Wednesday Update May 30 on True Love Glow Tv

Wednesday Update  on True Love Glow Tv

May 30

Ichcha is standing by her room when Mai comes there asking if she knows where Taps is. Before Ichcha can answer they are interrupted by a servant, and Mai tells Ichcha to make sure she calls Veer-Taps and Vansh downstairs for breakfast. At the table, Ichcha serves everyone halwa and receives nek from them too. They await Vansh, while Veer goes to find out where he is. He can’t find him in his room and sees him sitting outside in the hallway, still in his sherwani. Veer begs Vansh not to tell anyone anything today and he will go find Taps and get this all cleared out today. Vansh arrives at the table and takes a seat silently.
Ichcha serves him but before the food reaches his mouth he drops the spoon and stands up. He tells Veer that he belongs in this seat, in this relationship instead. He tells Veer to stop blushing and accept the fact.Dadaji screams at Vansh. Vansh takes the halwa from Ichcha’s hand and throws it to the ground. He takes Ichcha and Veer and pushes them together, saying that now this is what you call a good couple. All the family members are standing by now, aware that Vansh knows the truth. He asks them all why they kept this secret from him, even when their engagement happened in this very house. Ichcha tries explaining to him again, but he screams at her saying he doesn’t want to hear anymore about her letter or her past or her uttarans. He tells them that he checked out Veer’s room, and he found the truth.
Vansh screams at Ichcha and Veer asking again why they never told him. He tells Veer he knows he still has a picture of Ichcha in his wallet. He goes to each of the family members, telling them that they all betrayed his trust. Veer tells him that he wanted to tell him, and Vansh asks then what stopped him. Mai intervenes and explains that she stopped him. Mai tells Vansh that Ichcha and Veer have done so much for him. Despite all of the taunts she had to face from them earlier, she still agreed to accept Vansh and this family. She explains that Veer forgot his own troubles and put Vansh’s best interest in front of his own life. Mai tells him that without Veer and Ichcha, he would still be in the same state he was all these years. Vansh asks what she thought he would do after knowing the truth? Try committing suicide? He asks if she thought he was so weak. Vansh spots a knife, grabs it and slashes his hand. He tells them not to come closer, otherwise he would cut his wrist. Ichcha tells him that her ammo ki kasam she is only his. He tells her that he doesn’t want answers from her, but from Veer.
Jogi comes to Taps room and sees her crying, and asks whats wrong. She tells him that she finished all her duties and now she will only live here with him. He hugs her and comforts her. He tells her that she shouldn’t cry over someone who doesn’t love her and promises to find her more happiness in life. She tells him she doesn’t want to go back to that house nor anywhere else and only wants to remain here forever. Ammo walks in on this scene and asks if Ichcha is well. Taps gives Damini a murderous look, remembering the slap.

Wednesday Update  on True Love Glow Tv