Tuesday Update On Young Love Sept 11

Tuesday Update On Young Love

Sept 11 Episode

shiv comes in bringing prasad for the family that his mother has sent for them.Dadisa is happy to receive it and goes on to ask about meenu whether she has calmed down.hE says that she has and calls for anandi.Anandi comes in bringing tea for everyone.Shiv remembers his warning to jagiya.On anandi asking what happened,he asks if he heard anything to which she says that he hasnt said anything.Shiv thinks to herself that he has indeed come to say things to anandi.

Just then jagiya enters in and is tricked by shiv into talking about the jaipur incident.This makes the family realise that he now has got his memory back.Jagiya in a fix not knowing what to do instead tries to feign that he is indeed feeling weak and groogy but understnads that his jig is up.He then returns to normal mode telling everybody that he liked it better when he was in memory loss coz then he was near to his family.But now he has to leave since he is better.nandu too tries to stop him telling him that he cant leave him.But gehna pulls his hand away from jagiya’s.Finally when he is about to leave,basant calls him from behind and urges bhairo to forgive and forget and make up with his only son citing the reason that he has done enough repentance for his bad deeds.Bhairo however says that he can never trust him again,despite dadisa urging him to be lenient.He says that he even thinks all his illness is a sham to be close to anandi and keep her away from shiv.When basant still tries to convince him.he goes on to say that he has no place for jagiya in his heart,his life and his home.Basant reminds that the haveli belongs to dadisa and he too has an equal share and bhairo alone cannot make all the descisions.Bhairo then decides that if basant wants to keep jagiya then he would leave with anandi shocking everybody present.

Jagiya tries to intervene saying that they dont need to fight for him and that this is everybody’s housend nobody has to leave and starts to walk out himself.he is then stopped by anandi who faces her and says that she forgives him for the family’s sake and for restoring peace in the house

Dadisa is extremely relieved that jgaiya has been forgiven by anandi and blesses her being such a mature human being.Bhairo however is upset and reprimands dadisa for making anandi yet agagin suffer to keep her family happy and forgive him,who is the reason for all the pain and trouble she faced, despite her wish.Anandi says that he is right and that is exactly the reason she is forgiving him for as she wants to return th happiness to this family which went away due to her.But there’s another reason and thats her own mental peace.Because as long she is in the past she wont be able to move on an let the wounds heal and by forgiving she would be able to let the past go that hurts her so much with all its memories and finish evereything that was incomplete with jagiya and can begin now a new story of her life with a clean slate And not forgiving him a s a fvour to the family.This brings tears in jagiya’s life.She urges bhairo now too to forgive him as he aslo doesnt have a reason anylonger.He doesnt say anything and leaves for his room..Anandi tells jagiya thta he has now got his family back and he should be fortunate to be born here as this is the family that sticks around you with love and affection even after facing all bitterness of life.He should stay here with his own people and nobody should any longer have aproblem with that directed towards bhairo.He doesnt say anything and leaves for his room.Dadisa comes upto her and blesses her to be happy always as she once again bonded back the house.She tells jagiya that she is happy he’s returned but that he should now keep on th right path that he has chosen wisely.And leaves.Bhairo tooo pats him and goes.nandu is happy and gehna too welcomes him.Only shiv and jagiya remain.Shiv comes upto him and tells him that there are people who only know to commit mistakes and others who only know to forgive people.But this concept is beyond jagiya’s understanding.Therefore you always hurt the person who forgives you everytime.He tells him to remember that he has started his new life because of the chance given to him by the person he hurt the most and he should never forget that as that would always keep him humble and down to earth and prevent his ego to take over.He leaves but his words keep ringing in jagiya’s ears.

He looks around the house and his past life comes flashing back to him.From their childhood to the time they were happily married.He visions anandi smiling in the stairs and beckoning him to follow her.He reachse the roof and sees her standing towards the wall seeing the road whwre she remembers th last time jagiya went fromt here.he reaches upto her,on the way remembering the swet moments they shared on the roof and puts a hand on her shoulders which makes her turn around.Seeing her in tears,he is about to raise his hand for wiping them when his dream breaks and he realises that he is still at the entrance of the roof looking at anandi from behind.When she turns around,she ducks against the wall and comes out only when she leaves.He reaches the swing on the roof and is again taken into flashback of merry times and bursts into tears holding its side.

Sitting on the swing he remembers anandi’s favours on him like getting bhairo to approve of him persuing medicine and how he broke off with her on the phone,how signing the divorce papers devastated her and how he had inhumanly called her responsible for gauri’s miscarriage.He regrets what he did with his lief and the most inhuman way that she was treated by him and the oain she suffered.He resolves to rectify his mistakes and demands for one chance from anandi so that he can give her the happiness that she deserved but he couldnt give and fill his life with all colours possible and get her really happy and cheerful.She gave him his family,he now wants to get back to her and wants acceptance from anandi for one last time.