Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 31st March 2021

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Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 31st March 2021

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Mishti comes to Rohan’s room. His bag remained unpacked on the bed. Mishti wonders if this guy doesn’t know the P of Packing. She does the packing for Rohan as he had to leave in 15 minutes. Rohan comes out of the bath in towel and shirt. Mishti asks if he takes a shower in this form. He jokes, no, he does it without towel. Mishti asks Rohan how he packs his bags, he hadn’t even packed his camera. She asks about his stay arrangements.

Rohan casually says Veer has a number of contacts in Nasik and he can stay…. then stops in realization. Rohan asks Mishti if she has packed everything. Mishti teases that only the towel he is wearing is left. Rohan was defensive of his respect, and hurries into the bath. He requests Mishti to leave as he is getting late. Mishti leaves giggling. Rohan cautiously comes out of the bath now.

In the hall, everyone had breakfast together. Pari gets a call from Arnav. Rohan offers to drop Pari, but she replies it Ok. He has to go Nasik, she will go by herself. Radhika also leaves the table. Rohan takes a leave from Mishti. Both wish “I miss you”. He demands her to say the three words, there are three days amidst and everything might change meanwhile. Mishti promises to say it first thing once he is back. Mishti now comes to the hall. Radhika was excited about Pari. Mishti asks Radhika to finally tell her whom Pari fall for. Radhika tells Mishti that Pari and Rohan love each other. Mishti was taken aback.

Pari comes to meet Veer in the café. He apologizes Pari for the last time. Pari tells him to say this sorry to Mishti, she isn’t interested. Veer replies he had something to tell that might interest her, else he isn’t as well fond of talking to her. Pari asks why he invited her when he can’t bear her attitude, it’s none of his business whatever his happening in her life. She turns to leave. Veer says it should be hers. He tells Pari Rohan doesn’t only love Pari, he loves Mishti as well. Mishti and Rohan love each other. He taunts it’s amazing how completely recycles itself. Mishti and Pari’s mothers also loved the same person, the difference this time is that earlier the love triangle was amongst friends and now its sisters. Pari silently cries.

Mishti asks Radhika if she is sure Rohan and Pari love each other. Radhika says she is sure. Pari’s eyes show clearly how much she loves Rohan. Mishti asks if Radhika asked Pari. Radhika says she did off course talked to Pari. She had started to notice each of Pari’s act, then asked Pari herself; they were caught red handed. She also found a card in Rohan’s room in which he had written ‘I love you’. Mishti remembers leaving the card there. Pari finally confessed her love for Rohan, and is sure Rohan loves her too. Radhika asks why Mishti went into a deep thought.

Radhika narrates Mishti how Rohan had bandaged Pari, and Pari blushed. And the day when Rohan was hungry, Pari also didn’t eat anything; she spot them eating together in the balcony later on. Mishti wonders how she couldn’t know about all this. Radhika was happy that their child got such a lovely man. She says she was just thinking about talking to both of them about it. Mishti hugs Radhika and cries, telling Radhika their Pari deserves all the happiness in the world.

Radhika assures Mishti will also get someone as special as Rohan in life one day. Radhika asks Mishti if she is angry with Pari, she should have shared it with Mishti. Mishti says she is extremely happy for Pari, how she can be angry. Radhika was excited and plans to arrange a huge wedding for Pari. Mishti says she has a meeting with an NGO, but she is extremely happy for Pari.

Pari questions Veer, how dare you? She was about to slap him but Veer holds her hand in mid-air. He smirks and says he knew she won’t believe in her. But that’s the truth. Mishti would revenge Pari for whatever happened to her mother. Pari says she will never trust Veer, he is a cheap person and is extremely happy that Mishti broke up with him. She is proud of Mishti that she broke up with Veer. Veer says he has a proof to whatever he is saying. He opens his gallery, but his face reddens. Pari turns to leave as Veer wouldn’t have any proof. Veer zooms Mishti and Rohan’s photos together. Tears fell off Pari’s eyes, while Veer calls Mishti a selfish person. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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