Wednesday Update on Cost of love 12th May 2021


Wednesday Update on Cost of love 12th May 2021

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Manav and Aparna staying restless. JD talks to Sheetal. Vikram cries seeing Sheetal’s mum. Richa holds him. Pankti and Ahaan also think restless. Pankti thinks of Ahaan. Pankti hears Ahaan’s voice. She smiles hearing his song. Pal do pal…..plays….. She asks what’s love. She gets a message. She reads Ahaan’s lovely message about her. He writes that a girl who fights with her fear and sings, she is love. She looks out and sees Ahaan. He says world can try to separate, love is the power which will keep us together. She says you have written a long essay on love. He says you are my inspiration. He lifts her and smiles.

He gets romantic. They have an eyelock. Poorva asks Pankti to see what has come for her. Pankti and Ahaan go out. They see the invitation. Poorva says its a launch party invitation from JD. Pankti says its Jaishri productions invite from JD, see his dare, is he inviting me to insult me, he has no work than to upset me, I have decided, I won’t go there and won’t sing. Ahaan says yes, what else can be done, but its your first break, you are right, you shouldn’t go, but think professionally, its not about JD, its about you. She recalls Manav’s words and says no, I can’t come there, I have promised him, I can’t attend the party, Sheetal would be fighting for her life, I can’t sing there. He asks her if she giving a chance to JD to win. She says no, I m trying to save my relations from losing, I can sacrifice many such relations. Manav asks why. Aparna says Pankti is going to sing in that film. Manav says she is still around our life. Richa says so dad kept party here, so that Pankti comes here to sing and mocks us.

Vikram says no, she wants to come here as we insulted her. She says fine, we will tell her to back off. Aparna says this party is kept here so that JD doesn’t come here, Pankti won’t leave her promise, he has bought the music rights to ruin Pankti’s career. Vikram says I can’t let dad ruin mom’s money. She says you have nothing in your hands. He says I have to prove this wrong. Aparna asks is JD not ashamed, he is going to do a party here when Sheetal is nearly dying. Vikram says there won’t be a party, Pankti made dad and Ahaan mad and now we all are going mad, there won’t be any celebrations. He throws things. JD comes. He says I have heard and seen your madness too, I m not scared, I will do what I want, whoever has objection can leave this house right away. They get shocked.

JD says you all got mad, I m keeping Sheetal’s duty, I have to take company to much heights, I can’t lose this opportunity, I gave joint director post to Manav, do you have any sense or not, business is kept aside from emotions, I have financed their film for 50 crores. Manav asks what. JD says yes, else why would they give me music right, you know their box office collection, how can our company have any loss. Ahaan comes and says yes, JD is right, he hurts others, he never gets loss in his side, congrats, Pankti refused to come here as she is helpless by someone’s promise, if you think I will let you win, you are wrong. He goes.

Anita says Ahaan was saying right, you are going in launch party venue, not his house, if your song releases, you will get one crore for one song. Poorva says its not about money, but self respect. Pankti says its about respect, I won’t break promise given to Ahaan’s dad. Manav explains to Ahaan that Pankti isn’t right for this house, what’s happening here since they are together. Ahaan says I m in senses, your promise won’t let her move on, she isn’t coming here, she lost the opportunity to keep her promise, you have tied her, your promise is forcing her to lose herself in the darkness, the worst part is she will let this happen, she regards you father, I feel suffocated in this house because of JD, there is no one to understand someone’s helplessness.

Manav gets thinking. Ahaan says I thought I can trust you, but you have failed me like always. He goes. Aparna looks on. Manav recalls Ahaan. He asks Aparna to leave him alone for some time. Pankti gets shocked seeing Manav at the door. Ahaan thinks where did Papa go. Manav gets in the house. He greets Anita. He says if you permit, I would like to talk to Pankti.

Manav says to Ahaan has just one choice. I didn’t know he would be so upset after you go away from his life. Lights shut. She says let me bring candle. He says you are a light in Ahan’s life and our family. She says but will they own me? He says you will have to fight for you right. we are all with you. You have to come to our launch party. Will you come?

Ahan comes to his papa and says i am sorry for what I did. He says you made me realize how small did I think. She says no papa. Thanks for going to Panki’s place. Jayant overhears and says you didn’t do right.

The party starts. Ahan comes to Pankti’s room and comes close to her. He says thanks for coming. She kisses his cheek and runs.

