Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 20th July 2021


Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 20th July 2021

Reyansh showing the keys and says I have locked the doors for safety, as the place is secluded. She says maybe I got much drunk. He says I will drop you home. He takes her to the car. She stops an auto and gets in. She says Reyansh, I also worry for you a lot, if you drop me home, you will get late, you go home and rest, take care. She goes. Anita returns home and calls out Poorva and Pankti. She sees their pic. She looks for them and thinks where did they go. Poorva comes home and cries seeing her. She hugs her and says Monty broke relation with me, because of Vikram, I went to Vikram to do his aid, someone clicked his pics and showed to Monty, everything got finished. Anita recalls overhearing Monty’s words.

She asks Poorva not to cry. Pankti sees Ahaan passing by in his car and shouts Ahaan. She asks the driver to stop the auto. Ahaan stops the car and looks back. He sees Pankti and smiles. Ahaan runs to her and hugs. She says Reyansh is JD. He says I m with you, JD is nowhere. Reyansh checks the table and drink glass. He recalls Pankti’s words. She says this time I won’t leave JD, he has tried to hurt you, I will punish him. Ahaan says we will not leave him. Reyansh gets a rod and Pankti’s hairpin. He calls Sinha and says I think times have changed, its time to take Pankti away from here forever.

Aparna asks Uday to call Ahaan and ask about Pankti. Ahaan gets Pankti home. Aparna hugs her and asks are you fine, what happened there. Pankti says I m fine, Ahaan called and told me that Reyansh is JD, I saw JD when I removed his mask, I tried to run, but the door was locked, then JD got conscious, I thought I m trapped, I got an idea and did acting like I m unconscious, and I left some way. Aparna worries and hugs her.

She says its big thing that you are fine, Ahaan you both have to leave from here. Ahaan asks her to stop, no need to do all this. Aparna says no, you won’t be here, you know JD, he is very dangerous, maybe he will trap you both, just go and live a good life. Ahaan says relax, I m your son, not any coward, you always gave me courage, how can I get scared, I may have done some mistakes, its time that I rectify mistakes, I will fight till JD’s truth is exposed. Aparna says we will tell everyone that he is JD, we will call police. Pankti says no, Sheetal’s life is in danger, we have to find her first. Aparna says it means Reyansh went after Sheetal that day. She cries. Pankti says yes, you know how he reacted when I told him that JD wasn’t suitable for Sheetal. Aparna hopes Sheetal is fine.

Ahaan says I m sure Sheetal is fine. Aparna says we did a big mistake to let a stranger stay with us. Ahaan says don’t worry, this time we will win as we are together. Uday says yes, we all are together. Ahaan gets determined. Reyansh thinks of Pankti and throws the things away. He calls Sinha and says Pankti and I are going Abu dhabi, do all arrangements before Pankti knows about me. Sinha asks about Sheetal. Reyansh says I have a plan for her.

Ahaan says I have reached airport, I will find out. Pankti asks him to take care and find Sheetal. Uday is also on the way. He calls Pankti. He says I m outside Sinha’s house, I will inform you. She says yes, he is JD’s right hand, is there any way to know about Sheetal. Uday says there is a software to track people. Ahaan asks people about Sheetal. Pankti thinks I will find Sheetal’s truth today.

Uday trying to track JD. Anita comes to meet Vikram. Poorva follows her. Anita threatens Vikram and asks him for money to forget what he did with her. She says I won’t let anyone know that you separated Poorva and Monty. Vikram says you forgot that you also helped me in my plan. Poorva gets shocked. Anita says I learnt being mean from your dad, there is no mean person than JD, so just use your mind. She asks for her phone. He gives her phone. JD wakes up Sheetal and says I m going away with Pankti, I want to fulfill all my duties, my wife’s final rites is my first duty. Sinha gets shocked. JD says sorry, I can’t wait if my wife is alive. Sheetal asks JD did he go mad, have fear of Lord. JD jokes on her lecture. Pankti comes to Aparna and says we didn’t know about the place. Reyansh comes and asks what place.

Pankti says we found a new restaurant, its good and romantic, will you come with me to explore it. Ahaan comes and asks why don’t you go now. Pankti says I want to make a fresh start, don’t do anything that it gets tough for me to forget. Ahaan says you can leave from this house, I will do whatever I like, go now and check out romantic restaurants. They argue. Ahaan angrily goes. Aparna says don’t worry, I will talk to him. She goes.

Pankti cries and says this is the reason why I was upset, I got troubled spending time with Ahaan, I get peace talking to you. She hugs him. Poorva burns the pics. Anita asks what’s this, what if fire catches up. Poorva says any useless thing should be burnt, you have ruined my life, you tried to make me away from my love, I m going mad, you asked Vikram for 10 crores, how many times will you ask for our price. Anita says until I get plenty of money, Monty kicked you out of his life. Poorva recalls Monty’s words and gets sad.

Reyansh holds Pankti. He recalls Ahaan. He asks Pankti what will she have and shows jam. She gets tensed and recalls JD. She says I don’t want to have anything now, you tell me will you wish to have food at this time. He says I m feeling hungry, come and sit. He makes Pankti eat the sandwich. He sings Holi ke din…. She recalls JD. He says I know what happened yesterday, will you tell me or shall I tell. She says nothing happened yesterday, I was talking about tomorrow. Uday calls Pankti and tells her the address.

Pankti thanks him. Uday asks is Reyansh there, fine I will end call, he may have a doubt. She says wow, I found the location of new restaurant, tell me if you want to come. Her hairpin drops. She goes. Reyansh picks it and recalls. Pankti calls Ahaan. Reyansh calls Sinha and says Pankti is lying, I will find out her lie and then end their love. Pankti says this time our love will end his game, its time for him to fall.

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