Tuesday Update on Young Love August 7

Tuesday Update on Young Love

August 7 Episode

Ds and bhairon came to shiv’s house .meenu opened the door, not happy but invited inside. DS is abt to inform abt saagai date , at that time Dadu came inside n asked Ds that whether she is angry with him. Ds wonders y!! He asked y she didn’t wave him back outside. Ds surprised to know that its him. Dadu understood n said then she must have thought he is the mali of the garden. He gave some flowers to ds. Ds asked for what. Dadu said for the surprise and teased that she took the revenge by coming here without informing. Ds shyly accepted that. All r laughing!! Dadu starts his stories, dadi confused.!!But ds ans him back with his style. Alok impressed.

Then Ds informed the auspicious 4 days after date for saagai n no dates for marriage for 4 months now due to the adikamaas! Shekhars agreed. Menu is not happy. Irawati said it good that they will have more time in hand to preparation for marriage.

At the office, saanchi is chatting with shiv by sending angry emoticon . when shiv asked she wrote that how cud he do that, he promised that he will marry a girl of her choice now no need to marry that girl. Shiv smiles and called her. She picked up after cutting that for few times. Shiv asked whether she didn’t like the rakhi gift. She replied harshly that how cud he chose a gaunwali. His wife should have some status like him. Shiv like a dotting bro tries to explain she is like that n she is the face of jetsar. She will like anandi when she will meett her.But saanchi in no mood to listen n said she cant come as she has exam n cut the call.

Gauri is super excited n busy in preparation of her wedding . Her mom still stuck in the inauspicious date issue. At that time jag came there n asked abt it. Gauri covers up by saying she is doing this for her frd priya.

Shekhars decided to inform mahi n saanchi to inform abt saagai date. Irawati calls saanchi. She was still upset. When irawati informed abt the saagai is after 4 days. Saanchi surprised n said that they r doing it deliberately at that time she cant come due to her exams. Her mom said anandi’s family said there is no other date. Saanchi harshly said that she cant understand what is in anandi n her family that they r accepting their words like this. She ownt come at saagai n cut the call. Her parents r upset. Dadu said he will make her understand.

Bhairon informed everything to khajan on ph. Khajan was happy that saagai date is finalized. Anandi came there. Some emotional talk between father n daughter. Anandi says she is missing her mom and feeling so low that her mother is no more to be with her at this time. Khajan consoles her n says he will come soon to bless her.