Tuesday Update On Young Love Sept 25

Tuesday Update On Young Love Sept 25

Location: In the police station.
Shiv and anandi are discussing over tea who could have tampered with the figures.shiv says that he doesnt know of any enemies he has,thereof.He and anandi both are surprised when they see jagiya enter.They are all the more shocked when jagiay tells them that he is the culprit behind the whole scam.And also says that he did so to put him down in front of anandi and everybody else.But when he saw everything was over he wnted to come to shiv and tell him everything but didnt as he forgot in the mayhem,but assures them that he didnt do it intentionally.And when he saw the news on tv,he came instantly for shiv’s acquittal from the case and that he is ready to serve his punishment for what he did.He says that he doesnt wnt forgiveness since he doesnt deserve it too but assures that after today,he wont cause any more problems to anandi.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Anandi’s afmily hear the news and are upset at their own son being behind all this.Seeing sumitra crying,bhairo asks him not to cry for someone who has forever given them paain and hurt.She says she’s crying on her defeat at the task of raising him as a good son,and also that there must be something wrong int heir upbringing as parents that are reflected in his wrong doings.Dadisa instead asks her to pat herself and feel proud that her son mustered the courage to do something that even the most courageous people would fail to do.Bhairo refuses to think of any good in his deed and thinks this too is a part of some conspiracy of his.Dadisa then explains that had that been the case,he had no reason to return back and accept his crime and face his punishment,when he could easily have been innocent since no evidence was against him and let shiv suffer eventually leading to breaking off his marriage with anandi.But instead he did what was noble and he thought for others’ happiness before his own.She therefore asks them not to curse him today as he has returned back to his dadisa’s heart today with this good act.She asks bhairo to take her to the police station as she wants to meet him.

Location: Outside the police station.
When jagiya is being taken away by the CBI,shiv comes upto him.Jagiya says that unintentionally he has once again hurt anandi and at a time when everything was alright in her life and she was seeking her lost happiness with you.Shiv says that he doesnt believ in the saying “TO ERR IS HUMAN”,rather he believes that a true person is one who after having committed a mistake has the capaability to be able to rectify it and that, what jagiya did today was actually for the benefit of anandi only.Therefore ll his past sins are forgiven.Jagiya tells him that he doesnt have the courage to face anandi and asks him to beg for forgiveness from anandi on his behalf and shiv agrees.he storms ahead but anandi calls him from behind.She comes upto him and says that she prays that this be the last trouble in his life and when he returns to start a new life,that would be a peace ful and happy one.And she also adds that she doesnt have any more hatred or complaints from him.Jagiya has tears in his eyes hearing this.Anandi goes back to stand next to shiv.Jagiya looks ahead to find his family waiting for him.Shiv’s family too arrives to be with shiv.

Sumitra cups his face in hr hands and ask him who was that boy for whom they had to be insulted inf ront of everyone and who gave everybody immense pain and where had he gotten him from.She knows tht this is her son,who thinks of others before himself.And says she is proud to be his mother and declares that their long lost son is back today.Bhairo comes forward remembering their bitter meeting in jaitsar.Jagiya is feeling guilty,but bhairo says that he has returned as a new and better man that he is proud of.Jagiya says that he had to penance for the pain he gave anandi and couldnt have let go of this oppurtunity.He says that he has realised his mistake and also he is angry at himself that instead of rectifying his weaknesses and mistakes,he found every possible motive to hurt them.dadisa comes upto him and says that in all this he hurt himself more than anybody else and that is what all of his family was worried about.Bhairo says taht the past cant be undone.He says that he has the fullest faith that he would come back to start a new life.then addressing jagiya as HIS SON,he says that they would wait for him.Jagiya takes his hand and comments that its sufficient for him that bhairo thinks of him as his son and that would give him the strength to complete his punishment and come back to them.He also says that there should be no more trouble in anandi’s marriage anymore.And that they should enjoy with her without bothering bout him when he’s gone.And tells them to leave no stone unturned to ensure anandi’s happiness.

Daddu tells Shiv (S) that a soldier is always confident of his victory and in this case the fight was for the truth, hence there was no reason for defeat. The Shekhars express their happiness on S being released feleased. S tells Choti Ma (CM) that the tough times have gone and now they should again start preparing for the wedding. An excited Bheem Shing then gives a letter from the Chief Minister to S which states that the Chief Minister was confident that S was innocent but due to the rules he could not help S. He hopes that his name has not been removed from the wedding guest list. The letter also states that S’s post has been reinstated. Every one is happy to read the letter.

The families get back to the wedding preparations. At the haveli, women are shown preparing mehendi (Henna)amidst dance and songs. Dadi Sa (DS) is shown giving instructions to everyone on how the mehendi should be prepared. DS then remembers how J told them that he will be looking forward to spending his future with them and also the well wishes he gave S and Anandi (A) for their married life. She gets engrossed in her thoughts. Seeing this Sumitra walks up to her and tells her that A has faced a lot of troubles in her life but today this test of hers test is ending since she is beginning a new life. Sumi reassures DS that in the same way J’s sorrows also will end and he will be back as their old Jagya. Sumi continues to tell DS that till that time DS needs to be patient.

A then arrives there saying that the mehendi smells very good. She notices that DS was crying. But DS tells her that she will not cry until A is sent to her new home. Saying this DS tries to change the topic into how DS has chosen very good quality mehendi for A. A is surprised seeing DS’s interest in mehendi.Sumi tells A that DS is very talented and many people used to invite her to put mehendi for them,

In the next scene A is shown asking one of the ladies why her daughter is not present in the mehendi celebrations. The lady replies that since he daughter is a widow she will be considered as a bad omen and hence cannot participate in the celebrations. Hearing this A feels very sad.

In the following scene, S is shown in the haveli. DS sees him and asks him why he was there. S replies that he needed to get A’s signatures on a a few papers. DS tells S that she realizes that S is only trying to find ways to meet A and he could have very well sent Bheem Singh with the papers instead of coming personally. S looks very sheepish. He quickly gets A’s signatures on the paper while he steals a glance at her. DS tries to make him all the more embarrassed with her questions while S tries to make small talk in order to spend more time with A. Just before S takes a leave, Ds tells A to see S off at the door. This surprises S and also makes him very happy. A is also very amused.

A drops S at the door when S tells her that he is enjoying the wedding preparations a lot and that he will remember these moments throughout his life. S sense that A is sad and asks the reason for the same. A tells S about the widow girl who cannot attend the mehendi celebrations due to the orthodox beliefs. She says that there are many such kids who are kept away from such functions due to these beliefs. Althoguh she is happy that during their wedding many other girls will get another chance in life but still there are numerous girls who are deprived of so many joys. She is sad that the society makes rules to keep such windowed gilrs from their basic rights and happiness. She ask S if there is a way to give these girls a chance again. S tells A that they will give them a chance by getting Mehendi done for the widowed girls. But A tells S that this might hurt the elders in the village and that they will not agree. S replies that he is confident that A can convince the village and that the village will change their attitude towards such small issues. A is happy but is worried how she will be able to convince the village and invite the girls in such a short time. S gets into his jeep and tells A that they should leave right away to do the job. A happily joins him.