Tuesday Update on Young Love August 28

Tuesday Update on Young Love

August 28 Episode

Jaitsar hospital
Jagiya is stealthily roaming in the hospital when he overhears police talking about the hit and run case and planning to catch th criminal soon.he then ovehears his wife also talking about the incident and cursing the culprit and the sarpanch assuring her that they would soon catch the guy.Jagiya is scared by all this and decides to stay away and under cover so as not to be identified.

In the mandir and jaitsar hospital
Shiv sees anandi while she’s praying and thinks that this is the first time that they have gone out like this and that she is so happy.And he thanks the goddess for the same.meanwhile anandi is shown to be praying for jagiya so that he gets some conscience to be able to decide what’s right and what’s wrong.Meanwhile jagiya is shown to be praying too for the lord to be on his side and improve his condition and be with him in such tough times.

In the mandir
anandi while distributing sweets to the poor is confronted by the same woman who had doubts about shiv and is asked abotu her engagement with shiv and shows her concern about anandi marrying into the family when she realises that her parents are not accompanying her.She goes on to warn her that shiv and his family are not good people.On anandi’s confusion,she goes on to say that shiv is not a noce man,in fact he is a monster wioth short temper,no respect for women and an egoist.Anandi is confused,but before she can answer,ira confronts the woman unaware of the situation and starts chatting gaily but the woman,urmi devi curtly replies back bad mothing shiv and them in front of anandi.Ira too loses it eventually and tells urmi devi to stop being bitter just because their children couldnt get married.meanwhile others too join in and all of shiv’s family is surprised at what urmi has to say.
Finally anandi shuts her off saying that she has personally interacted with shiv and his family,and they are far from what she describes them to be and goes ont o praise shiv and his respect for women,the way he fights for justice and equal rights and solves every problem without losing his temper and the way he has stood by her side in every problem of hers before and after engagemnt.She still tries to convince her by aying that what she has heard is right and also that shiv has a tendency towards promiscuity and that he was able to save her daughter and that anandi should be out pf this relation asap.She goes on to support her arguement by saying that somebody from jaitsar onbly told her this on the night of full moon in this very temple.This surprises anandi as to who could it be from jaitsar who would say something like this about a man who had done so much for their village.The lady,urmi also urges her to find out about the woman who said it all because she wants to prove everybody that she’s right,Saying so,she leaves.
Meanwhile meenu is infuriated at the lady who said sich things about shiv despite alok and shiv’s efforts to calm her down.Shiv says that its better that urmi devi’s daughter didnt get involved with shiv,otherwise he would never have met anandi.Anandi too decides not to let the matter go as she knows everybody in jaitsar and would find out who said such stuff about shiv.Shiv also mentionms that the lady brought her luck despite her bad intentions because that was the exact day that dadisa asked for his hand in marriage.Dadaji too jokingly thanks the old lady who said such things so that they could find the best daughter in law in anandi.Meenu is still unconvinced.meanwhile anandi is busy in her thoughts and deduces that dadisa is behind all this as all the past evidences add up to her,being she wss in the temple that day,she was super excited abotu shiv’s bday and that she had asked chim to marry anandi and that she cringed everytime ashima’s name was mentiuoned.She gets disheartened thinking why did dadisa do something like that?

Jaitsar hospital
Jagiya is stealthily looking at the same man in the hospital whom he had pushed when lal comes up from behind and asks him that isnt the doctor inside him forcing jagiya not to leave the patient.Before he can answer,the nurse comes and tells that theman,narayan has gained conscious.Lal urges a surprised jagiya to come inside with him to meet the family.In his heart,he is fervently praying that he should not have sustained any serious injuries but also should not have remembered jagiya as the one who pushed him.When he gets inside,his wife is both happy and sad at narayan’s condition but nevertheless thanks lal for his efforts.Lal puts jagiya forward as the one whould be given credit for narayan’s recovery.His wife identifies jagiya and comments that a person who did something so cruel to anandi can never be forgiven after hundreds of good deeds.Jagiya is embarassed and lal singh looks on awkwardly.

Jaitsar haveli
Outside the haveli,shiv’s family drops her off and says that they are getting late and turn down her offer of coming inside.However before going,meenu reminds anandi to find out about the old woman who badmouthed shiv before urmi devi.she gets a little disturbed hearing that but nods nevertheless.

Inside the haveli,while dadisa is discussing about anandi’s marriage with bhairo and gehna,an angry anandi storms in and surprises everybody by saying that shiv and anandi will not get married. On everybody asking why,she says that he doent like shiv,when asked by dadisa why is she turning down a gem of a person like shiv,she replies back quoting all the bad qualities that dadisa had told urmi devi about shiv.Dadisa starts questioning anandi who put such ideas in her head,when she is reminded of being the person who did that to urmi devi and realises why anandi is behaving like that.Anandi goes on to tell everybody else ion the family what dadisa had done with urmi devi.Everybody is shocked as to how could dadisa do something like that.Dadisa confesses to her crime that she had indeed done that but only for the well being of anandi.

When anandi asks her what was the need for doing something like that she replies by saying that urmi devi was hell bent on getting her daughter married to shiv and as she had already chosen shiv for anandi she couldnt help but resist to say things that backed urmi dvi off.Everybody is stunned to hear this.Dadisa tries to justify herself by saying that she had not gone herself but urmi devi had come upto her,knowing she was from jaitsar to know about shiv.That is when she done it.She asks everybody not to stare as if she had done a crime.

Anandi however silences her by saying that now since shiv’s family has gotten to know they are hell bent to find out who the old lady was.When they get to know the truth,all relations would come crashing down.She says that she knows dadisa meant well for anandi but such a rash behaviour has caused more problems than it solved.Saying so,she leaves.Bhairo too reprimands her for doing something like that and leaves in a huff.

Shiv’s house in jaitsar.
Shiv’s family hav sat down and are deciding on the preparations for the marriage and prepping up the haveli for shiv and anandi.When they talk about leaving,for the marriage and for alok to handle back his business,he tries to make them stay some time longer.But when dadaji asks for his leave for decorating the haveli in time for anandi to come,he instantly agrees and the others pull his leg for that.Ira says that while going to their haveli,they would visit shiv’s sister on the way and also urge shiv to take some time out and go and meet her and sort out their differences since the engagement.He nods in approval.

Jaitsar haveli
In her room,looking at the wind chimes that shiv had given her,she is worried what would happen when the truth about the old lady comes out in the open in front of shiv’s family.She is upset at dadisa for doing something that rash and stupid out of passion for her and created such a mess that she cant find a way out of it.She is shown very upset and worried.