Tuesday Update on True Love July 17

 Tuesday Update on True Love

July 17 Episode

Jogi Thakur arriving in the Bundela house;The Shok-Sabha is going on and all r mourning ;Jogi is shell-shocked to see the atmoshpere there ;Divya goes running to Jogi and in crying tone tells him that its too late now ;Jogi too in tears asks Divya about Ichha when Ichha is shown coming out of her room wearing a white saree ;Damini-Divya and Jogi all r shocked and emotional to see Ichha dressed like a widow and walking towards them in complete devastating state of mind ;Ichha sees Jogi and runs towards him ;Ichha then goes through an emotional outburst in Jogi’s arms;For the first time she cries her heart out loudly.

In the police station, Veer is sitting there while Inspector is giving him sarcastic looks ;Inspector then sarcastically tells Veer that he belongs to the reputed family of Baldev Singh Bundela after all ;Veer is still quiet and looks at the name plate of the Inspector where his name is written on which Inspector gets up from his chair…walks towards Veer and tells him that his name is Avinash Mattoo but he is not any Thakur like him ;Avinash then tells Veer that “I would have believed your words blindly if Ichha had not given that statement against you. Now it looks like an open and shut case for me” (So Avinash thinks that Veer is the murderer..woww );Veer is still quiet when Avinash asks him whether he killed his brother on which Veer finally tells Avinash that this is not the truth ;Hearing this Avinash further asks Veer whether Ichha is lieing on which Veer tells him that Ichha can never lie(This shows how well this guy knows Ichha );So then Avinash in a sarcastic tone asks Veer whether its a tradition in their family not to address his elder brother’s wife as Bhabhi and instead call her name ;Hearing this Veer in angry tone tells Avinash that it will be better if he sticks only to his investigation instead of getting personal on which Avinash too in angry tone tells Veer that this question is a part of his investigation only ;Avinash then asks Veer whether there was any problem between the three of them which forced Ichha to lie against you on which Veer gets up from his chair in anger and tells Avinash that Ichha can never do any such thing (Aww this guy himself is in trouble but still he is defending Ichha..too good );So then Avinash in frustrating tone asks Veer to tell the truth about what had happened on which Veer tells Avinash that “I already told u everything about how I got bhaiyya’s SMS and went there. Then I saw Bhaiyya lying on the ground. It was too late when I reached there” ;Veer further tells Avinash that “I lost my phone or else I would have shown u Bhaiyya’s SMS as a proof here”(Normally when police investigates a murder or suicide. They always go to that spot where the murder or suicide have taken place for further investigation. So then how come this police team never went to that sight again to investigate the matter?? ..If they had gone there. I’m sure Veer’s mobile would have been found then );Just then another Sub-Inspector comes there and sarcastically tells that maybe the mobile was never lost but he deliberately threw it somewhere ;Hearing this Veer gets mad over that other inspector when Avinash cools him down That Sub-Inspector then hands over Vansh’s gun to Avinash and tells him that “Both Veer and Vansh’s Fingerprints were found on this gun” ;Hearing this Veer tells Avinash that “its obvious my fingerprints r there because I did hold the gun when I saw it besides my bhaiyya’s body”( Veer is being extra honest here );That Sub-Inspector again tells Avinash that maybe both the brothers were fighting there for the gun when suddenly one of them got shot ;Hearing this Avinash tells the sub-inspector that our job is to investigate and not blame anyone ;Avinash then asks that extra intelligent Sub-Inspector to go from there (That Sub-Inspector actually looked more intelligent to me than the actual Inspector who was more interested in knowing the equation between the 3 Idiots );Avinash then walks towards Veer and asks him to co-operate with them in this investigation if he is innocent because they need to gather proofs now ;Avinash once again asks Veer to tell him what exactly happened there on which Veer tells Avinash that he already told him everything that he went there because bhaiyya called him to apologize ;Hearing this Avinash asks Veer the reason why his brother wanted to apologize ;Veer is speechless now (That’s why I said Veer is being extra-honest here …Now obviously he cannot tell the history about his relationship with Ichha to that Inspector ..So now what will he say in his defence.  How will he justify his statement about why bhaiyya called him to say sorry?? );Avinash keeps on asking him the same questions and Veer keeps on telling him that he didn’t kill his brother .

