Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 1st September 2021


Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 1st September 2021

Pankti doing a Mujra on Salaam e ishq…. Ahaan comes there and gets shocked. He shouts to stop them and catches Anita’s neck. He scolds her. The man stops Ahaan. Ahaan scolds the man and says I m Pankti’s would be husband, just leave from here. Anita calls him a loser and says this man is Pankti’s new buyer, he has paid crores of rupees to buy her. Ahaan gets shocked and says no, you had changed, not the same dirt again, who gave you a right to do this. Pankti says I did. Ahaan gets shocked and asks her not to say this, come with him, he feels scared seeing all this.

Pankti says this never ended here. She gives him ghungroos. She says I was a fool to fall in love, what did love give me, defamation, daily fights, headache, you have defamed me in front of the world, I was JD’s mistress, I didn’t stay with him, he kept me with love, I got whatever I asked for, I used to travel in big cars. She turns away and cries. She says you got all problems in my life. He asks who is forcing you to say all this. She asks are you drunk or blind, I was lying to myself, just love isn’t enough to live.

He asks is my love not enough for you. She pushes him and says no, I thought you are star type and I will get money and status some day, but I didn’t get anything, you have your own enemy, you ruin your life and hurt your family too, till when will you depend on others, if Aparna and I didn’t work hard, you would have been in jail, I don’t want to run around and save you, sorry Ahaan, you will always be a kid, I want a man who can take care of me. Anita smiles. Pankti says love will happen eventually, this man has paid me money and bough me. She shows him money.

Ahaan says please tell me that this is a lie, stop it. She says you stop it, open your eyes and see the truth, I have done the last favor on you and got you out of jail, its all over now, I want to return to my old life. He asks were you avoiding me for this. She says finally, you got some sense. He says fine, you don’t deserve my love. She says I don’t want your love, its good you will easily forget me.

She makes him leave and asks him to take responsibility of his family, forget her. She shuts door on his face and cries. Ahaan cries. She asks shall we end this work now. The man says sure, we will have a grand party, I m going to Delhi, pack your branded clothes if you have, I will come to pick you in some time. Anita asks him to keep coming. The man leaves. Anita hugs Pankti. She says you proved you are my daughter, go and change clothes, you have to go Delhi. Pankti cries.

Ahaan walking on the road and crying, thinking of Pankti’s words. Pankti ruins her room and cries, thinking of Ahaan and her. She sees his pic. She packs her bag. Ahaan sits drinking on road. Rangoli hugs the man and says I called you, knowing just you can get me out of any problem. FB shows Rangoli calling him and saying she has lost to Pankti. He asks her not to worry, her stepdad is coming to help her. FB ends. He says I have promised your mum that I won’t let you cry. He says I was having a 100 crore deal, I left the deal and came to help you, I have bought a mistress for 23 crores. She tells exact amount. He asks her not to talk about money. He says you wanted Ahaan, I will get Ahaan to you, I will handle Pankti. FB shows Rangoli saying I want to do something intense, make Pankti your mistress and take her away, I will handle Ahaan. FB ends.

He says you will be first daughter to make a girl your stepdad’s mistress. He says Pankti is really pretty, I liked her. She says you have to take Pankti away from here. He says I don’t like your interference, when Randy/Randhir takes any work on his shoulders, you don’t need to worry. Anita asks Pankti not to go, Randhir will decide about you after some time. Aparna calls Pankti. He says why is Pankti not answering. Richa says maybe some new drama. Aparna asks her to stop it. Ahaan falls in front of a car. A man asks him to get up, else he will die. The car stops. Ahaan falls aside. Rangoli takes Ahaan with him. Ahaan scolds her and says this has happened because of you, I don’t want to go with you, you ruined my life. People look on.

Rangoli asks what did I do, I realized I was wrong, I apologized to you. He asks her to stop it. She says I did everything because I love you, I can’t leave you, come with me. They leave. Uday comes to meet Pankti. He knocks the door. Pankti sits in darkness. Uday gets Kaira’s call and says Pankti isn’t at home, even Ahaan’s phone is not reachable. Kaira tells this to Aparna. Pandit says puja mahurat is over, we can’t do puja now. Ahaan comes home drunk and says mahurat has just started. They get shocked seeing her with Rangoli.

Rangoli says I got him on the way in this condition, so I got him here. Ahaan asks her to get out. She leaves. Manav asks what’s happening, we were planning your and Pankti’s marriage. Ahaan says just planning, marriage won’t happen, everything will get over today. He breaks the wine bottle. They all look on. Rangoli comes to meet Pankti. Pankti asks her to give her proof. Rangoli says you are sweet and agreed to me, I m not like you, the day you leave and I get Ahaan, I will give you proof.

Pankti says cheater, I will see if my love has more power or your cheap tricks. Rangoli says get back in reality, I will fulfill marriage rituals with Ahaan, you have become a mistress. Pankti asks her to do something bigger. She says I m habitual to live life with humiliation, what will you do. Rangoli says I m just wanting to end your love story, I have done this, you will always be a mistress for Ahaan now, Ahaan will be mine. Pankti says if Lord supports me, my love story will not end, its new chapter will begin.