Until Money Do Us Part – Story Summary, Teasers, March 2023


Until Money Do Us Part – Story Summary, Teasers, March 2023

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The romance between Alejandra Maldonado, a successful high-ranking employee at a car showroom, and charismatic and modest salesman Rafael Méndez is the subject of this television series.

Rafael and Alejandra have a unique relationship because they come from different backgrounds.

They meet in an automobile crash, and their lives will never be the same after that fateful encounter.

A binding contract is created to handle this massive misfortune that lands a millionaire in debt. It tests the integrity of their personalities.

With time, a spark builds between them and it transforms everything, including their relationship with their present partners. At first, they have a love-hate relationship.

Rafael is overwhelmed by the jealousy of his ‘Pajarita’ and breaks up with his girlfriend.
Alejandra is heartbroken at the coldness of her fiancé Luciano, who pays more attention to the scars left by the accident than to her wellbeing.
She knows they have no future.

The protagonists’ desire for vengeance places them to the test; this tale will take an extraordinary turn as a result of destitution, anger, and jealousy.

Will money be able to divide them or will real love be able to keep them together?

This drama is a remake of Fernando Gaitán’s 2006 novela of the same name, which served as the basis for the first Ugly Betty television series.

Juan Carlos Pérez Flores and Patricia Rodriguez are responsible for the adaptation and writing.

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Monday 27 March 2023

Rafael Mendez starts his day looking for money, selling various items out of his car. Alejandra Maldonado manages to recover the truck business with Bosque Azul.

Tuesday 28 March 2023

Mendez rescues Alejandra from the abyss and takes her to the nearest hospital. At the party, Isabella is worried about Alejandra.

Wednesday 29 March 2023

Bernal decides to leave Isabela in charge of the vendors. Jaime tells Mendez and Leonor what he talked about with Luciano.

Thursday 30 March 2023
Mendez and Luciano come to an arrangement whereby he will settle a portion of the debt and will use Leonor’s home as collateral.

Friday, March 31, 2023

Alejandra and Isabela arrive at her home, and Alejandra is filled with inquiries about Rafael and the incident.

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