In the Bundela house Ichha is still crying in Jogi’s arms when Jogi consoles her by telling her that now she will have to gather courage and strength to support her family ;Just then the male family members return home from the Shamshaan-Ghaat when Jogi sees Daddaji-Umed and others present but not Veer ;So then Jogi asks them about Veer but all r quiet ;Jogi then looks at Ichha and asks her why Veer is not present there when Mai comes outside the room and tells Jogi that “I will tell u where is Veer. From which mouth Ichha will tell you about Veer. The truth is that Ichha has accused one brother for another brother’s murder” ;Hearing this Jogi is shocked ;Ichha is sitting on the floor and crying when Daddaji asks Ichha to change her decision and take the case back as its not correct ;But Ichha is adamant and doesn’t speak on this issue ;Just then Umed gets a call from the police station and informs everyone that police have found Veer’s fingerprints on the gun and so he will have to stay under police custody for few days for further investigation ;Hearing this Tappu is shocked; All others r also shocked and confused now (Even now Tappu can’t open her mouth and say that she is the real culprit here ..I think she will keep her mouth shut even if tomorrow Veer is hanged till death); Mai gives hatred filled looks to Ichha and tells her that “You ate up both my sons.. You destroyed my family” ;Mai then asks Jogi to take his daughter Ichha away as she can no more stay in this house with them ;Ichha is shocked to hear this;Jogi-Divya-Damini and others r also shocked

Mai rudely asking Jogi to take Ichha away with him as she has no place in this house now; Hearing this Damini pleads in front of Mai,Tapasya and Daddaji;She tries hard to convince Mai that maybe Ichha had some sort of misunderstanding regarding Veer but she should be given one chance as they always considered Ichha as their daughter on which Mai rudely tells Damini that “I never made any difference between Ichha and Tapasya..I always tried my best to give the honour of badi bahu to Ichha..I got Ichha married to my son because he loved her madly and I thought maybe Ichha will bring light and happiness in my son’s life but instead she filled my son’s life with darkness and only gave him pain..Ichha is responsible for killing my one son and sending my other son to jail” ;Hearing all this Damini almost falls on the feet of Daddaji and Mai but Mai keeps cursing Ichha for destroying both her son’s life ;In the end Jogi asks Damini not to fall on anyone’s feet as they will take away their daughter Ichha from that house ;Jogi then takes Umed’s permission before leaving;Jogi-Divya then takes Ichha out of the house;Before leaving Ichha remembers all those moments when she promised Tapasya that she will make her marriage successful ;Tapasya too remembers those moments when Ichha challenged her and we can see an emotional but proud face of Tapasya which depicts her indirect victory over Ichha ;Ichha like a defeated woman leaves the Bundela house while Tappu keeps watching her with a proud face ;Damini also goes crying behind Ichha (I seriously dunno what sort of message the writer is trying to give here ..the way this scene is shown, its sort of indicating that once again Tappu wins the battle and Ichha loses the challenge of making her marriage successful ) In the police station Inspector Avinash is still harassing Veer with similar questions related to Vansh’s death because of which Veer gets fed up ;Avinash asks Veer if Vansh had any sort of argument with him ever on which Veer replies in the negative; Then Avinash asks Veer whether Vansh had any sort of enemity with anyone on which Veer again replies in negative; So then Avinash finally asks Veer whether Vansh committed suicide on which Veer tells Avinash that there is no reason bhaiyya will shoot himself; Hearing this Avinash then sarcastically asks Veer whether he killed his brother ;Now hearing this Veer gets really frustrated and tells Avinash that it seems he is deliberately asking him the same questions so that he ends up blurting out something wrong which he is not supposed to say ;So then Avinash gets a glass of water for Veer to cool him down but instead of offering him the water ,he deliberately pours the water on the floor to further irritate him ;Veer then tells Avinash that he cannot keep him in jail this way without any proof as its injustice on which Avinash tells Veer that he will have to stay in this jail for whole night and then maybe tomorrow he will finally speak up the truth (Poor Veer…he cannot even mourn for his brother’s death );Hearing this Veer sarcastically takes Avinash’s full name and tells him that his reply will be the same even tomorrow morning Veer is inside the jail sulking when Avinash comes there and tells him that this is the first time he took his full name correctly as earlier he used to pronounce his surname as “Phatto” instead of “Mattoo” ;

Hearing this Veer is shocked and a bit surprised when Avinash tells him that they both shared the same school where Veer used to sit in the front bench and he used to be always on the back bench (In short Veer and Avinash r school buddies );Avinash then tells Veer that he cannot let his friendship come in between his duty and right now its his duty to investigate about this murder; Veer is silent when in the end Avinash tells him that maybe tomorrow morning he will speak up the truth ..Episode ends on Veer’s helpless face (Since Avinash is Veer’s school buddy. So there is some hopes for veer )