Wednesday Update on A Magical Love Story 1st September 2021


Wednesday Update on A Magical Love Story 1st September 2021

Roshni wanting to know about Aman’s half jinn and half human form. She asks him about his past. Aman gets sad and tells her about Junaid’s past. FB shows Junaid getting humiliated by the people. He goes to the Jinn and sheds his blood to ask for his help. He tells that he wants to become the world’s richest man. Jinn asks for his first child. Junaid agrees to him and follows Jinn’s path. He reaches Lucknow. He sees the lavish house. Tabeezi comes out of the house. She sees Junaid and smiles. Rubina’s brother was super rich Nawab of Lucknow. He gets angry seeing Rubina coming home after marrying Junaid.

Rubina’s Bhabhi asks him to agree. Rubina’s brother sees Rubina happy and accepts her marriage. He hugs Rubina and Junaid. Junaid has hidden his intentions. He becomes business partner of Nawab. He takes signatures of Nawab on the property papers. He gets the safe keys in his hand. Junaid wins Rubina’s trust and then plays his move. He sees a plane crashing down. He took Jinn’s help to crash the plane. He sees Nawab and his wife dying in the fire. He leaves them to die. Junaid had everything he wanted.

Rubina cries for her brother and Bhabhi. She shatters. Junaid thinks to kill Nawab’s daughter, Roshni. He leaves baby basket carrying innocent Roshni in the river. Tabeezi and Dadi wait for Junaid’s return. They cry that he left. Rubina gives birth to Farah. Junaid was happy with Rubina, Farah and richness. Parveen, Dadi, Baby Phupu and kids come in Junaid’s palace. They smile seeing the house. Junaid meets his family. He hugs his daughters. He goes to Aman and kisses him. Parveen hugs him. She gets shocked seeing Tabeezi with her daughter. Tabeezi cries. Parveen asks who is she. Parveen cries and hugs Dadi. Junaid sees Tabeezi crying. Parveen says no, that woman trapped him in her love, she broke my house, I will never forgive her, I know he could never cheat me, that woman trapped me, I wish I could raise my children, I would have gone too far. She blames Rubina.

Junaid throwing out Tabeezi out of the house. Rubina/Tabeezi asks him not to do this. Junaid shuts the door on her face. Rubina sits crying and sees her baby Farah. She hugs Farah and says I didn’t know that Junaid had a wife and children, else I would have never married him, you would have not got homeless. Junaid plays with his children. He gets all the property of Nawab. He disowned Rubina. He gives her an old house to stay. He says our children will never see poverty.

Dadi goes out of the house and sees the Jinn hand mark on the house. Junaid’s manager tells her everything about Junaid and Jinn’s deal, his crime to leave Nawab’s daughter in the lake. Dadi says I won’t let anything happen to Aman. Junaid takes Aman to give him to the Jinn. Dadi, Parveen and Phupi go after him to save Aman. Junaid was ready to do anything for money. Junaid takes Aman and calls out the Jinn by chanting the spell Markab….. The Jinn comes to take Aman. Everyone gets shocked. Dadi, Parveen and Phupi cry and know that Jinn won’t get shot by the bullet. They think who will shoot Junaid. Parveen says there is no other way, I lost my husband, I can’t lose my son.

Parveen asks Phupi to shoot. She says I m just a mum now. She takes Phupi’s gun. No one knew that Parveen is also a Jinn. Dadi and Parveen shoot at Junaid. He gets shocked seeing his family. Dadi shoots at Jinn to save Aman. She cries. Rubina comes there and shoots at the Jinn. Jinn disappears. Junaid and everyone get shocked.

Rubina says no weapon of the world works on Jinnat except the bullets made by iron and gold. She recalls making such special bullets in her workshop. Aman holds Junaid. Junaid makes him wear his chain. He says take my revenge Aman, don’t leave my murderers. He cries and hugs Aman. He shouts Ammi. Dadi runs to him. She holds him. Dadi asks why did you make this mistake, it ruined many lives. Junaid says I have done many crimes, but I did everything for my family, I had run all life after money, I got the money and had to leave the world. She says no. He says save me, I don’t want to die. He dies in her lap. Dadi and Aman cry. Tabeezi comes and takes Aman. They all bury Junaid in the back yard. Dadi says no one shall know about it, this secret is just between us. They see the tree leaves falling down and burning by the black smoke. FB ends. Roshni and Aman didn’t know that their fate has written their story since their birth.