Tuesday Update On True Love Sept 18

Tuesday Update On True Love

Sept 18 Episode

Ichcha and Veer sit together at the chai stall and drink chai together. Veer realizes Ichcha is feeling cold and hands her his coat. He then kneels down and proposes to her. Ichcha agrees, embarrassed for him to be asking her here at the chai stall. He tells her that they should be going now, but Ichcha tells him she doesn’t want to leave and she wants to stay here longer. Both roam around and have fun. Veer spies some bangles and remembers how Ichcha was never allowed to wear them before. He buys some for her and puts them on her hands. Ichcha is overjoyed, but tells Veer that she is having such a good time here, and she never wants to leave. Veer promises her that wherever they are, they will never seperate. They go to the mandir.

Meanwhile at the Thakur house, Umed comes asking Ichcha’s hand in marriage for Veer. Jogi calls Divya and Damini there and asks them what they think of it. Divya asks abt Tapu, but Umed explains that neither Veer nor Taps were ever happy with that marriage. Taps, who is overhearing this, fumes in anger. Damini says that she is fine with it, but she asks if Mai is happy with this. Umed assures her that Mai will be happy if Veer is happy. Damini leaves to get some mithai, while Divya calls Jogi aside. She asks Jogi if Taps will be ok with this. He explains that it will be tough on her, but she has to bear it. Taps, who is again listening in, gets angry. Although, she walks in telling Jogi that she agrees with him and she will always be happy for Ichcha-Veer. She hugs Divya, promising to herself that she will never let anyone have what is hers.

In the kitchen Divya enters in to help Damini make tea. Damini holds Divya’s hand to comfort her. Divya leaves quietly as Nani enters. She throws taunts at Ichcha about how she is building a life on Taps’ tears. Damini yells at Nani to shut up, since Taps was the one who was living the life that Ichcha handed to her as an Uttaran. This quiets Nani, and Damini warns her that from now on her daughter is never going to sacrifice and anyone who comes in b/w her happiness will have to answer to Damini. Nani looks shocked.

Later, Damini hands everyone mithai and looks at the door longingly waiting for Ichcha. Jogi asks where Taps is, and Divya says she went to the mandir with Nani to pray. Ichcha and Veer enter at this time, garlanded and newly married. This leaves everyone shocked.

After the shocked expression session ,Veer-Ichha finally enter the house when Umed goes towards them and in a serious tone asks them “How can they do all this without telling anyone…did they not think about their families and their reaction before going ahead with the marriage” ;Hearing this Veer-Ichha starts giving shocked expression close-ups now for next 3 mins but then Umed instantly changes his tone and tells them that “Whatever they both did today…we all r very happy with it” ;So then finally Veer-Ichha relax a bit and smile ;Other family members now gives smiling expression close-ups for next 3 mins.

Masoom then brings the Aarti…Ammo is happy and does their Aaarti and asks Veer-Ichha to go and take everyone’s blessings ;So first they go towards Umed and takes his blessings when Umed tells them that “Finally God has heard me…now I m sure noone will ever separate them” ;Veer-Ichha then goes towards Divya to take her blessings;Divya blesses them both with happy married life and togetherness ;Divya then goes to arrange lunch for them ;Finally Veer goes towards Jogi and takes his blessings and also hugs him when Jogi expresses his happiness for the marriage and also wishes Veer for a very happy married life ;Jogi then stretches his hand and calls Ichha towards him when Ichha’s eyes gets moist as she remembers Tappu’s words regarding her father’s accident which happened because of Jogi ;Ichha hesitates to go towards Jogi to take his blessings which confuses as well as shocks Jogi ;Jogi is clueless to see such behaviour of Ichha (Its a very touching moment and Ayub Khan did a fabulous job showing his emotions here when he sees that his daughter whom he loves so much doesn’t want to take his blessings after her marriage )..READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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