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Colors Tv Live India April 18, 2018.

Maayra says good morning to everyone, she says I am very hungry, rohit sits on dinning table, Maithili ask maayra to sit, maayra ask where is dhruv and koyal? she says they went to school, she says to Maithili that you have breakfast while I will take your child, all are tensed, maayra says why shtabdi and you always serve food to all and also kaki too, all are tensed as maayra is pointing on their tradition, maayra says we should divide work, like sometime Maithili serves it, sometime kaki, samrat says she is right, sumer says yes, why not, its not a big issue, mohini fumes, maayra says great. rudra smiles to her, rohit says not bad babe, maayra says thankyou, Maithili and shatbdi sits with all to have breakfast for this 1st time, mohini’s plate falls on floor, mohini says DILs’ are dancing on heads these days, nobody is even giving me plate for food, samrat comes and picks her plate from floor, he gives her plate, mohini is embarrassed. all have breakfast.

maayra is with Maithili in her room, holding her baby, Maithili says don’t do this with mohini, maayra says I am doing right with her, she deserves it, mohini comes there and listens their convo, Maithili says don’t tease her, she is disturbed, she had many hopes from me that I will make her grand mother because of me, her wishes couldn’t fulfill so she must be hurt, maayra says shtabdi fulfilled her wish but even then she taunts you, Maithili says its not a big deal, she is very good mother in law, I don’t have any problem with her, maayra says how can you be so forgiven to her, I mean I have seen her taunting you every single time, Maithili says its nothing like that, she loves us a lot, she has emotions and loved for us but she hides it to show us that she is strong, she managed this house alone, she used to do all work on her won to run this house so she became strong women but then rudra came back to house after many years and she got his support to run the house, she took sigh of relief, I wish that my daughter had her love too, mohini listens all the positive thing about from Maithili and is tensed.
Maithili’s daughter is crying and she is not letting anyone sleep in house, Maithili says sorry to danveer, he says don’t worry, she will sleep, maayra says you should sing a song for her, Maithili says I tried it but she is not sleeping, don’t know what wrong with her, rudra says is her health fine? mohini comes there and takes the baby from Maithili, she takes baby in her lap, she sweetly talks to baby and says daughter how much will you cry? storm will come in house, baby stops crying, all are shocked to see mohini’s affection to the baby, mohini ask Maithili to pass baby cloth(shirt) to her, Maithili gives her blue cloth, mohini says not blue one, give me pink one as she is my grand daughter not my grand son, all are shocked to listen that mohini has accepted the baby as her grand daughter. mohini changes baby’s cloth and says very good daughter, rudra cant believe his eyes, mohini says now she must be feeling comfortable, mohini says this shirt is of sunehri, baby smiles, mohini says your mother is great, from the time she came in this house, I kept taunting her, I kept being cruel to her, I used to think that how can a girl be so good, when you become young then don’t become so good like your mother, she gives baby to samrat. mohini says to Maithili that you have to do my one work, you have to give forgiveness to me, Maithili is shocked, mohini says I know forgiveness is very small for my deeds but I don’t have any other option, mathili says don’t say like this, mohini says don’t talk inbetween, mohini i was blinded by my ego and couldn’t see your goodness, i am sorry, she folds her hands and cries, Maithili holds her hand and cries too, mohini comes to samrat and says truth is that I was so cruel with you, please forgive me, samrat says don’t do this, mohini says thank you for giving me new grand daughter, Maithili ask mohini will you not bless my daughter? mohni takes baby, she blesses Maithili’s baby, the family have reunion, maayra has tears of happiness in her eyes. rudra looks at her.

rudra comes to maayra and says don’t run away, he says for whole my life, I have been craving to unite my family, I cant believe that I could see kaki’s this avatar, he says thank you so much, maayra says I did that without any expectation, they feel awkward, maayra leaves from there, rudra looks at her. Maithili sees all this.

