Wednesday Update May 23 on Unforseen Love Glow Tv

Wednesday Update May 23 on Unforseen Love Glow Tv

Episode starts with Arnav blocking Khushi’s way and they two looking at each other and smiling. Arnav says to Khushi, wow you can be shy too. Arnav goes forward to her but Khushi goes back. Arnav says it’s time to stop going back, when he comes close. And in fact, she will have to learn to go forward with him. Khushi smiles. Finally Arnav let her go. He says in his mind, that’s all he wanted, a smile on Khushi’s face.

In kitchen, a servant comes with plate and Khushi asks Anjali didn’t eat? Servant says he took food twice but she didn’t eat. Khushi then asks where is Nani and he says she has went to temple. Khushi then takes plate from him and goes to Anjali.

Anjali in her room is looking at her and shaym’s photos. Khushi knocks but Anjali says she doesn’t want to meet anyone. Khushi still comes in. She says she knows Anjali has got hurt and it’s obvious.. whatever has happened is because of Khushi and she tells her not to take out her anger on food. Khushi says Arnav gets very sad seeing Anjali like this.

Anjali doesn’t say anything and just looking at photos. Khushi says to Anjali she can’t punish herself like this and then reminds her about child and says to eat for child at least.

Break 1..

Khushi says to Anjali, you wanted a daughter who bring happiness in your life right? She says to forget whatever happened with Shyam, it was past but future is with this child. New life is waiting for Anjali and she says just to think about her child and take care of herself. Khushi then leaves. Anajli then puts her hands on her stomach and cries.

Aakash and Arnav come from outside and Arnav says he took doctor’s appointment of tomorrow. Arnav says him, he doesn’t think Anjali will go with her. Aakash says not to worry, he understands. Aaksh then goes to Anjali’s room but he can’t find her there. and he wonders where did Anjali go?

Khushi comes to Arnav but same time Aakash comes there calling ‘ di , di’. Arnav asks what happened. Aakash says Anjali is not in her room. Arnav says she will be somewhere around here and then they search for her. No one finds her anywhere. Nani asks to try calling her one more time. Nani says what has happened to our family? Aakash is trying to call but no one picks up. Arnav thinks about how Anjali said that she wants to stay alone and asked to leave her alone. More and faster updates only at . A servant says he saw her going somewhere an hour ago in an auto. Arnav says are you mad or what? How did you let her ago. Aakash cools down Arnav and asks servant if he knows where did Anjali go. Servant says he is not sure as he was far he didn’t listen. Arnav says to Aakash to stay at home and he will go and find her. Nani asks where he will search her in this big city. Arnav says he will find her and bring home safely. Khushi tells Arnav she will go with him but Nani says no and says her to stay at home. Arnav is leaving. Khushi stops and tells him to call as soon as he gets any news. Arnav asks watchman if he saw Anjali. Watchman says he said her that he will get her car but she didn’t listen and says it’s been an hour. Arnav is driving and someone comes in his way and asks for his rent. Arnav says what are you saying? What rent? Then Arnav thinks it must be person who own auto. He says it was some lady who has problems in her legs. Arnav asks where you dropped her. Auto man says will you just keep asking me questions or pay my rent too. She kept him waiting 30 mins and she didn’t even come back. He then tells Arnav, he dropped her outside nursing room.

Arnav then leaves to go there. Anjali is sitting there and still thinking about Arnav’s slaps. Nurse comes there and says doctor is calling you inside. Anjali goes inside. Doctor asks her she came alone today and how is her baby? Anjali says to doctor that she does not want this child. Doctor receives call from Arnav but her phone is on vibration and she doesn’t pick up. Doctor asks what do you mean? You don’t want child meaning? Anjali says she doesn’t want this child and she asks what she will have to do. Doctor says her it’s not that easy and look at you first and asks what has happened to her. She asked about her husband too. Anjali says she’s fine but doctor says no you’re not and you shouldn’t take such decisions in rush.

Doctor says her, I know you very well, you wanted this child and now? Anjali says she has already decided.

At home, they are wondering where did Anjali go in this condition. Aakash is calling everyone and asking but it’s a no from everywhere. Nani says she went to her room last time and then she asks everyone if they went after her. Khushi has worried look. Manorama asks Khushi but Nani says she said no to Khushi so she didn’t go. Khushi says actually she went to her room. Arnav calls and tells Aakash, Anjali went to nursing room. Nani is worried. Aakash says not to worry, Anjali is fine and Arnav is with her. Arnav is coming with her. Aakash says don’t know what happened that Anjali had to go there.

