Wednesday Update on A Magic Love Story 7th July 2021

Wednesday Update on A Magic Love Story 7th July 2021

Aman seeing Roshni’s number. Dadi asks him to call her. Aman says she came to take her clips, I will say I found her clips, Baazigar has much interest in girls, so he is here. He calls Roshni. She answers the call. She says I want home loan but I have no money to return, I don’t like road side romeo, I know bad words also. He says hello… She asks did you get my clips. He says this can’t be Ayana, she talks a lot. Dadi asks him to talk. He asks her to come and take the clips. She says I don’t have time. He asks her to take the clips and go. He ends call. Dadi asks do you talk to Ayana like this, talk to her well, she is so cute types girl, make her touch the buds, go and get ready, apply perfume. Dadi says because Ayana is coming home. Baazigar dances.

Roshni comes home. Everyone smiles and asks her to come in. Dadi keeps the flower buds lined up there. Roshni walks in. She steps over the buds and walks ahead. The buds don’t blossom. Aman’s sisters try to hit the buds towards her. Aman just smiles seeing Roshni. Dadi asks Aman to throw the buds at her. Roshni asks for her clips. He says we didn’t get it. She says you should have told me, I had to go to a kid’s birthday, you have hit my car first and then you called me here, I know you are very talkative, come to the point, where are my clips.

She asks who are these. He says they are my sisters, sorry, I didn’t get your clips, have these flowers. Roshni imagines him proposing her and says I can’t marry you, see my ring, I m already engaged. Aman asks who asked you to marry. Dadi asks her to take the basket. Aman offers the flower buds. Roshni doesn’t touch the buds directly. She thanks them and thinks they all are strange. She goes. Dadi asks Aman why did he keep the buds inside the leaves. Aman asks you think this girl is Ayana. Roshni steps over the buds and goes. The buds blossom. Everyone smiles.

Dadi says you met her and spoke to her, didn’t you feel she is Ayana. Phupi says you would have felt something. Aman says nothing. Chotu says you are lying. Aman says I don’t lie. Saima says we all are safe now, Aman and Ayana are friends. Parveen gets hurt. Dadi sees the symbol and says its connected with Raakh jinn magic. She asks Phupi to get the blossomed buds fast. Parveen cries in pain. Dadi applies the flower. Tawizi says the buds won’t affect now, get Ayana back, if she does puts the water by buds, maybe it affects, find Ayana soon. Tawizi is Farah’s mum. She asks Farah and Roshni to talk slow. Dadi asks Aman to call Roshni. Aman says she isn’t answering. Dadi asks him to go and get her. He keeps calling her. Salma checks the phone and reads Khan baba. Aman comes to the place. The men talk about the dancer’s house. Aman gets shocked. The man says rich people fall in their trap and leave their wives and children. He gets inside the car. He gets Roshni’s call. Salma asks him why did he call, who is he. He says tell her that Aman called for her, my mum needs her.

Tawizi gets a book and keeps her hand. She sees Raakh Jinn’s pic. She gets shocked. Farah asks will you dance in MLA’s son’s reception, your mum is very cunning. Roshni says I can’t hear a word against my mum, she gets selfish some times, she gave me a life, she gave me a shelter, she did a lot for me. Farah says you will become a dancer forever. Roshni says I will get married and have my own bakery, let me take care of my mum. Farah says its an insult. Dadi sees Aman and asks where is Ayana. Aman signs no. Dadi recalls Tawizi’s words that Parveen may go blind.

Farah saying you will become a dancer forever. Dadi asks what, her mum is a dancer. Aman says yes, Salma. Parveen says she was a Tawaif, is Ayana her daughter. Dadi says its 2019, there are no brothels or Tawaif. Parveen says yes, but same blood and family. Dadi says it doesn’t matter. Parveen says a similar woman broke my house, she snatched my husband, such women don’t care if the man is married or have children, they just want money, I won’t let any defamed woman or her daughter come in this house. Dadi says Roshni isn’t a dancer, she is a innocent girl who sells Nankatai. Parveen says she can’t be innocent, she will become a dancer, cheap upbringing will show its effect. Roshni says its matter of one time, then I will get married, I can’t refuse to mum, mum did many favors on me, its okay. She recalls Salma’s words and says I will always be happy, then I will find my parents, if I smile, then I will meet them.

Parveen suddenly gets blind. Aman worries. Dadi gets shocked. Parveen faints. Dadi says just get Roshni here any way, its about Parveen’s life. Aman goes and calls. He says I m coming to take Roshni, its about my mum’s life. Salma says it was a wrong number, get ready, we have to leave. Salma and Roshni get ready and leave. Aman comes there and sees the door locked. Dadi asks him to get Ayana fast. Aman asks for Salma. The man says they went in a marriage. Aman says I told its about my mum’s life. Baazigar comes. Aman asks do you know where are they. He follows Baazigar. Roshni dances in the function on Jhalla…Aman comes there and sees Roshni dancing. A guy throws money at her. Roshni cries and dances.

Aman recalls Parveen’s words. He comes to Roshni. He says I called you, you didn’t reply, you were so busy. Salma looks on. Aman takes Roshni. Roshni says leave my hand. Salma stops him and asks who are you. Aman says I told you, its about my mum’s life. Roshni asks when. Aman says I asked you to give message. Salma says I gave message, why shall Roshni listen to you, its our loss, how will we get money. Aman gives his watch and says its worth 2 lakhs.

Salma asks Roshni to go, Aman needs her. Aman gets Roshni home. Dadi says Parveen, you will get fine. Parveen says I won’t let her come here. Parveen locks the door and goes. She refuses to take her help. Aman breaks the door. He asks Roshni to sprinkle water on Parveen. Dadi says hurry up. He holds Roshni’s hands and sprinkles water over Parveen’s face. Parveen says I can’t see anything.

Aman shouts I had called you and told that my mum needs you, can’t you understand, you just understand the language of money, a person is dying, she needs you, you went there to dance. Roshni cries. He throws money at Roshni. Dadi asks him to stop. He says its mistake of your blood, you are Salma’s daughter, you will love money, people and time changed, you will learn this from Salma. Roshni asks him to stop it. She says you insulted me, so I have come with you, as you said your mum’s life is in danger, you were angry on me, don’t talk about my mum, mum is just mum, you should learn respecting mum, I love her as you love your mum, whatever Salma did, its my matter, I don’t need to explain it to you, you rich people get everything so easily that you judge the world, you don’t know my reality, don’t say a word against my mum, I also get angry.