Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 24th March 2021


Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 24th March 2021

Rohan struggles with his tied hands. He spots a rod nearby and struggles to get his ropes cut.

There, Mishti was being harassed continuously.

Rohan breaks a bottle around and uses a piece of glass to cut the rope. He finally succeed to get his hands freed. He cautiously looks around, and thinks if Mishti calls him by heart he swear to find her; he had a gut feeling that Mishti was around. He looks around the godown.

The goon took off his jacket and head band, rubbing his long hair. Mishti’s mouth had been taped.

Rohan enters the main hall of the godown and carefully looks around. He thinks may be he was wrong, Mishti is nowhere inside. He climbs at a height over the stored bags. He spots the two men drinking nearby. He hides himself behind the bags and crawls towards the other side, conveniently outside the godown. He spots the van in which they had kidnapped Mishti. He thinks this means Mishti is here. He goes back inside once again.

Mishti backs up while the drunk man jumps over the mattress near Mishti. Rohan cautiously hides himself from the two men who had kidnapped him. The men come to the chair they had tied Rohan with, and not finding him they head to find him.

Mishti’s mouth was now open. She screams for help. The man shouts at her to shut up, he isn’t here to answer her questions. The two men come to inform him that the guy run away. He slaps one of them. Mishti gets a chance and screams for help. The goon slaps her to shut herself up. The goon sends them to bring a veil, it’s dangerous now. They take Mishti outside the godown in a veil. Outside, they notice the van’s tyre is punctured. The other man had left the car far behind. They take Mishti back into the godown.

Rohan recalls having punctured the tyre of the van.

The goon leaves Mishti into a corner, forbidding her to move. Rohan watches from behind a pile of bags and approaches Mishti. From under the veil, he holds Mishti’s hands. He removes the veil and pulls the tape off her mouth. Mishti cries. They hug each other. Rohan tells Mishti that these goons are really dangerous, they must thoughtfully run from here. He will take her from here soon. Mishti hugs Rohan.

At home, Radhika cries for Mishti. She asks Pari and Arnav to go and look for Mishti. Sukhmani asks her to take care of herself, she can’t fell weak at such a time. The police man arrives and says the story is something else in their case, it’s possible that Rohan has kidnapped Mishti. Pari wasn’t ready to accept that theory. The inspector gets a call that a car has been found near the highway. The inspector asks them to come along. Pari and Arnav accompany them. Radhika fell unconscious. Sukhmani checks on her BP, which might be getting low.

Pari recognizes the car as Rohan’s. Arnav controls her as she loses her balance. Pari cries that she won’t be able to live without Mishti. In the news bulletin, the news of a girl kidnapped by a PG, who was a fashion photographer. Pari was irked, Arnav tells the inspector that Rohan’s isn’t a bad guy. They must check the CCTV once.

Veer also hears the news bulletin, and not ready to believe in the news. Naina says she doesn’t care whether Mishti lives or not, and she doesn’t even care for Rohan. Veer makes a call.

The next morning, the goons take Mishti into the van. One of the men held a gun in his hand. Someone place a hand over Mishti’s shoulder from behind, it was Rohan.

Ansh brings soup for Radhika but she was crying. Pari and Arnav return home. Pari tells Radhika it was Mishti’s car, police is watching the CCTV footage. Veer arrives home. Radhika cries hugging Veer. Veer consoles her. Pari says the news channels telecast all rubbish. Veer says he knows it’s not right, but how can he claim to know a person deep down. Rohan is a childhood friend, what if he might be punishing Mishti for what happened with Veer. Pari asks if he doesn’t trust Rohan that he can’t do such an act. Rohan has done well for their family in three months. Veer complains Mishti knew him for past year, still she did so. Rohan is questionable still. He is trying to find out about them, and will surely inform them about Mishti soon. Veer leaves. Pari gets a call from inspector and was called to see the CCTV footage.

In the van, the goons discuss they will first molest her, then kill her. They reach a check post of police. The goons hold Mishti at gun point. They were stopped at the check post. The goons press the gun at Mishti’s waist. The police man checks the papers of car and license. They ask where they are headed to. Mishti tries to signal the inspector who was inquiring the men where they are headed to. They had replied, they were taking wife to her brother’s wedding.
Pari watches Mishti being taken into a van. They spot Rohan’s car chasing Mishti’s van. Rohan had gone to save Mishti, and this shows Rohan is also in danger. The inspector says the number plate of the car isn’t visible because of dark but it is confirmed that they have been kidnapped. Arnav calls Bua that Rohan didn’t kidnap Mishti. Rohan chased Mishti instead. Radhika asks Sukhmani. Sukhmani says Rohan didn’t kidnap Mishti, he is chasing the kidnappers to save Mishti. Radhika asks why someone would kidnap Mishti.

It was dark now. Rohan was still at the back of the van. The driver leaves the van for a few minutes. Rohan clutches Mishti’s back. Mishti begins to move. They open her mouth. Mishti says she also wants to go to washroom. One of the men take Mishti, other one leaves the van. Rohan comes out of the van cautiously, holding a wooden stick. He hits one of the men at the back of his head. Mishti throws a fist full of sand into the eyes of the other. Rohan held the other goon at gun point. He unties Mishti’s hands and warns to kill the other man. He inquires the goon who sent them. The head of goons had returned. He held Mishti at gun point and says his game is finished. Rohan looks into Mishti’s eyes. Rohan holds his hands up in the air. He and Mishti run ahead. The goon took aim of both. He shots a bullet. Rohan was hit in the back. Mishti screams and cries. Rohan says they don’t have much time, and need to run. The goons chase them. One of the cars coming from the front hits Rohan. Mishti request for help from the driver.

In the hospital, Mishti sat beside Rohan, crying. Rohan opens his eyes. The family reach hospital. Rohan weakly smiles while Radhika hugs Mishti. Pari also cries as she hugs Mishti and looks towards Rohan. The inspector comes to ask Rohan about the whole story. Mishti says she doesn’t know where they had taken her. She tell the whole story to police. Veer says thanks God Rohan is fine, and leaves. Radhika asks Arnav to speak to doctor about Rohan’s discharge. She holds Rohan’s hand and thanks him. She now has four children.

The next morning, Mishti was in Rohan’s room. Mishti says the bullet only touched him, but she was almost dead. Rohan wonders what someone would gain by terrifying her. He fears if Veer is behind all this. Mishti was sure Veer can never do so. Rohan asks Mishti to smile. Mishti breaks in tears that she can’t force a smile for him, she wants to cry. Rohan smiles hugging Mishti, while she cries. He says he can laugh. They at once part away as they hear Pari. Mishti hides behind a couch. Pari brings soup for Rohan. He thanks Pari. Pari reminds him his promise of Beer on terrace. Rohan says he would fulfil the promise today. The soup spoon fells on the floor. Rohan looked terrified. Pari says its ok, she can pick it up. Rohan stops Pari and requests her to bring a new spoon. Pari leaves the room. Mishti at once come out from behind the couch, pick up the spoon and leaves the room through balcony door. Rohan thinks he must find out who is behind her kidnapping.