Tuesday Update on Young Love 1st September 2020

Tuesday Update on Young Love 1st September 2020

Harki entering Mangla’s hospital ward and pleads infront of her not to take Kundan’s name. Mangla says you both have tried to kill me and you will be punished. Harki pleads infront of her and asks her not to punish her. She falls on her feet and apologizes. Ganga, Jagya, Police and Anandi come inside. Jagya asks I told you not to come inside, then why did you enter here. Harki apologizes. Ganga checks her. Jagya asks about the person who tried to kill her.

Juvenile home warden asks her. Mangla asks why you are taking Kundan’s name again and again and says they are not responsible for my condition. Jagya says we have seen marks on your neck and asks her. Mangla lies to them that her dupatta was stuck in her neck. Jagya asks if she is saying truth? Mangla says yes. Jagya says ok, and asks warden and Police to note down her statement. Harki looks on thankfully and goes. Anandi asks Mangla why did she give false statement and protected criminals. Mangla lies to them also, and says they are innocent.

Kundan is in the juvenile home and thinks Disa might have told my name by now. Constable comes and informs him about his release. Kundan thinks my mum saved me. He asks Harki did Disa tell anything about me. Harki says no and asks him to hurry up.

Mangla tells Ganga that she wants to go home to her daughter. Dadisaa brings Nimboli inside the ward. Nimboli asks if you got consciousness and says she was praying to God for her recovery. Mangla looks on. Ganga gives her injection. Nimboli asks if she is pained. Mangla says no. Nimboli says it means I can learn karathe now. Mangla asks why do you want to learn? Nimboli is positive about learning it. Mangla refuses to permit her. Dadisaa tells that karathe is for self protection. Mangla says Nimboli said that she don’t want to learn karathe. Nimboli says you had given me knife for my protection and says Karathe is also for protection. Nimboli says I will learn for sure.

Harki and Kundan come to their village. The villagers give them a cold welcome and spit seeing him. Kundan gets angry. Harki calms him down.

Akhiraj is served food in jail. He comes to the fellow prisoners. Badri tells them that Akhiraj wants to befriends with them. Akhiraj apologizes to them for his past behavior and sits to have food with them. He thinks he has to make friends so that he can take revenge from his enemies. Nimboli tells Mangla that she went to hospital temple and prayed for her. She says even Chokhi Chudail prayed too and praises her.

Mangla looks on. Nimboli says sometimes I feel if my mum was there then she would be like Anandi. Mangla is shocked. Nimboli says my mum must have been like Anandi and counts her qualities. Mangla is very much shocked and gets teary eyes. Nimboli says I want to meet my real mum. Mangla thinks to do something to make Nimboli hate Anandi.

Kundan coming home angrily after facing a cold welcome by the villagers and breaks the lock. Nimboli asks Mangla to search for her mum. Mangla looks on. She gets up from her wheelchair and comes to a lady who is weeping. She asks what happened. The woman says her husband is very much ill and needs much money. She says Doctors asked me to take him to Mumbai for further treatment. Mangla asks her to take him to Mumbai. The woman says she doesn’t have money.

Mangla asks her to have faith on God. The woman says who will help me and says I can do anything for money. Mangla gets an idea and offers help. Harki massages Kundan’s head and badmouths about Kamli. She says Kamli sent your dad to jail and is ruling on house now. She says she even hired body guards. Kundan says I will teach her a lesson. Harki gets happy. The woman asks will you help me? Mangla says yes, but you have to do my work. The woman agrees. Mangla says you have to open someone’s eyes. The woman says I didn’t know. Mangla tells her something and takes her in her cunning words.

The woman agrees and asks her to give money fast. Mangla asks her to come somewhere and take money. The woman refuses as her husband is very much ill, and asks her to give money in the hospital. Mangla agrees and takes promise that she will not tell anything to anyone. Kamli asks Pushkar to open the lock and says she is coming. Pushkar tells her that there is no lock. Kamli sees the lock broken and asks the guards to help her open the door. They open the door and see Kundan standing.

Kamli asks how did you go inside? Kundan says it is my house and asks how dare you close the door when you knew that I am coming home. Kamli says Urmi was unwell and that’s why I took her to hospital. Kundan scolds her and asks what relation she has with Urmila. kamli says Urmi is carrying your own blood and asks how can you forget that. She says you should be happy that I am taking care of your child. She says you have returned after becoming more dangerous. Kundan holds her neck, but the guards stop her. Harki takes him inside.

Mangla comes home. Nimboli gets happy and hugs her. She says I will bring everything for you and asks her to rest. Anandi thinks when she will get this love and gets teary eyes. Nimboli asks why she is teary eyed. Anandi says I am missing my Nandini. Nimboli asks her not to worry and tells that she has prayed with Chathi Maiyya. She says she will send your daughhter to you and asks her to stop crying. She asks her to consider her as her Nandini till she gets her daughter.

Anandi gets emotional and hugs her. Mangla comes to the hospital and looks out for the woman who agreed to act as Nimboli’s real mum. The woman comes to her and puts hand on her shoulder. Mangla gives her gold bangles of 7 tolas and tells her that her saas had given her. Ganga comes. Mangla sees her and hides her face. Ganga goes. Mangla gives her bangle and asks her not to break her trust. She says you remember what to do. The woman looks on.