Tuesday Update on Young Love 17th November 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 17th November 2020

Anandi pushing Shivam and Nandini in the river sensing danger from Akhiraj. She then jumps too. She manages to get her children from water. She tells Nandini and Shivam that I said right that nobody can separate us. Nandini asks her not to leave them.

15 years later….

A guy is introduced and he clicks pics of the pink city Jaipur. He introduces the city and says it seems there are some stories hidden behind the people here. Nandini looks down from the bus and recalls her childhood, and her attire in Nimboli’s clothes. A fb is shown, Nimboli is made to climb on the temple stairs as a part of ritual. She looks at a girl wearing similar clothes. Suddenly accident happens of the guy with the bus. Nandini and others get down the bus.

Nandini asks everyone to move, and looks at the injured person. A woman asks her to treat the guy if she is a doctor. Nandini recalls Anandi getting shot by Akhiraj. She tensedly checks the guy. She gets Dr. Amit’s call. Dr. Amit asks where are you? Nandini informs him about the accident and says there is a lot of blood around him. Dr. Amit asks her to relax and treat the patient. He says this is not the first time you are seeing blood. Nandini recalls Akhiraj killing Gopal, Dadisaa and shooting Anandi. Dr. Amit asks her to give CPR. She obliges.

Dr. Amit asks her to give injection. She buys injection from the near by shop and gives to the patient. Just then ambulance comes. Nandini thinks I have done my work. Patient (Ruslaan Mumtaz) gains consciousness and holds Nandini’s hand. Nandini tells Dr. Amit that patient has responded. Dr. Amit says good and asks her to remember that patient’s life is important for a doctor and asks her to come there as everyone wants to see Dr. Nandini of Surya Uday hospital. Nandini smiles. The guy wakes up and says aunty…call police. Nandini asks him to say. He loses consciousness again. Nandini tears her dupatta and ties on his head. The people standing there praises Nandini for saving a life. Ambulance comes and takes Patient. Nandini picks his diary. Everyone claps for her. Nandini smiles.

Nandini comes to the hospital. She is welcomed in the hospital by the staff and Dr. Amit. Dr. Amit gives the speech and tells about the important of the word Dr. before name. He says a doctor is given more respect in the hospital. He says Dr. Nandini have join us today, and gives an ovation to her. Nandini touches Naresh Goel’s feet. Amit introduces his dad and says he has built this hospital 35 years back. They take oath that they will follow all the rules. Nandini recalls Anandi’s last wish to see her as doctor, and asks her not to take money from poor patient. She wipes her tears emotionally. She comes home and touches a man’s feet. She asks where is Maasaa. A woman is shown and blesses her. She says my Nandini, a doctor in a hospital. Nandini says I couldn’t believe either. Her new mum asks her to talk slowly, else Sudha will get upset. Sudha comes.

Maa saa tells Sudha that Nandini got a job in Surya Uday hospital. Sudha says I know she had learnt how to keep others behind and comes first. Her dad asks her to learn it from Nandini and goes. Sudha says how can I learn from you, else you will come second. Nandini says what are you talking? We are sisters. Sudha says we aren’t sisters. Nandini looks on shocked and asks why do you make me realize again and again. Sudha says I want to come in my parents’ eyes, but because of you they couldn’t see me. Nandini says Maasaa and Bapusaa loves you also. Sudha says it looks like they have adopted me and not you. Nandini says they are my parents and have given me birth. Sudha looks shocked.

Nandini goes to her room. She opens her cupboard and sees Anandi’s pic. She recalls Anandi’s words…asking them not to leave the right path and continue walking on it irrespective of the troubles. She recalls doing Anandi’s last rites. She cries with Shivam. She says Maasaa. I am Dr. Nandini in jaipur’s biggest hospital. She says I have fulfilled my promise and will open Anandi memorial hospital, till then I will not flush your asthis in water. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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