Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 28th October 2020

Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 28th October 2020

Kunal and Nandini are on date and Mauli is also there with her friends. One of her friend asks about kunal and starts to praise their relationship which makes Mauli sad. Kunal goes to make a song request for Nandini.. “tum hasi ban gye” song plays. Kunal says that this song is my feelings towards you while Mauli is remembering her and Kunal’s memories.

Kunal and Nandini are smiling at each other. A friend says that this song and heart cake is all Kunal’s type. In reality, he planned that heart shape cake for Nandini. Both are cutting the cake. That friend sees Kunal and Nandini together and is shocked. Even Mauli and all other friends also see them. Meanwhile, they both are feeding each other that cake. Mauli becomes embarrassed and unhappy. Kunal and Nandini are holding hands and all friends decided to go out but mauli says its okay as she filed divorce and she doesn’t care now. She excuses her herself from her friends and goes away. Kunal is giving a gift to Nandini.. it’s a locket chain..which has initials of ‘K’ and ‘N’.

Nandini refuses the gift but kunal says to take it. He then thinks about how he hurt Mauli. Nandini says that she came between him and Mauli..but Kunal says that no one can come between a hubby-wife unless there is already a space..there must be some distance between us..that’s why I went for you..everyone is telling me to compromise with Mauli but how should I explain to them that there is nothing left between us and I moved forward with you.

Meanwhile, Mauli is crying in bathroom and washing her face to hide those tears. Nandini also comes and gets happy while gazing at that chain-necklace and wears it.

Mauli is shaking terribly and crying. While Nandini says to herself that she is very happy that she found her love in Kunal. Mauli comes out and sees Nandini with anger. Nandini turns towards her.
Mauli- “there was a time when I prayed for that smile on you. I gave example of my love always and prayed that you get a love like mine. Now I’ll pray for one more thing that you can forgive yourself for your deeds.”

Both come back and Nandini turned again into a crybaby and says to go home. Kunal asks what happened. That one mutual friend, Nilesh, gets angry and says “what’s this chichorapan?” He goes to Kunal. Mauli tries to stop him, but she fails.

Nilesh tells him Mauli..your wife is sitting there and what the hell you are doing here? Kunal sees Mauli. Mauli and her other friends go to Kunal’s table. Nilesh remembers when Kunal lectured that he should not cheat and play with marriages and says that you don’t apply your theories on yourself? Because of your saint lectures I am with my wife today.. should I remind you the things you said to me?

Another friend says: what he will say? He slipped himself on this housewife type.. someone can’t digest career oriented wife even when it’s a perfect lady like Mauli. Mauli requests her friends to stop. Nilesh says he should have recorded that lecture other day.

Mauli tells her friends that she knows they are concerned but they cannot insult Kunal and Nandini publicly no matter what they have done. Mauli and her friends leave from there. Mauli turns back. Her and Kunal look at each other. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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