Wednesday Update on A Magical Love 28th July 2021

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Wednesday Update on A Magical Love 28th July 2021

Aman asking Salma did Roshni miss him or think of him. Salma says no, you have asked this for the fourth time since morning, I can’t talk to her about you. He asks her to tell Roshni about him indirectly. She ends call. Roshni says you know I told about that strange man, I also did something with my clips, am I also magical, I feel I m forgetting something. Salma asks what, do you remember it. Roshni says don’t know, my mood is puncture. Aman gives the mirror to Tabeezi. She asks him not to worry. She says this mirror is also a mystery, we don’t know its rules. Kabir comes and looks on. She asks Aman to take care. Aman goes.

Kabir thinks Ilmejinn will tell Tabeezi who I m, I have to stop this game right now. He attacks her. She faints. He goes to read the book. He takes the paper having his pic. The papers get away. He takes the mirror and traps Tabeezi in it. He comes home. Aman calls him out and says I was thinking to get Roshni home, her memory can come back. Aman says yes. He hides the mirror between the books. Aman asks him to come. Kabir sees the mirror and goes.

Salma says Roshni doesn’t remember anything. Aman says I have to take her home, just agree to me, you will know. Aman and Kabir come to Roshni’s house. Befikre….plays…. Aman says you remember the dialogues. Kabir says yes, I feel nervous. Aman says its easy to do acting, our killer looks will do half the work and our talent will manage the rest. He does magic. The house begins to shake and break down. Roshni and Salma get shocked.

Aman says now see both of them will come out running, you know what to say, why aren’t they coming out. Kabir says I will go and get them. He enters the house. Salma asks who are you. He says I m Kabir, come with me. He saves Roshni from the falling pillar. Roshni sees him. He gets them out. Salma asks was this your plan. Aman signs her. Salma says my house….. The house gets ruined completely.

Roshni asks how did such a bad earthquake come. Kabir says entire city is ruined. Roshni sees all the houses fine. She says what was this earthquake. Aman says it was a small earthquake. Salma asks where will we go now. Roshni says you saved our lives again. Aman says forget it. She says I m talking to him, silky hair guy… Kabir says me.. Aman jokes. He asks where will you stay now. She says don’t worry, we will manage. Aman recalls telling Kabir to ask them to stay in outhouse. Kabir says outhouse. Roshni says we don’t have it. Aman says you can stay there. Kabir says yes. Roshni and Salma say we won’t become a burden. Aman recalls telling Kabir to ask Roshni to give outhouse on tent. Kabir says rent… Aman says my lovely brother means you can stay there on tent.

Roshni says we still have the four walls, no…. Salma asks what will we do now. Kabir says you come with us. Roshni says yes, how much rent will you take. Kabir says 50 lakhs. Aman says it was made in 50 lakhs, you can give 50000. Salma says just 30000. Aman says fine. Roshni asks is this fine to go there. Salma praises Aman. Aman asks 50 lakhs. Kabir says I didn’t know about rent amount. Aman says nonsense, don’t have silky hair, be rugged, be a man. Roshni says I don’t like Aman, he looks idiot and psycho, I like Kabir, Aman’s eyes are cute, it doesn’t mean we can trust him. Kabir says idiot… Aman says you just remember this. Kabir thinks its happening as I thought, Aman will be busy in getting his love and I will become the Jinn king on the star rain night. He goes to get the mirror. Aman comes and says I need to talk to you. He takes Kabir to the family.

Aman says we know everything, Kabir. Kabir asks what. Aman says life has been so tough on you, childhood is incomplete without a brother, you lost all the family, you didn’t hate me, we can’t return what you lost, we promise to give you much love. Saima says we don’t know you well, we will have a party together. Dadi says you will get all the love together. Kabir smiles. Phupi says we should have a reason for the party. Aman says if we don’t have a rasam, we will create it.

Saima says we will keep gifting ceremony. Aman says I got a new sister and brother. Dadi says Farah is Aman’s sister, I called her home. Parveen says yes. Chotu says we got Kabir and Farah. Aman says and we got Roshni also. They all hug Aman and smile. Kabir recalls stabbing them. Aman asks Kabir to come. He hugs Kabir. Parveen looks on. The family smiles. Kabir sees Baazigar. He thinks why is Baazigar staring at me, did he identify that I had killed everyone.

Aman asking does everyone remember their dialogues. They say yes. Phupi says I forgot that I forget things. Aman says lets do this Dadi. He calls Baazigar. He does the magic and arranges a dinner table. Everyone smiles seeing the food arranged. Sara says just Roshni is coming for dinner, not the entire locality. Dadi says Roshni is coming. He asks everyone to go. Roshni comes. Aman smiles. Sara asks Kabir to come and see.

Kabir sees them. He says I will just come. Dadi asks Roshni to have food here, this is also her house. Roshni says that’s very sweet of you, I will not refuse. Aman smiles. Roshni thinks he is really mad. She asks what’s in food. He names all the dishes of her choice. He says we will see how less you eat, we know you have strong muscles. She thinks how does he have info about me. He asks her to sit. They go. Phupi asks how will she eat so much food.

Dadi says yes. Aman asks them to just see. Roshni finishes all the food. They get shocked. Aman says she eats a lot. He goes to Roshni and asks will you have anything else. She says no, I m on dieting, I can’t eat lot, you aren’t a good man, but you cook well, really sorry, there is no food left for you. He says there are noodles in your hair. She says who said there is no food left, have it. Salma comes. Dadi and everyone say no…. Aman eats the noodles. Salma says no….. Roshni and Aman smile.

Everyone makes faces. Roshni asks where were you, Dadi called me to have food, there is no food left for you, sorry. Salma says I had food, did Aman have food. Roshni asks why are you talking to him with respect like he is your son in law. Salma says you are also right. Everyone does a drama. Salma says Roshni will help you until your bahu comes, I mean as a helper. She asks Roshni to help them. Roshni says yes Dadi, no need to worry when I m here. Dadi thanks her and hugs. Roshni decorates the lights. Aman sees her and smiles. She sees him. Khalipili rokne ka nai…..plays…. Roshni drops all the gifts. He helps her. Her dupatta flies and falls over his face. She signs him to return it. He signs no. Kahani hamari…..plays..

Phupi takes the dupatta for Roshni. Aman helps Roshni and holds her hand. He says I know you love clouds and birds here, I can bring them here if you want. She scolds him. She says I have no interest in your sorry and you. Farah comes. Roshni hugs her and smiles. Roshni says I know Aman is your brother, but he is weirdo. Kabir says I have to take the mirror from the book shelf. He doesn’t see any book shelf. He asks where did the book shelf go. He sees the servants taking the shelf. He stops them and gets the mirror.

Farah cries. Aman says I feel like… Farah says like there was another cute planet in solar system and none knew. Aman says yes, we all are bearing punishment for dad’s deeds, I promise, your family and brother are with you. She thanks him. He says sisters are never step sisters, they are just own sisters. Everyone welcomes Farah and hugs. She asks for samosa. He gives her samosas. Roshni looks on. She says he looks cute when he is with the family.

Roshni stops Aman and says you were saying you will show me birds and clouds, did your magic get over. Aman says no. She says very funny. He calls Baazigar and does the magic. She asks how did this happen. She smiles seeing the birds and clouds. She praises his magic. He asks from whom did you learn this. He says from you. He does shayari. She falls inside the pool. Aman looks on. Kabir comes there. She comes out of the pool.