Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 10th March 2021

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Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 10th March 2021

Mishti was in the car with Rohan and says her heart feels lighter today. He holds her hand, she place her head over his shoulder.

There, Tani returns to apartment. Ansh asks why she didn’t pick up his call, where she had been. Tani complains why he is spying on her. Ansh says Sukhmani came to school for a surprise check if she is school or not, he called her to confirm what to say but it didn’t connect. He then told Bua she was busy with practical in chemistry lab. Tani cheers and clicks selfie with Ansh. Ansh notices new phone and an expensive one. Tani was defensive again, but says its fifteenth day anniversary of their meeting, he gifted her.

Ansh tells Tani that Robby isn’t a nice guy. Tani says Roby is a nice guy and she knows it already, she didn’t need his suggestions. She comes to the room to hide the cell phone. Sukhmani comes asking Tani if she had a chemistry practical. Tani replies yes she had. Sukhmani says she was around and thought they would return home together so… Pari comes asking about Arnav. Sukhmani says it was Arnav’s first day at office. Arnav returns home. They go outside. Sukhmani goes to prepare a drink for them. Pari says Arnav didn’t tell her it was his first day and he didn’t tell her, he has changed. Arnav says Pari has also changed, though she insists she didn’t change. Sukhmani asks about Veer but Arnav says Veer didn’t come to office today. Pari wonders if Mishti is still with Veer, why she didn’t call yet.

Radhika was cleaning around the house and finds wedding cards. She thinks Pari didn’t courier the cards yet. Pari jokes that Radhika is speaking to herself. Radhika asks who would send them. Pari makes up she forgot because Mishti got stuck at Lonavela, but she will soon get done with the work. Mishti and Rohan come home together and in good mood. Pari was happy to see them happy. Radhika was also relieved to see Mishti happy after a long time. She seems extremely pretty as well. Mishti asks if she doesn’t look pretty otherwise. Radhika says she looks beautiful always, but today she can see the older Mishti who was cheerful and found happiness in every little matter; else in past few days Mishti had been badly distressed. Pari hugs Radhika and glance towards Rohan. Pari now takes Mishti into the room to speak to her. Rohan smiles and heads towards his room.

Veer sat on his car at the same venue Mishti had broken up with him.

In the room, Pari makes Mishti seated on the bed and checks her fever. She asks if she is fine; as she came home with Rohan. She was speaking to Rohan, and even smiled. Mishti asks if Rohan got horns, or can’t she speak to him at all. Pari asks Mishti if she spoke to Veer. Mishti replies she did. Pari says she had been trying to bring this Mishti back for long, and today she returned on her own; she looks really happy today. Mishti tells Pari she broke up with Veer, they aren’t related to each other now. Pari says Veer must be angry. Mishti says it’s a matter to be angry. Pari agrees that Veer is a very nice guy, but she always felt they weren’t meant for each other. She tries to hug Mishti saying she is extremely happy for her. Mishti turns to see her wedding cards. She says her breakup will effect Dadi, Veer’s parents, and the guests who have been invited. How she will face everyone.

Pari hugs Mishti and says till we are together we can handle every situation, she will handle every situation. She asks Mishti if she told Rohan about it. Mishti says she came with Rohan, so she told him. Mishti thanks Pari for being the courage, she gave her the strength to see the Mishti she herself couldn’t identify. Pari boasts to be a sister after all. Pari was happy that Mishti befriended with Rohan. Rohan is Veer’s childhood friend, still he wasn’t angry; he brought her back home and cheered her up. He supported her at this time, and this is why I…. I really like him. He is an extremely nice man. Mishti smiles that Pari is crazy. She dances around that world war three has ended today and must be celebrated. The sisters hug each other.

In Rohan’s room, Pari hugs Rohan. She welcomes him back. She thanks him for understanding Mishti’s emotions and feelings, being her strength and standing beside her when she needed someone the most. She has seen Mishti happy after long She knows Veer is his friend, still Rohan understood Mishti’s point of view, she is glad he understood Mishti and be with her. She says when Rohan came into this house she had no confidence, she was unable to take decisions. But being with him, she has gained confidence. She told Mishti to remain how she is, she shouldn’t change herself even if for Veer and not be happy; she is happy that Mishti heard her heart out and took the decision. Radhika comes there and asks what decision.

Radhika asks Pari and Rohan who took which decision. They looks taken aback. Radhika notices the worry over their faces. Pari stammers while trying to speak. She tells Radhika that Mishti and Veer’s marry. Radhika was at once worried. Pari explains to Dadi that Mishti doesn’t feel like carrying on her relationship with Veer. Radhika was at once tensed, she says its marriage not any game that she can easily break. She calls Mishti there, and inquires about her breakup. Mishti was silent. Radhika inquires if they had some fight. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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