Tuesday Update on True Love 8th September 2020

Tuesday Update on True Love 8th September 2020

Rathore gets up to to the the witness box. Chuabey requests him to tell the truth to everyone as it will give peace to Ambika’s soul. Rathore signals him to be quiet. All this while Rathore can hear Mukta’s words. We don’t share any relation from today onwards. The prosecution lawyer asks about his statement. You saw Ambika and Meethi fighting. You tried to save Ambika but couldn’t reach on time. Is it true? The prosecution lawyer calls Meethi the culprit which infuriates Rathore. I am telling you repeatedly that Meethi cannot kill anyone.

The lawyer asks him if his statement was a lie. Rathore affirms which shocks every person sitting in there. Jogi too speaks up in Meethi’s support. Meethi is shocked by Rathore’s change. She remembers when Mukta had told her that Ambika is his daughter. Prosecution lawyer gives his statement to the judge to read. He again questions Rathore about what he saw or heard but Rathore denies remembering anything. He shouts back in denial at every question of the lawyer. The lawyer plays the emotional card.

Ambika dint get her real father’s love till she was alive and now her own father is giving statement against her for money. Rathore challenges him saying no one sitting here in the court can buy him. Lawyer points that Rathore was not even able tell Ambika that he is her father. He has great relations with Meethi’s family which is why he is being unjust with his own daughter for saving Meethi. Meethi speaks up now. She calls it a lie. She asks Rathore not to do anything which his mind or heart is not permitting him to do. Tell the truth which you have seen. Rathore recalls Iccha’s promise to him of taking care of Mukta always. Meethi says you will be forever in debt if you lie today. Rathore remembers how Iccha had supported Mukta while going against Yuvi in the court.

Meanwhile Meethi keeps requesting him to speak the truth or she will not be able to forgive herself ever. Tell everyone what you saw. Don’t keep quiet. Prosecution lawyer points out that only 2 people were present at the fort – Meethi and Rathore. Meethi herself has clarified that Mr. Rathore is lying. Jogi tries to tell Meethi not to say like this. The lawyer asks Rathore again. This time he speaks in affirmation. Chaubey is happy. Rathore says I said what I saw. I dint give this statement feeling that Meethi is the culprit. I gave it to help the police in their proceedings. I only said what I saw. I am not saying what I dint see. Lawyer thanks him and asks him to go. Rathore looks at Meethi and then goes to his seat.

A guy is putting up pictures of his missing wife. He asks the golgappe vendor if he has seen her. He has actually seen her though that was a few days ago. She was in jogging clothes. The guy confirms it. Street vendor further tells him that the lady collapsed on the ground. We thought she was feeling dizzy but she was dead. Police came and took her dead body. The guy stands stunned.

Mukta turns to look at her dad. She notices a lady sitting there in a burqa. She makes Akash look at her too. She knows it is Ambika. Akash is sure now she will tell the truth to everyone. Meethi will be saved this way. Mukta wants to initiate but Akash tells her Ambika will come in front of everyone on her own. Sankrant is called in the witness box. Maiyya is worried that he will definitely worsen the situation for Meethi. Most of his convo is in mute. Mukta is getting worried by every passing minute as it is aggravating the situation for Meethi. Ambika is keeping an eye on them. Lawyer concludes his case and asks for death penalty for Meethi. Akash gestures Ambika who nods back at him.

Ambika gets up and runs from there with Akash following her. Everyone inside is confused. Outside Ambika shows him her face and then continues running. He runs after her. Lawyer asks Meethi if she would like to say something. Mukku too wants her to say something. Meethi talks of Ambika and Sankrant’s happiness. I snatched their happiness from them. My husband who used to love me so much dint get anything in return. Jogi calls it a lie. Meethi blames herself for breaking their family. She accepts her crime. I am not to be forgiven. Give me maximum punishment. I have killed AMbika and her baby. Please give me death penalty. Her family is dejected. They all keep telling her not to lie.

Ambika is running out with Akash following her. She intentionally throws away someone’s papers to divert Akash which actually happens. He loses out on her as there are too many burqa clad women outside which makes it easier for her to escape. Akash thinks of someone to be Ambika and reveals her face but it turns out to be someone else. Akash gets a call from Ambika. He talks about her promise. My Meethi will be punished because of you. I fulfilled my promise now you too do the same. She made a fool out of him as he wouldn’t have listened to her otherwise. I want Meethi to go through the same pain which I have gone through before she dies. You were trying to be smart by siding with Mukta. You wont be able to do so come what may. Meethi will get death penalty for sure. I want her chapter to end for once and all. She ends the call leaving him angry. He doesn’t have much time to save Meethi. Ambika smiles seeing his condition as her car drives by.

Maiyya is sad to see Akash going out of the court. Meethi asks for death penalty. I couldn’t keep anyone happy. I am everyone’s culprit. Akash is wondering how to save Meethi. The judge is about to sentence Meethi much to the shock of everyone. Meethi is sentenced to be hanged till death. Akash asks him to stop. You cannot punish my wife as this case is false. Ambika is alive. Meethi is shocked and so is everyone else. Akash says my wife is innocent. She has been framed in a false case. Someone else was set on fire instead of Ambika and the whole blame was put on my wife. This is the truth. Chaubey calls it a mockery of court. He is lying only to protect his wife. The dead body has been identified properly. Akash calls him a liar. Trust me Ambika had come here today and was sitting wearing a burqa. I tried to follow her but she ran off. He tells Meethi he has seen / spoken to Ambika. She is alive. Mukta too talks in his favour. I too have seen her. Meethi hasn’t killed anyone. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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