Tuesday Update on Young Love July 24

Tuesday Update on Young Love

July 24 Episode

DS getting emotional thinking of what Anandi went through and its her fault, she didnt have a daughter so didnt know what the turmoil a mother goes through. Ds continues she never thought how Bhago must be feeling with what is happening to Anandi. Basanth replies that they did wrog in the past but they are now trying to recitfy those mistakes and now DS is doing all this for Anandi. DS states she hasnt been able to do anything yet. Basanth gives DS encouragement that it will happen in time. DS wants to give Anandi all the happiness that she deserves and she wants to do this before she dies. DS continues how will Anandi say no to her own mom.

Gauri is recalling what her Bade Papa told her. She reads the letter from her Bade Papa, how Gauri has done wrong and that he doesnt want to keep any relations with her as she has broken a family. He wants to break all relations with Gauri. Gauri rips the letter and cries. Gauri speaks to herself that he should do what makes him happy and she will keep her memories and promises him that.

A lady comes in asking for help as her daughter in law is in labour, Gauri is not home but Jagat offers to help.

Gauri is recalling the scene from the other day wheree Jagat was reading her letters. She realises that she behaved rudely towards him and its not his fault and she needs to apologise, she rings but he doesnt pick up she then wants to go home but in informed of the bad weather and to stay at hospital instead

Jagat is trying to help deliver the baby, the woman is in a lot of pain, he tells another lady to get some equipment for him. He encourages the lady and is able to deliver the baby, she has a son. He is thanked by the family.

As she is going home she hears the neighbours talking about Jagat and thinks Jagat has done something in a druken state, the mother in law sees Gauri and calls her inside. The family inform gauri how Jagat help deliver the baby, she too then compliments Jagat as well.

DS gets a call from Anandi’s father enquiring about Anandi coming over. She tells him once Anandi comes home in the evening they will get things ready for the next day. Bhago’s dream will come true and they will do whats needed.