Tuesday Update on Young Love 29th September 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 29th September 2020

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Jagya falling down in the desert. He then gets up and shoots at Akhiraj. Akhiraj gets bullet injury and he falls down. Jagya looks for him, but couldn’t see him. He shouts Akhiraj Singh. Akhiraj gets up and tries to walk holding his back. Jagya also feels pain. Akhiraj faints and falls down. Jagya sits down and looks at the sun. The military team arrest the goons. Harki asks Kundan to call Akhiraj. He calls Akhiraj, but he isn’t picking the call. Kundan calls at Badri’s number, but he doesn’t pick the call. He sees big hawk biting Akhiraj Singh and assumes he is dead. He sits in shock. Dadisaa thanks Anant. Anant says all the children are same for me. Dadisaa asks him about Nimboli? She says did you get any news from them? Anant says there is no news till now and I hope that I will get good news only. Suddenly Dadisaa feels short of breath and takes heavy breathing.

Anant calls the doctor. Anandi, Ganga, Mangla and Nimboli wait for Jagya to return. Nimboli sees Jagya coming and informs them. Ganga runs and hugs him. She cries. She asks are you fine? Jagya says yes. Mangla asks about Akhiraj. Jagya says Akhiraj got killed. Mangla says he died and asks again? Jagya says yes, he is dead. She asks did you see with your eyes? Jagya says yes. I have killed him. Nimboli cries. Anandi hugs her. Jagya tells everything. He says he died very badly. I left them there itself. Mangla says he should have get a more dangerous death. She asks nimboli not to cry, and says it is good. He asks Anandi to call home and inform that they are safe.

Shivam picks Anandi’s call and asks if she is fine? Anandi says we all are fine. She asks about Dadisaa. Shivam says she is in hospital. He tells everything. Anandi is shocked. Shivam says she is fine now. He gives the call to Dadisaa. Dadisaa talks to her and says she is fine. She asks them to come home fast. Anandi says we are coming home. Harki asks Kundan to call Akhiraj. Kundan says he will call us. He acts as angry and says he should have called us. He called us here and haven’t come. Harki scolds him and asks him to call. Kundan calls again. She wonders why he is not picking call and gets tensed.

Jagya, Anandi, Ganga, Mangla and Nimboli come to hospital.. Mannu and Abhi hug Ganga and Jagya, while Shivam hugs Anandi. Jagya asks Dadisaa how is she? Dadisaa says she is fine and asks how you have been rescued? Jagya tells about the secret police and gives the credit to Dr. Anant for making this plan. Everyone looks at him. Kundan brings something and asks Harki to eat. She refuses. Kundan sits down and eats it. Harki asks how can you eat food when there is no news about your father. Kundan says when he doesn’t care for us, why shall we. Harki asks him to call again. Kundan refuses to call him again and says lets go home. Harki thinks where are you? Are you fine? CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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