Tuesday Update on Young Love 25th August 2020

Tuesday Update on Young Love 25th August 2020

Anandi asks Panditji to get the bangles touch God. Pandit ji asks Anandi to make Nimboli wear the bangles later. Chunnu pushes Chakor’s mum on Anandi, and then scolds her. Nimboli asks why you are scolding her. She picks the bangles cleverly. Nimboli asks why did you take my bangles. Chunni returns the bangles and scolds her mum again. Anandi asks if she is your mum? Chunni says yes. Anandi asks what happened to her? Why she is looking lost. Chunni says she is mad and misbehaves with Anandi.

Nimboli hears about the dancing competition and tells Anandi that she wants to dance. Anandi asks if she can dance. Nimboli reminds her of their previous meeting. Chunni thinks to steal bangles and follows Nimboli. Chakor keeps an eye on them with her friends. While Anandi is busy making Nimboli’s hairs. Chunni tries to steal the bangles, but then hides hearing announcement of the dance competition. They leave. Chunni decides to follow them until she gets the bangles.

Chunni talks to the organizer and refuses to dance. She says who will take care of my mum. Anandi assures her that she will take care. Chunni thinks her problem is solved now and she can easily steal the bangles now. Nimboli starts dancing on the stage. Chunni eyes the bangles and says she will be relieved after stealing it. She is about to steal, but Anandi stops her and asks what you are doing here? She says next turn is yours and asks her to go. Chunni goes. Chunni tells herself that she will dance to get bangles. She says real Chakor will dance, not you……Chakor comes on stage and asks Nimboli to dance with her.

Nimboli says okay and says she will win. Thakur collides with Chakor’s friends and asks what they are doing in the mela. They make an excuse and says they want to see motor cycle riding in the death well. He asks what is in the cloth. Just then he hears song Saiyyan Toh Kamaal Ki……….He sees Nimboli and Chakor dancing. He comes towards there. Harki sees Nimboli dancing and shows it to Badri. Badri says they are small girls. Harki says she is the same girl. Thakur thinks Chunni is dancing on stage and will ruin him.

Badri asks Harki to go far and says he will kill the dacoits/girls. Everyone claps for Nimboli and Chakor after they are done with dance.Badri puts snake on a woman. The woman panics and shouts. Everyone starts running being scared of snake. Anandi calls for Nimboli. Badri thinks where did Nimboli go? Chakor looks out for her mum. Harki thinks Badri will kill Anandi and Nimboli. Badri thinks what to reply to Harki. Anandi sees Chakor’s mum on ground and rushes for her help. Nimboli asks Chakor, if she has seen her mum. Chakor says no. They get tensed. Nimboli says there is only one way to find her.


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