Tuesday Update on Young Love 11 February 2020

Tuesday Update on Young Love 11 February 2020

Ganga threatening LP Shrivastav that she will kill him if he tries to malign her reputation. LP Shrivastav says you got so much energy drinking haveli’s water. He says he will get foreign wine for her so that she gets unconscious. He says he will come and leaves. Ganga cries taking Jagya’s name. Anoop wonders how Police came to know about the antiques and why Alok accepted to have done the crime. He wonders what is happening. He gets a call from Sharma ji. He says he is under ground as he came to know about the raid. He says he is hiding in his relative’s home. Anoop says he will call him later and asks to stay there.

Subhadra comes and closes the door. She says I told you that Alok is jealous of you. He accepted that he is jealous of you and started stolen antiques business to make you feel low. Anoop shouts asking her to leave him alone for sometime. Anandi calls Daddu, but he didn’t pick the call. Meenu wonders where did he go. Daddu comes back and says he went to talk to Vivek. He says don’t know why the Police arrested Alok instead of Anoop. They are misunderstandings the things and I am sure that Alok is lying. Ira looks on as she knows the truth. She asks what did Vivek say? Daddu says Vivek said that Police have proofs against him and Alok can’t get bail until the enquiry is going on. Anoop hears that and gets sad.

Ganga prays to Devimaa and says she can give her life, and asks Devimaa to protect her respect. Shrivastav comes and opens the door shocking her. He shows the wine bottle and drinks it. Shobha, Jagya, Kusum and the police team come near the place where Ganga is kept captive. Ganga asks Shrivastav not to touch her. Shrivastav tries to go near her. Ganga throws things on him. She shouts calling Jagya. Shrivastav says he will call Jagya here. He says Jagya will think why did I do enemity with Shrivastav seeing your face. Ganga screams for help. Jagya hears her voice and rushes towards the house. He beats the goons and gets inside. The Police arrest the goon. Shrivastav tries to make Ganga drink the wine, but she resists and falls on the wall.

Jagya beats the goons and comes to save Ganga. He hugs her and asks not to worry. Shrivastav takes out his gun and targets at Jagya. Shobha alarms Jagya. Shrivastav says so you brought him here. I will settle scores with Jagya first. He says he will kill Ganga so that Jagya cry for her. Jagya covers Ganga and asks him to shoot him. Shrivastav says he wants him to live more and cry for his life. Ganga asks Jagya to move. Shrivastav asks Ganga to get ready to die. He points gun at Ganga. Kusum hits Shrivastav with the glass bottle. Everyone get shocked seeing Kusum attacking Shrivastav. She says this is your punishment. You don’t have the right to live. I took revenge for all the woman whom you insulted and raped. She hits him with the glass bottle.

Anandi asks Ira to have food and says Alok knows that we will respect his decision. He knows that we will take care of yours. Ira says it means you know everything. Anandi nods yes and says she heard their conversation. Ira asks why you didn’t stop him then. She says I know that he is trying to save Papa ji from pain because of Anoop’s doings. Meenu hears them. Ira says Anoop doesn’t care for his sacrifice and is resting at his room.

The Police Inspector asks the constable to take Shrivastav to the hospital. He is taken away. Kusum looks at the blood on her hand and asks Ganga if Shrivastav did something to her. Ganga nods no. Kusum gets relieved and says she knows that she will get punishment for the crime. She worries for her son Shakti and asks Jagya to take care of her son. Jagya nods. Kusum cries looking at the blood. Ganga hugs her.

Anoop is thinking in his room that his doubt was right. He says the antiques was mine, but the labels was of Alok’s company. Meenu comes and says you realized the truth. Anoop asks what do you want to say. Meenu says don’t you know that I am talking about Alok bhaiyya. He is suffering for your punishment. You have won. Nobody will try to compete with you now. She congrats him and leaves cryingly. Anoop gets teary eyed as Meenu’s words echoes in his ears.

Anandi thinking what will Daddu do if he comes to know about Alok’s sacrifice. Anandi talks to her daughter and asks her to hold the toy. Daddu talks to the baby and asks did you like your brother’s toy. He asks Shivam to give the toy to Nandini. Shivam gives the toy to Daddu. Daddu gives it to Nandini. She plays with the toy. Daddu says she will become a queen after growing up.

Jagya brings Ganga home. Mannu hugs her. Ganga gets emotional. She hugs Gehna and Dadisaa. She wipes her tears. Dadisaa says I was shocked to hear you. She says that sinner got a punishment from Kusum. Devimaa will not let anything happen to Kusum. She gives money to Makhan kaka to be given to the poor. Nandu and Mannu ask money. Dadisaa gives. Everyone laughs. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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