Tuesday Update on Unforseen Love August 7

Tuesday Update on Unforseen Love

August 7 Episode

Khushi walks on the stage and everyone is impressed with her and claps for her. Khushi claps as well and smiles looking at Arnav.

Jay comes to Khushi and tells her that she did a great job. Khushi says, I am glad that you liked. Another lady judge comes there as well and tells Khushi, she better hunt someone else next time. She tells her good job and leaves. Khushi then tells Jay, it’s all because of Sam bhaiya. Sam asks Khushi not to call him bhaiya else he’ll commit suicide or give her that bad costume in next round that Khushi will be out. Jay says to Sam, it’s not possible after the way Khushi performed today. All other contestants are feeling jealous seeing Jay praising Khushi like this. Arnav also gets angry and leaves from there. Khushi notices Arnav leaving but she can’t do much as Jay is talking with her. After their conversation ends, Khushi goes to Arnav.

Khushi asks Arnav, did you see how everyone praised me out there? Everyone said that I have lots of talent. Arnav is not paying any attention to her. Khushi continues, I used to find everyone so strange before, but now they don’t seem strange.. everyone is so nice. She asks Arnav what he thinks. Arnav says, I am too busy with my work. Arnav leaves from there as well now. Khushi says to herself, now I get it.. at the moment Arnav is sponsor of this event.. not my husband. But then why he seems so sad? She asks to herself.

Jay and other lady judge are arguing with each other and khushi notices that. She says to herself, these two judges are fighting like as if they are husband-wife. They are fighting like me and Arnav.

It’s next morning now. Khushi has to leave for Mrs. India audition and she is searching for Arnav. Anjali tells her that Arnav has left and he has left car for Khushi. Anjali, Nk, Nani, Aarav again wishes Khushi all the best and tell Khushi to return as a winner.

Khushi comes to the audition room late, as usual. She tries to enter secretly, but Sam notices her. He tells her, you’re late. Khushi says, I am sorry Sam bhaiya (and Sam gets irritated). She says, my car’s tire got punctured. Sam says, first of all you’re late and now you’re adding ‘uncool’ bhaiya after my name. He tells her to do exercises now. Jay comes there now and says, it’s time to go home now. He also announces that in next round, all wives have to bring their husband here tomorrow and they will see how good coordination it is between husband and wife. Khushi first gets excited, but then says to herself, I can’t bring Arnav. Another contestant asks if they can bring their friend instead. Sam asks, is that friend is your husband? No right? Then no. Khushi is worried because she can’t bring Arnav. Contestants ask what they will have to do. Jay says, that you have to wait and find out tomorrow. When Jay is leaving, Khushi stops him and tells him that she can’t bring Arnav because he’s too busy with his work. He doesn’t even get time to breath and he’s doing a big contest these days so doesn’t get time. Khushi asks if she can bring some other family member. Jay agrees this time, but he says.. some points will be deducted as her husband won’t be there. Jay announces this new rule to everyone and tells everyone that they can bring someone else instead of their husband, but points will be deducted unless they do something really special. Jay leaves.

Amrita is having an angry look. While all other contests are worried for this round, Khushi says to herself, this will be my left hand play. I have no fear for this round. Everyone then asks Khushi that she doesn’t look like model at all, then why did she enter this contest? Khushi says, because I want to prove myself to someone. Everyone asks who? Khushi says, to the world. Amrita then talks more with Khushi about this round. And at the end that Amrita says to herself, thank you khushi.. indirectly you gave me lots of ideas. Arnav is looking at them and says, she’s really mad person.

At Raizada house, Manorama rehearses her speech.. what she will say when Khushi wins and thanks her. Nani, Nk, Aarav come there and all argue, Khushi will thank them instead of Manorama.

Arnav takes Khushi on a side and tells her, I want to you to wear a short dress and come to a party with him. Khushi refuses. Arnav now says, I want us to get separated from family and live alone, you will live alone with me right? Khushi again says, no. Arnav now says, forget it.. I want you to kiss me right now… will you? Khushi again says, no. Arnav asks, why no to me for everything? Khushi says, because I can’t do it. Arnav says, exactly.. couldn’t you say this to those other contestants? they were trying to know what you plan to do. Khushi says, its nothing like that.. they all are good and Amrita is my friend. Arnav says, there is nothing like friendship here.. why can’t you just say no? Khushi now gets furious and says, I am doing what I can.. and if you forgot.. then I am doing all this to prove myself to you. Arnav says, it’s not about that.. it’s about facing the world. What if you get alone tomorrow, then how will you do all this? THen there is a small rabba ve moment and they have an eye-lock.

Khushi says, I will face the world.. don’t worry. Arnav says, but for that you have to learn how to say NO.

Khushi returns home and talking with herself, what does he think of himself? I am not that innocent either. Everyone asks her why so early? and what’s next round? Khushi says, its about husband-wife, but I talked with Jay sir and he said that I can take a family members with me. Everyone gets excited and Anjali says, so it’s done.. we all will go ther tomorrow with Khushi. Khushi now thinks about what Arnav said to her that she has to learn to say NO. Khushi tells everyone.. no you can’t come.

Arnav comes there and asks Khushi, you can’t take them with you? Khushi says, NO. Arnav emotionally blackmail Khushi asking she can’t take Nani who did so much for her.. Nk who taught her how to walk .. di who prayed so much.. and Aarav.. .. Khushi keeps saying NO NO. She says, I can take only one person.. not everyone. Khushi leaves from there.