Ishq mein marjawan
Arohi is worried. She says what are they all upto.
Deep and Virat come home. Deep says we are home. Arohi says who did this to Virat? Deep says you they were saying I asked them to do this. But they didn’t know I was deep. Virat says I will find out who did this don’t worry. Deep says I think kesari did this but we will catch her. Prithvi says maybe someone else did it. Virat says I know how to investigate.

Roma hugs Virat. He says I have to find out who did this. Roma says we have to improve your image first you are an inspector. Lets arrange a party tonight. Deep says yeah good idea. There is already a party in the JD’s office.
he says to Arohi get ready. THere is a dress in your room. Deep tells Virat what his plan is.

Tu Ashiqui
Jayant says to Manav why did you call Pankti here. You accepted her and gave her a new place in this house. Manav’ says you better stay away from Pankti. We have accepted her.

Ishq mein marjawan
Tara says once I am out I will kill you. Arohi says I have found Niku. DEep wants this child. He said we will go out and there I will kill him and you will stay here forever. Tara says you wont do anything to deep.. She laughs. She says you thought I would beg you? I will get you Niku’s place Arohi says I will take you to deep. I will keep a gun pointed at you and deep. you will find out Niku’s place. tara says you will know who will die.

Chawnai says why would you do that. Arohi says i don’t have another option. Thugs took Tara’s name. they want to test me and I know he is taking me to party for that. Chawai says what if tara tells him? Arohi says she can’t do that. I have brought these earrings for her. These earrings will keep us safe. Give these to tara and ask her to get ready for the party.

The party starts. Ahan comes with pankti. He introduces her to everyone. Everyone hugs her and congratulates her. Jayant comes there. Ahan holds Pankti’s hand. He says hello and extends his hand. He says nice to see you again. He says meet her she is shri mati Pankti. the woman says oh is she married? He says no no Kumari Pankti. She is singing idol wild card entry winner. Her life had been wild too. Ahan takes Pankti from there.

Deep and Arohi come there. Arohi meets pankti. She says i am glad you came here. Deep says Tara really likes to dance. Arohi says who knows you better than me. Arohi says I am coming. She waits for Chawani and Tara. Tara comes. Arohi says keep one thing in mind if you try to be clever your life will be over.
Deep meets Jayant. Tara comes to Deep. She hugs him. Arohi is keeping an eye on him. she says I feel so good to see. He says lets go and enjoy the party.
Pankti comes to Ahan’s mom. she says aunty moved her hand. He says that can’t happen. she says I felt it. He says mom gave you blessings.

The singers perform in the party. Everyone enjoys. Tara says deep sit with me. Arohi is keeping an eye on her. She says arohi can’t listen. Deep says I feel like we just met yesterday. Its been 12 years. She says I was 7 when we met. Thats more than 12 years.
She says deep I want to tell you something. Arohii says don’t dare saying a word. Tara wonders how she hears arohi. she says is there a chip in me? She says I have to tell deep without speaking that I am Tara and the one he is living with is Arohi.
Deep says Arohi had a boyfriend vishal. He had a ring where is he? Tara says what are you saying? You threw it in the river. Arohi says with tara’s right answer his doubts will be dead.

More singers perform on the stage. Deep says to Tara why are you so worried? Arohi says to Tara don’t say a word or I will press the button his mind will blast. Tara says where is niku? deep says think about our child not others. Remember when we used to talk about names. She says i wanted to name a girl Zara. Deep says in heart only tara could answer that. Tara picks the glass to drink wine. Pankti stops her from drinking.
more kids perform on the stage.
Arohi comes to Ahan and says someone has a video and he said it will ruin Pankti’s information.

Ahan comes to the singer. He says what games are you playing. Pankti comes on stage. She says you will first see pankti’s journey on this screen. Ahan is worried. They plug it in. Arohi has already replaced the CD. Ahan thanks her. Pankti comes on stage to perfrom. Police comes and says stop it. Who are Ahan and Pankti? They have a complaint of doing wrong. DEep says what are you saying. Jayant says they are singers you can’t do this. Deep takes the police out.
Tara comes to him. She says Arohi is alive. He says I know. we had a discussion on it. She says come with me. Arohi says shut up. Arohi tries to go after him.

Host says we can’t let her perform if she had a rough past. Arohi says how can you blame the girl for all that happened with her? Host says I have decided Pankti will sing in our film. Ahan hugs her. Pankti hugs Arohi and says thank you. Arohisays all the best. She leaves.