Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 16th December 2020


Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 16th December 2020

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Sandhya and Sweety discuss with Mauli it wasn’t age for Kunal to die, she feels for Pari who also lost her mother in such tender age. Ishaan tells Mauli that they need to talk to Mishti. Sandhya says Mishti hasn’t eaten anything since last night. Mauli comes to Mishti’s room. Mishti was happy, she hugs Mauli and asks if everything is ok? Mauli tells Mishti they must go to Pari’s house, her Papa came across an accident. Mishti asks if Kunal is fine, she must go to Pari. Mauli says they have come to take her.

Mishti goes to bring her card for Kunal. Ishaan convinces Mauli to tell Mishti. Mauli wonders what she must tell Mishti, that her… Ishaan asks Mauli to freshen up before they leave.
Pari sat in front of Kunal’s flower hung photo during the Havan. Everyone missing Kunal and saddened adversely. Mishti arrives with Mauli and Ishaan. She questions what this all is. She hears a lady discuss that Kunal had gone to save Pari, he got a bullet shot over him and fell down the cliff. Mishti drops the card she had made for Kunal and moves ahead to Kunal’s photo.

She turns to everyone and demands what this all is going on, where Dr. Kunal is; if he was shot with a bullet. She asks Mauli if he was shot with a bullet. Radhika stands up and tells Mishti that Kunal has gone a long way and will never return anymore. Mishti holds herself responsible for all this, she told Pari that they have same father and Pari left home; Dr. Kunal went behind Pari. She apologizes Kunal holding herself accountable for this. Mauli walks to Mishti and hugs her. Mishti comes to hug Pari and apologizes her for what ever happened. Pari wept silently.
The paramedic staff of a hospital brings an emergency accident case and runs towards OT.
Sweety says till Kunal was alive, he lived a life he wished for and cared for none. Dida asks Sweety to stay silent for some time, they are gathered here for Kunal’s peace of mind. Mauli was lost in deep thoughts, Sandhya takes her attention and asks her to pick the call. It was a call from hospital, Mauli apologizes for being able to be on duty. The hospital staff says her patient Nikita Desai is serious and its her case. Mauli apologizes anyway.

There was another call, Mauli asserts there is a tragedy at her home and she can’t come over. Sandhya says she understands Mauli is disturbed right now, but a doctor’s job is different. Her patients need her as well. Kunal had to die, he is gone; she must save who is still there. Mauli says hospital is far away, it will take a long time to travel. Sandhya forces that she can’t bring Kunal, but can save an endangered life. Ishaan asks if patient is serious. Mauli nods. Ishaan says then she must go. Mauli looks towards Radhika who nods in approval. Mauli walks outside.

In the hospital, Mauli reaches to reception and was directed towards the room. Her dupatta flies over a stretcher on which a bandaged Kunal was being carried. She turns around and drags her dupatta, without noticing it was Kunal. The stretcher was taken in the opposite direction.

The pooja for Kunal ends. Sandhya receives a call and tells on phone call that only eight days are left, he must prepare for wedding. She asks Radhika to keep patience, everything will soon be fine. Ishaan asks Dida to take care of herself and eat something. Pari requests Mishti not to leave her alone, her mama and now Buddy has also left. Mishti requests Ishaan to stay here. Ishaan allows Mishti to stay here during the day, he will pick up in the evening. Sweety says no one can judge they are step sisters, after all they belong to a single father. They leave.
In the hospital, Mauli tells Mr. Agarwal that his wife Nikita is out of danger. Mauli notices behind herself in the OT was a critical patient.

The medical staff was in a state of panic as Kunal didn’t respond to any treatment. A nurse runs outside and tells Mauli that the patient had a critical accident and is extremely unwell. Mauli thinks his family must also be going through the pain which Mamma, Dida and Pari had gone through. She prays for his life, as whoever is inside must be a son, a husband and a father; he must be granted the strength to return to life.
The doctor severely pumped Kunal’s chest cavity. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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