Tuesday Update on True Love August 14

Tuesday Update on True Love

August 14 Episode

Veer coming to meet Inspector Avinash in the police station when Avinash informs Veer that the second culprit who was responsible for Vansh’s death is in police custody ;Avinash further clarifies to Veer that Tapasya is arrested ;Veer then goes to meet Tapasya who is behind the bars;Tapasya looks at Veer with a hope and asks him to bail her out when Veer in a cunning tone tells Tapasya that “I was the one behind putting u in jail and I came here to see you with my own eyes where u actually belong…U should hv been in this place much before when u tried to kill Ichha and then u intigated my brother to commit suicide..but its better late than never..so take care and bye” ;Veer then walks out of the police station while Tapasya in crying tone keeps shouting out for Veer and pleading to take her out from this jail or else she will die here (Thank god the writer is finally showing some justice here )..

Divya is taking money out from the locker when Jogi comes there and asks her the reason on which Divya replies that its for Tapasya;Hearing this Jogi first thinks that Tapasya needs money because her credit cards r cancelled but then Divya informs Jogi that Tapasya is arrested and is in jail and so she needs us right now ;(From a mother’s POV,I can understand Divya’s pain here ).

Jogi then stops Divya from taking the money and reminds her that Tapasya is dead for them ;Hearing this Divya tells Jogi that “Till now I hv always obeyed your decisions…Despite hving a mind of my own,I always followed your mind..I know I hv no say in this house but today its the question of my daughter” ;Hearing this Jogi tells Divya that “U know very well that I hv always given u full right to take every decision in this house..but whatever Tappu did is unforgivable for which she can b only punished..I cannot compromise with my principles here because for me my principle is the most important thing in life…I m happy that Tapasya is in jail today because she deserved it…mayb now she will realise her mistake in that jail which she couldn’t realise in our laps..so I m happy she is getting the punishment” (Jogi once again shows some good form today ..but from a father’s POV I doubt how much its realistic ..in real life any father will become a bit selfish for his own daughter…Here Jogi is portrayed like a Man of principles who is like a God which is to some extent unrealistic but at least we can see Tappu finally suffering );

So then Divya tries to explain Jogi that as a mother she wants to save her daughter today on which Jogi reminds her that even Damini and Gunwanti were also mothers who suffered a lot because of Tapasya and so even as a mother he could not sympathise with her pain today ;Jogi then finally tells Divya that Tapasya will not get any help from this house and goes from there.

After Jogi ¬†leaves,Divya takes out her jewelleires and decides to bail out Tapasya by telling to herself that when it comes to choosing any one duty of a wife or a mother, she will always go with her mother’s duties (This means she is going to sell those jewelleries to bail out her daughter…this is realistic..any mother will do this in real life circumstances ) Tapasya is sitting in devastating condition in the jail when a lady constable comes and informs her that someone has given her bail and so she is free now ;Tapasya thinks its Nani and so she runs out of the jail to meet Nani but is shocked to see that Raghvendra Rathod has given her bail ;Raghu then sarcastically tells Tapasya that mayb he is not so lucky to b her Nani but he came there to bail her out ;Tappu is still in shock ;Raghu then takes Tapasya home/hotel(not sure ) in his car . Divya comes to the police station to bail Tapasya but Avinash informs that Tapasya has been already released as someone else gave her bail on which Divya is shocked and confused In the hotel(I think its a hotel na );Tapasya takes out Jogi-Divya-her childhood photo from her suticase and starts looking at the photo with revenge filled eyes ;Tapasya tells to herself that “Whatever pain I got ,I will b returning back all the pain to you people now as from today onwards my only motto will b to take revenge from u all..I m neither Tapasya Veer Singh Bundela nor Tapasya Thakur now…I m only Tapasya and I hv only one relationship with you all..that is Hate” ;After saying this,Tapasya burns that photo in the candle fire

Ichcha is sleeping on the floor in the dark when Veer comes there, remembering how a long time ago she had told him about her fear of the dark. He lights God’s lamp and leaves from there. Ichcha wakes up from a nightmare about Vansh’s death and is surprised seeing the lamp lit. She thinks that Veer must have lit it.

Taps enters the party with Raghu as his lady luck. The game begins. Taps puts her hands over the coins for luck. Raghu wins consecutively and Taps is overjoyed seeing it all. At the end, they go to the counter to collect their wins. Raghu is handed a suitcase full of cash, which leaves Taps with her mouth open. He gives her 2 bundles from there and she asks him instead for 50%. He subtly explains to her the rules of business and how his risk was more than her luck contributed, and thus his winnings are more. He reminds her that the money she won was not from her hard work, but from her luck. Raghu tells her to learn to be happy with what kismat gives her. Taps quietly takes the money.