Tuesday Update on Young Love 22nd September 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 22nd September 2020

Akhiraj practicing to target with the silencer pistol, and says my first target is Nimboli and I will kill her first. He says MLA Jagdish Singh you have celebrated much and says he is coming to kill them. Nimboli comes to Shivam and Abhi’s room. Abhi says they are practicing for his parents’ anniversary celebrations. Nimboli says I will also dance with you. Shivam says we have prepared well and asks her to leave, refusing to let her participate. Anandi tells Nimboli that they will perform together.

Jagya blindfolds Ganga and brings her near the mirror. He makes her wear necklace and asks her to open eyes. Ganga says it is very beautiful. Jagya asks if she is joking? Ganga says no, I really liked it. He asks did you like it really. I thought you won’t like it. Ganga says what matters is love. He then makes her gold necklace. Ganga says this is also gold, but I have a precious diamond of the world. Jagya thanks her for being in his life. They hug each other. Akhiraj continues to practice target shooting. Badri says your target is accurate now. Akhiraj says today they will target them.

In the evening, everyone wait for Jagya and Ganga to come downstairs for their marriage anniversary party. They clap seeing them coming. Akhiraj and Badri are on the way to Jaitsar. Nidhi takes the mic and welcomes everyone in the function. She takes permission of Jagya and Ganga to start the function. She announces the performance by Abhi, Shivam and Mannu. Abhi, Mannu and Shivam dance on a small song. Everyone claps. Akhiraj and Badri arrive there. Nidhi says they will move on the next performance based on Jagya and Ganga’s love story. She says Anandi and Nimboli will perform. Just then electricity goes off, they see Nimboli and Anandi dressed up as Jagya and Ganga and dancing on the song Tu Chal Main Aayi………..

Mangla is unhappy and recalls Nimboli skit with her in Jhalra. Akhiraj and Badri enters the hospital. Akhiraj kidnaps someone. Nidhi says lets wait for cut caking ceremony. Anandi and Nimboli bring the cake. Jagya and Ganga cut the cake while everyone claps for them. Nimboli asks Ganga to make Jagya eat the cake. Nidhi asks her to hurry up. Ganga makes him take the first bite. Jagya makes her eat too. Everyone claps. Jagya asks Ganga to be infront of his eyes always, just as she stays in his heart. Ganga says where I will go. She gets call from hospital and attends it.

Nurse informs her that a patient is having stomach ache and asks her to come soon. Ganga asks them to do the arrangements for operation. Nurse says ok and disconnects the call. She is seen at gun point by Akhiraj and Badri. Akhiraj says you will die if Ganga doesn’t come. Nurse cries and gets scared. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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