Tuesday Update on Young Love 14 January 2020

Tuesday Update on Young Love 14 January 2020

Anandi asking her father to have rest today and says Doctor will check you tomorrow for starting the treatment. Khazan ji says it might be better if I go to hospital. No one would have felt bad. Anandi asks are you thinking about papa’s words. Khazan ji says he didn’t say anything wrong. Anandi reminds him about what had said. Amol comes there. Anandi makes him apply sanitizer before meeting Khazan ji. He blesses Amol and take off the evil eye. Amol thanks him and gives a sketch as a gift with a note of get well soon. Amol says I will give you icecream treat once you gets fine. Khazan ji gets happy and says he will get well soon.

Gehna sees Nandu sleeping in her room and gets sad thinking about what he is going through. She makes him sleep properly and wipes her flowing tears. She hears Niranjan singing song.

He looks for Gehna in the window, but she doesn’t come and feels pain. Khazan ji talks to Daddu. He says he used sanitizer and will wash his hands. Daddu asks him to sit and tells about how to take care of health. He says food and stress are two villians. He says heart wants to good food and stress is part of life. Khazan says you are right and says he is thankful to the family. Daddu praises Anandi for her values. Khazan ji gives the credit for Anandi’s good upbringing to Bharov, Sumitra and Dadisaa. Daddu says yes. Anandi asks Daddu when you will take medicines. Daddu says will have it. Shiv looks on. Daddu tells Anandi that he was praising her. Shiv says I will leave now. They leave.

Subhadra hides the fruit bowl seeing Daddu and Shiv. She asks him about Khazan ji. Daddu says Anandi is with them. Subhadra says she was alone when she went to Jaitsar and asks them to sent Khazan ji to Jaitsar for treatment. Daddu says his illness is different. Subhadra tries to convince him.

Shiv leaves for his office. Daddu asks Subhadra did you meet him. Subhadra says I will meet him surely. She thinks what is the need to give him idea. She starts eating fruits again.

Makhan kaka informs Dadisaa that Niranjan is having fever. Dadisaa gets tensed and asks him to inform Gehna. Nandu thinks Dadisaa will make Maa take care of Niranjan and thinks he won’t go to school to stop her.

Anandi washes her father’s clothes and puts antiseptic in it. She thinks to cook food for him first.

Dadisaa and Gehna come to see Niranjan. Dadisaa asks why didn’t you tell us about your fever. Niranjan says he is fine and asks Dadisaa to go to school. Dadisaa asks Gehna to stay with Niranjan. Gehna worries about Nandu. Nandu jumps in his room and says he is just making excuse to get Maa stay in his room. Jagya comes and checks Niranjan’s fever. Jagya says you have high fever. Nandu says you all are on his side. He leaves the room cryingly. Dadisaa says he has crossed the limits. Gehna asks what shall I do. Niranjan asks her to go to Nandu as he needs her.

Anandi brings food for Khazan. He says he can’t eat much. Anandi asks him to have food to have strength. Subhadra peeps in to Khazan’s room and thinks he is eating food shamelessly in his daughter’s house. Khazan ji sees her and asks her to come inside. She asks him about his health. Khazan ji praises Anandi. Subhadra thinks Anandi is wasting the money.

Anandi is drying her father’s clothes. Subhadra scolds her for trying to spread her father’s infection. Anandi says she used warm water and antiseptic to wash his clothes. Subhadra says she is not illiterate and is a graduate. Anandi asks her to trust her. Subhadra says she can’t take a chance and take her clothes from the rope.

Nandu complaining to his father that Niranjan took Gehna to a temple when he was sleeping. Ganga hears him. Nandu says no one is understanding what Niranjan will do. He will throw us out of the room and will do bad things with maa. Ganga is shocked. He says he wants to separate us from Maa. He says he knows everything and cries. Ganga hears him talking to Basant’s pic. Nandu cries miserably. Gehna comes and rushes to him. She asks him to be quiet. Niranjan asks her not to go to Niranjan. She says never and hugs him. Ganga thinks Nandu believes that husband and wife relation is bad. Dadisaa talks to Jagya and feels bad for Niranjan. She says don’t know why Nandu is doing this. Jagya says now you have to go to school. Ganga comes there and says she came to know about Nandu’s upset behavior. She says I heard him talking to Taisaa’s photo. She tells everything. Dadisaa and Jagya are shocked. Jagya thinks why he thinks like that. Dadisaa says someone filled his ears and wonders who he is?Jagya says he needs to talk to Nandu.



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