Break 2…

Arnav arrives to hospital now. Doctor is saying to Anjali she is not with her in her decision and it’s against laws too. Anjali says but she has decided already. Doctor says she knows it’s her decision and says before she does anything she needs to talk with her husband and his family too. Anjali says if she doesn’t help her then she will go to someone else. Doctor stops her but Anjali says she doesn’t need any help from her and leaves. Arnav is still searching.

At home, Nani is asking Khushi why did she go to Anjali’s room. Khushi says hariprasad says Anjali hasn’t ate anything and Nani wasn’t at home either so she went to give her food. Manorama says to Khushi, Nani was absent but she was still there or she could tell Payal. Why she had to go herself and says these two sisters only want to see tension in their family.

Doctor is looking for Anjali and Arnav hears doctor calling Anjali.

doctor calling out and searching for Anjali. Arnav heard doctor’s voice and run there. Anjali goes into a room and sees scissors there. Arnav finds doctor and asks her if she saw Anjali. Doctor says she just saw her going outside and Anjali is in room right behind Arnav. Doctor then asks staff if anyone say, but no one saw her. Anjali thinking about what happened and moving toward table where scissors are. She picks up one of the scissors.

At home, Manorama is blaming Khushi and Payal for all these issues in their family. Khushi says her intentions were never bad. Nani asks everyone to stop. Manorama hopes Anjali doesn’t do anything silly due to all these issues. Nani says Arnav has went there right? He will handle everything and bring her back. Nani prays to keep both Arnav and Anjali safe.

Break 1..

Anjali is holding a scissor in her hand and looking at it and Arnav sees her. He gets shocked and run inside and throw scissor. Anjali says to leave her and she says she doesn’t want. Arnav asks what she doesn’t want. Anjali says she doesn’t want her child. Doctor and nurse come there and hold her. Arnav says them to leave and he will handle Anjali. Anjali says to Arnav that she doesn’t have any other option. She doesn’t want this child as child will remind her all her moments with Shaym whom everyone hates, who has no respect in family, who will love such child, and when that child asks her whose his father then what she will say. She will have nothing to say to child so she doesn’t want child. She says his child will stay lonely in his life. Arnav tries to control her and Anjali loses her control and gets unconscious.

Arnav brings Anjali home. Nani says to Anjali how she can even think about aborting her child. Payal tries to go to Anjali but Manorama stops her. Khushi thank God as nothing happened to Anjali. Anjali is very weak and Arnav says she needs to rest. Nani says she won’t leave Anjali alone in this condition. Arnav carries Anjali and takes her to her room. More and faster updates only at Arnav asks Anjali to rest and is leaving. Anjali holds his hand and stops him. She says to Arnav what happened all of a sudden. Everything was fine till yesterday then how come all this happened suddenly. She says what has happened to me and both of you. She hugs Arnav and asks him to make everything like before. She says her husband used to be with her and asks to bring Shyam back. Arnav says her to calm down. She says, if you want everything can be fine. Before everyone used to be so happy so why not now. She says she doesn’t know because of whom all this happening and asks if he will bring all happiness back. Arnav apologizes to her and hugs her. Both are crying.

Manorama goes to Arnav’s room. Arnav asks how is Anjali. Manorama says she is fine and has slept now. Arnav then asks what happened to Anjali and weren’t they at home when that happened. Manorama says Nani has gone out and she has told Khushi not to go to Anjali’s room but she went and everything happened because of her. Manorama says God knows what all Khushi said that Anjali left home and then she leaves.

Angry Arnav goes to Khushi, holds her hand tightly and takes her with him to their room. Khushi asks what happened. Arnav says that you will have me. He says, ‘When everyone told you not to go to Anjali’s room then why did you go?’. Khushi tries to explain him but he says, ‘To hell with yourself. Don’t you know what has happened with Anjali and she thinks it has happened because of you and you still went to meet her. Damn it.’ He says nothing will happen by Khushi apologizing and says you can’t even imagine in which condition he saw Anjali today, only he knows what he had to do to stop her. If he was even a minute late then.. He then asks to Khushi what she said that Anjali had to do all this and says what was need to go there. Khushi says because I care same as you, I love her same as you. I went there because somewhere I was also feeling all this has happened because of me. Arnav says, yes it has happened because of you, everything has happened because of you.

Break 2..

Arnav says to Khushi, why you came in my life. Why did I meet you. Everything was fine and the most important thing, Anjali was happy. Everything has happened because of you. If you never came then Shyam would never do such thing and Anjali would still be happy like before. He says he did mistake and says he wishes he never met Khushi in his life and he leaves. Khushi is very sad and crying.

Arnav is thinking about what Anjali did and is driving his car fast. He now thinks about her mother’s accident drives faster. He then thinks about how Khushi did so much to save his life and finally he stops car and says what he just did and says he will have to go back to home right now.