Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 17th March 2021


Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 17th March 2021

JD sending some stuff for Pankti. He talks to Anita. She says you are pampering Pankti a lot. He says after this party, Pankti will never like to go in any party again, its a surprise for her. She asks shall I start decorating the house. He says no, party won’t be at home, Ahaan may come there, he refused to go Dubai. He ends call on seeing Ahaan. Pankti checks the gift box. Anita likes the golden dress. Purva says this dress looks like a dancer’s costume. Anita says your thinking is cheap. Ahaan comes to JD and says I m going Dubai, sorry for all that. JD gets glad and says I kept something special for you, wait, this shagun. He gives a coin to Ahaan. He says when I sign a new singer, I give this coin as good luck, will you change decision. Ahaan thanks him and says you are the best. JD sighs relief and hugs him. Ahaan asks is there anyone’s birthday party tomorrow. JD says my old friend. Ahaan says wish him from my side. JD says sure. Ahaan goes.

Pankti and Purva have a talk. Pankti gets Ahaan’s message. Purva says mum won’t come to greet you. Purva asks what’s the message, switch on the radio. They hear Ahaan on radio. Ahaan says I m sure she would be hearing this message on radio, I have told her how much I love her, even then I want to keep telling her, anyways I won’t say this again, I just want to say, happy birthday to you. Pankti smiles. RJ asks what will she like to hear, any song. Ahaan asks can I sing for her. RJ says great, of course. Ahaan sings Pal do pal……. Pankti happily cries.

Pankti hears Ahaan and goes out to see. She gets surprised seeing the balloons flowing in. Purva and Pankti smile. Ahaan comes there. He wishes her. She thanks him. He asks shall I come in. She says yes. He gets a call. Aparna asks did you wish Pankti. Ahaan says yes, I came to meet her. Aparna says no, just do what I said, come back home. Ahaan says okay. He tells Pankti that he is going Dubai tomorrow. She recalls JD’s words. He says I just wanted to wish you before leaving, bye, take care. She says you have a safe trip. He says I love you. She smiles and says I love you too. Jisko mai paa na sakun…..plays… They wave to each other. He goes. She thinks of Ahaan. She says Ahaan will be safe, he will become a big star soon, there is no bigger happiness than this for me.

Purva says you chose this life for yourself and a new start for Ahaan. Pankti says it would be a lot if I asked for this life. Purva wishes her happy birthday and hugs. Its morning, Aparna does Ahaan’s aarti. She asks Ahaan did he tell Pankti he is going. He says yes. She says now just hide, then the target will come out, best of luck. Sheetal comes and blesses him. Manav says its good you got senses, don’t do anything wrong. JD asks Manav to talk to Ahaan well, go and drop him, else he can come back by changing decision. Aparna says it looks like you just want to send him. JD says no, I was worried for his career. Manav asks Ahaan to hurry up, he has a meeting too. Ahaan says you can go, Uday will drop me. Ahaan hugs them. He leaves.

Jagdish follows Ahaan. Ahaan messages Purva and asks what’s the plan today, I want to send a cake for her. Purva recalls JD’s word. She sends the address and asks him not to send the cake, it can be a problem. Jagdish calls JD and says Ahaan is going airport, I m after him. Ahaan asks Uday to take right. Uday asks why. Ahaan says I have to go there. Jagdish says why is he giving right signal, where is he going, something is wrong, he is taking u turn. JD worries. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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