty…. Monty says sorry, I couldn’t receive your call and read message, are formalities done. She says almost done. Pankti comes and says we will start your marriage responsibilities now. They go. Monty calls out Vikram and thanks him. He goes. Vikram says her life will be getting stuck ahead.

Ahaan says sorry Reyansh, Pankti won’t be coming today. Reyansh asks him to come and become a big star. Ahaan says see you, and goes. Reyansh says you will know it there, what happens…. Poorva and Pankti get Anita home. Anita apologizes and says I don’t know anything about shagun, I just know dealing. Poorva says its fine, you will learn it, lets forget the past now, we have to make Pankti ready. Anita asks her to make Pankti look beautiful, is Ahaan coming. Pankti says yes, but after attending a launch party. Aparna arranges shagun. Manav asks pandit to reach at venue. Ahaan smiles seeing a bangle.

Reyansh asks him is he ready. Ahaan says I m ready for shagun, but less ready for the party. Reyansh says just show your face and come soon, I don’t want to come between lovers, don’t worry, I know cheating death. Aparna says why does Ahaan has to do today. Manav says its work, its imp for life. She says love is also imp for life, he has to come back on time, Ahaan has to make Pankti wear shagun bangles. Richa says don’t take tension, this rasam is just a formality, future depends on them.

Reyansh scolds her and asks her not to talk between elders. Everyone looks at him. Reyansh apologizes. He says I agree with Aparna, I will get Ahaan there before kangan ceremony, I want to help you guys, relations always need balance, I have to complete my work here. Vikram comes there. He says I agree I m not happy with this relation, but its a family function, I do care for respect, don’t worry, I will surely come. He hugs Ahaan. Reyansh asks Ahaan ready junior….. They get shocked. Ahaan thinks of JD. Reyansh changes his words. They all leave. Ahaan is on the way and calls Pankti. She doesn’t answer video call. He calls again. She asks him to come home to see her. He says I will come flying to you. Reyansh hears Ahaan and gets angry. Ahaan gives her a kiss on phone. Reyansh races the car.

Ahaan sees a truck and asks Reyansh to be careful. Reyansh says sorry, I couldn’t see. Pankti asks Ahaan what happened, is he fine. Ahaan says sorry, phone fell down, don’t worry, I will make you wear shagun bangles. Reyansh says see we reached. Ahaan is at the party. Reyansh praises Ahaan’s voice. He asks the director to sign Ahaan, film will be superhit, fate doesn’t give us chance again and again. The man agrees. Ahaan gets happy. Reyansh congratulates Ahaan. Ahaan thanks him and asks how do you do all this. Monty says thanks, you got a big chance for Ahaan. Reyansh says I have to keep friendship, handle the media, I will handle others in my style. He thinks you have dreams to become a star, I will not leave you, its my promise.

Aparna getting shagun and gifts for Pankti. She says this is just our love. Anita jokes and laughs. Vikram stares at Poorva. He compliments her. He talks to her. Pandit gives the mahurat. Anita calls Poorva and says we shall get Pankti. Aparna smiles seeing Pankti and compliments. Pandit asks will your son come till mahurat. Aparna says yes. Ahaan talks to media. A guy compliments a singer. The singer Rajat takes selfie with a girl. Reyansh meets Rajat and says you have sung in many films, when thing get old, it gets out, new thing replaces the old, your voice got old, look at the new voice and new face, the future superstar Ahaan. Rajat gets angry. Aparna gives the jewelry. Anita says I will keep this in safe. Pankti says I wish Sheetal was with us today. Aparna says her blessings are with you, she will be out of jail soon. She gives shagun bangles to Pankti and says Ahaan will make you wear it. Pankit smiles.

Reyansh spikes a drink and asks Ahaan to have it. Ahaan gets Pankti’s call. He gives the good news. He says I m more interested to become your husband than becoming a star. She says then come soon. He says I m coming, watch my news byte till now. She says fine. He says bye, I love you. Ahaan drinks. Pankti drops the shagun. They all get shocked.

Monty asks Ahaan not to drink, its his shagun today. Reyansh takes glass from him. Ahaan goes with Monty. Aparna says its not a good shagun. Manav says I don’t believe in all this, Pankti we will get a new mirror, don’t worry, you all enjoy. Reyansh stops Ahaan and says some high profile media reporters are coming for interview, don’t go. Ahaan says I have to go for shagun. Reyansh asks Monty to tell Ahaan to handle media, its imp, its good for his career. Monty says its instant publicity. Reyansh asks him to hold a wine glass in hand.

Ahaan goes with him. Richa says don’t worry, some people call glass breaking a good omen. Ahaan gives interview. Monty asks Ahaan is he drunk. Reyansh says its not a big deal. Monty says we shall leave. Rajat stops Ahaan and argues with him. Ahaan gets angry and says my family is waiting for me, I need to go. Rajat gets insulting Ahaan. Reyansh gets happy. Pandit asks where is Ahaan. Pankti says he will come. Rajat says party isn’t over, I heard you got a girl to sing duet with you. Aparna asks Manav to call Ahaan. Manav calls Ahaan and Reyansh. He says don’t know where did they go. Rajat asks did she please the producer, call her, where is she. Ahaan punches his face. Pandit says its just five mins for mahurat, there is no mahurat till next 2 months.

Pankti says come soon Ahaan. Ahaan fights with Rajat. Monty worries. Guards stop the fight. Reyansh smiles. Pandit says mahurat is over, I shall leave. Everyone gets sad. Guests leave. Music director stops Ahaan and scolds him. He says our company can’t work with you, I m cancelling your contract now. Reyansh smiles. Ahaan gets shocked. Aparna says Manav, call Ahaan or Reyansh. Manav tries again. He fails to reach them. Reyansh comes and says sorry, Ahaan can’t come, I took him there, I m sorry.

Manav asks where is Ahaan. Reyansh says please switch on the tv. They see Ahaan on news channel. They get shocked. Pankti cries. Reyansh thinks I cheated death, I won’t let you become of someone else, no way.