Tuesday Update on True Love July 24

Tuesday Update on True Love

July 24 Episode

Jogi and Divya see Taps standing by the door. Taps explains that she can’t come here as often since Mai needs her. Jogi applauds her perseverance during this hard time. She explains that she’s just going to meet Nani and then leave for home. Meanwhile in the kitchen Masoom is thinking about the bloodied clothes. Damini comes there and wakes her from her trance. Masoom leaves to go give juice to Taps, who is in her room. Masoom starts talking sarcastically about the day Vansh died, and how bloody the scene must’ve been. She talks about blood on clothes, on the ground, everywhere. Taps becomes furious and yells at her to leave. Taps leaves from there, says goodbye to Nani, and goes straight home.

Later, Damini brings Ichcha downstairs. Divya asks Ichcha if she wants to eat anything. Just then, Veer arrives. Ichcha gets up and goes back upstairs. Veer apologizes to Damini and Divya, and explains that he came here to call Ichcha to Vansh’s 13th day death ceremony. Divya tells Veer that Ichcha will be there.

Taps is at home, and Sid continues to message her, asking her how much money she got from her jewelry and if she’s reached 5 crore yet. Veer enters in and Taps turns her phone upside down so Veer is unable to read the screen.  Veer tries asking her why she seems so tense, and he thinks to himself that she won’t tell the truth this easily. Veer tells her that he’s worried that because of Ichcha’s statement, Jogi will not believe him. Taps starts remembering her childhood and goes off on a rant about how Ichcha entered her life and stole everything from her. She narrates to Veer how Ichcha went to her school, got to have everything that she had, and in the end even stole Veer from her (totally avoiding the fact that SHE rejected veer first). Taps explains that she only wanted to marry Vansh because she wanted to become the badi bahu of this house. She tells Veer that she wishes Ichcha had died that day instead. Veer listens in shock as Taps tells of the day she left Ichcha in the jungle alone when they were kids. Taps realizes she has said too much and then says that at that time she was very young. Veer wonders that if she hated Ichcha so much, then why did she force the Vansh-Ichcha’s marriage? End.