Tuesday Update on Young Love 28th July 2020

Tuesday Update on Young Love 28th July 2020

Jagya says you are my mum and that’s why you was affectionate towards her. Anandi asks him to take her to Nandini. Jagya says okay and asks her to come. Kundan is hiding in Akhiraj’s friend house. Akhiraj’s friend asks him to go from his house as everyone knows that Akhiraj is his friend and people will get him also behind bars. Kundan falls on his feet and asks him to let him stay. The man asks him to stay in his cow’s shed. Kundan thanks him and goes. The man Dinesh thinks camel came under the mountain and thinks to settle scores with Akhiraj.

Kamli opens the door and finds Jagya, Anandi and Anant standing. She greets Anandi and asks where is Nandini? Kamli asks who is Nandini? Jagya says she wants to ask about Nimboli. Anandi says she wants to meet her. Kamli says she might be sleeping. Jagya asks her not to be surprised and says Mangla ji knows that we will come. Kamli asks them to come inside and shows Disa’s room. Anandi excitedly enters the room and don’t see Nimboli there. Kamli wakes up Urmila and asks where did Disa and Nimboli go. Urmila says I don’t know. She takes Anandi to Nimboli’s room and sees no one there. Anandi asks her where is my daughter Nandini……….Kamli asks your daughter. Jagya says yes, Nimboli is her daughter. Kamli is surprised and shocked, and so is Urmila. Anandi asks where is she? Jagya says she might be in another room. Kamli asks Urmila to check in Kundan’s room. They couldn’t find her there. They check Akhiraj’s room also. Jagya says there is no one here, and asks about Harki.

Urmila tells Disa and Nimboli are not in house. Kamli says I don’t know where did they go. Jagya asks how can it be possible. Anandi says it is a lie and calls Nandini…..my daughter….where are you…..Harki comes home and sees Anandi coming out in the hall calling Nandini’s name. Anandi is shocked to see her and identifies her. Even Harki gets shell shocked remembering her face. She thinks she is Nimboli’s mum. A flashback is shown. Anandi recalls running behind the jeep. Anandi is in tears and angry. She comes towards Harki and asks did you remember me? She says Anandi…mum of Nandini. Kamli and Urmila are shocked.

Anandi asks where is my daughter and asks her to return Nandini. Harki is shocked. Anandi asks where is my daughter? She asks her to answer. Jagya says it is not needed to request them and asks her about Nandini. Harki says I don’t know. She says I went to search my son, Nimboli was at home. Anandi says you are lying. She asks where did you hide her? Harki says I don’t know. She says I was searching my innocent son who was trapped because of you. Jagya says innocent…..how can he be innocent when he tried to molest Nandini. Anandi is shocked and asks Jagya what did her son do with Nandini. She asks Harki. Harki says my son didn’t do anything. Urmila tells that Kundan tried to rape Nimboli. Anandi looks on shockingly. Urmila feels ashamed on her husband’s doings. Anandi looks at Jagya. Harki asks why everyone is after my son. What wrong did he do? She says Nimboli is Kundan’s wife. Anandi slaps her hard on her face. Harki holds her face shockingly.

Anandi asks are you a woman or kalang on the name of a woman. She says you can’t understand a woman’s pain or her child’s pain. She says my innocent girl suffered so much and you didn’t feel pain. She slaps her again. Kamli smiles. She says whatever you have done with my daughter and me, I will not leave you and wil send you to jail. She says you will go to hell. She asks where is my daughter? Kamli tells if Disa is with Nimboli, then she doesn’t know. She says Harki cares about her husband and son only. Jagya says we shall search them and shall not waste time. They leave. Harki looks on.


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