Rudra is looking at paro’s pic in his mobile, Maithili comes to him, rudra puts his mobile down and ask did the baby sleep? Maithili says yes, she says I thank you, I am indebted to you, rudra says I told you that there is no thank you between us, you should thank maayra as she will leave soon and everything is fine now, dhruv has understood, Maithili says I ma concerned for you, 1st you used to see paro in her so you used to hate her but now everything has changed, she is now only maayra for you. Maithili says to rudra that how will you handle yourself when maayra leaves this house because now you.. rudra says what now me? Maithili says now you love her. rudra looks at her tensed. he says its nothing like that, Maithili says you may lie but your eyes tell truth always and your tongue is not supporting you too, and maayra also loves you, rudra says I don’t wanna talk about it, Maithili says many people get sadness in life but few people gets second chance, happiness knock on their door again and you should take it, rudra says what you want? that I tell her that I love her? should I ask her to break her marriage, she herself wants to do this marriage, Maithili leaves.
maayra, rohit, dhruv, koyal are running behind each other, they are playing, they all are lauging, rudra comes there and smiles seeing them happy, rohit runs behind maayra to catch her but maayra hides behind rudra, rudra saves protects maayra from rohit, he lifts maayra in his hands and runs from there, dhruv comes to rudra and says you saved maayra, the three hug, it turns out to be rudra’s dream, rohit grabs maayra behind rudra, maayra says why you didn’t save me rudra? rudra says sorry.

rudra is sleeping, he imagines paro sitting beside him, he says paro? I miss you a lot, paro says you know you fulfilled your promise of being a good father, rudra smiles, paro says but my dhruv needs someone to give him motherly love, I have seen that girl is best as dhruv’s mother, whats her name? rudra says maayra, she is a child like, always mad, paro says you know I believe in destiny, I believed in your love, I believed you are my savior, she gives example of a sati maata, who sent another women in her shiv’s life, paro says I believe that for sati maata it maybe difficult to see shiv with other women but I know that she must be the most happy one seeing that she sent someone who will take care of things, same way you have to think about future of your and dhruv, please leave me, I am your past, let me go, don’t hold me, you have to find new love, you have to move on, your life should move on and that’s why maayra is sent to you, rudra says what are you saying? you sent maayra to me? dhruv also thinks that but how it can be possible, paro says you needed second chance that’s why maayra is sent to you, she was forced to cross your path every single time so that she can enter your life that’s why she came to your house, I had to send replacement of mine and that is maayra, rudra holds paro’s hand and says don’t go, don’t leave me, he cries, paro says I have to go, paro leaves, rudra gets up from sleep and it all turns out to be rudra’s dream. he is emotional.

Maithili comes to her room and doesn’t find her baby in bed, she ask samrat, they both get tensed and goes out to see, mohini is with baby in hall, she is playing with her, samrat and Maithili comes to her and they are stunned, mohini says samrat was sleeping and she was crying so I took her from room, are you both tensed seeing me in my hands? Maithili says no, she seems happy in your hands, mohini says she should be as I am her grandmother, samrat brings property papers and says I have converted it to your name, this house is yours now, you just have to sign, mohini says no, what will I do by taking this house, I don’t know how many days are remaining of my life, shtabdi jokes that you wont leave so soon, mohini says to samrat that you take these papers, samrat smiles.
rohit says to maayra that he is going to hotel for work as he cant work in this house because of disturbance every single minute, he is about to leave when Maithili and mohini comes, he says see I cant work here, mohini says happiness has come in this house after a long time, rohit says because of this mad girl maayra, all smile, mohini says actually you both are getting married too so we thought to arrange a puja.. rohit interrupts and says I don’t believe in this puja and all, maayra says rohit.. mohini says its ok, I understand and this puja is for women but if you could be there with maayra in puja then it would be good, rohit says I have a conference so we cant come in puja, he leaves, mohini ask maayra to come if she can. maayra agrees to come. shtabdi is making baby sleep, mohini is working for puja, she ask shtabdi about parsad, shtabdi says I have to take care of baby as you and Maithili are busy in work, mohini says in this time baby’s grandma can sleep too, come and do the work, she ask Maithili to go and make maayra ready for puja. Maithili goes.
Maithili brings heavy necklace for maayra for puja, maayra says I cant wear this, Maithili says no you have to wear it, maayra shows her small skirt for puja, Maithili says will you wear this in puja? maayra says why? you can wear it too, Maithili says oh god, Maithili says you bought sarees that day, wear one from them.
maayra comes out wearing a blue saree which rudra liked, Maithili ask the same question, maayra says I bought this saree as dhruv liked it, i got nothing by listening to heart, i got pain only but when is started thinking from brain, its all fine now and i am moving on, maithili ask maayra this means she doesnt she love rudra now? doesnt she has any feeling for him, maayra says please dont ask me these questions, maayra says I wont lie to you, Maithili says how will you lie when you cant justify it.



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