Tuesday Update on True Love 7 January 2020

Tuesday Update on True Love 7 January 2020

The puja is going on in full swing. Meethi comes down wearing a white saree and Maiyya looks at her. She signals Gomti to take her away. Gomti nods and goes to her. She taunts her to come along and work in kitchen. The lady who cant take care of the kitchen, how will she take care of her husband. Everyone including Akash watches it silently. Kajri tries to go but Maiyya holds her back.

Gomti takes Meethi to the aangan where many other ladies are busy preparing the food to be served after the puja. She shows her the task…to clean the utensils for some 100-150 people will be coming over. Meethi is taken aback as there are so many to clean. She gets her coconut’s fibres and ash to clean the utensils and asks if she would be able to do it? Saying so she leaves a confused Meethi behind with the utensils.
Meethi starts it somehow but doesn’t like it as her hands are getting dirty. She stops midway as she is tired. She recalls how Anni used to make food for her and feed her with her own hands. She again continues with her cleaning work.

One of the ladies taunts her and call her a maid….if she would take this much time in cleaning up then when will she get the rest of the utensils? Meethi retorts back that she isn’t a maid servant but the bride / daughter-in-law of the house. The lady leaves with an I don’t care attitude and Meethi sadly repeats the words to herself. She is the bride of the house….Vishnu’s wife.

Maiyya was silently watching everything from her room. She recalls a similar incident when she used to clean utensils at other people’s place and had gotten hurt. Akash came running to her and asks why she needs to do this. She rues that after his father’s death she has no money left as everything went to that Kanha. Akash hugs her and promises her that he will take revenge from everyone. She nods in a yes and tells him that they too should have a similar fate and be treated like this only. They both share an emotional hug and the flashback ends.

Maiyya is crying now and speaks to Avi’s picture. I had to become a servant for the kid’s sake. I am taking my revenge now. Today that Iccha’s daughter is here and is working like a maid here at their home. She will die here cleaning and doing the chores and there her mother will die remembering her daughter all the time.

The doctor who is taking care of Iccha tells the nurse to not let her close her eyes or we might lose her. He tells her to go and call Dr. Tripathi. He asks Iccha if she wants to call out any of your relative? She is not able to answer.

Damini is looking anxiously at the door. Jogi assures her that she needn’t worry as Iccha will come soon. Rathore comes there with Dr. Murthy. Jogi asks him to do all he can to save Tapasya. He assures that he will do his best and goes with the nurse to check the details.

Veer comes back and shares that he couldn’t find Iccha anywhere. All wonder where she could have gone. Veer tells them that even her phone isn’t reachable.
Damini becomes worried that she never did something like this before in the past. She knows about baby ji’s health still….dont know…..
Jogi asks if he checked at home. Veer replies that he did and she isn’t there. He then recalls Iccha telling him that she will go Kali Maa’s temple after meeting Tappu. He shares this with everyone. All heave a sigh of relief and Mukta wipes her tears.
Jogi says yes, whenever things go out of hand, and then she goes to the temple. Rathore speaks up this time. She has immense faith on her God and her prayers. Maybe her prayers can help recover Tappu. Veer, Damini & Jogi nods in agreement.
Veer is about to go there but Damini tells him not to. Let her be there for some more time. You never know, her prayers might get accepted and baby ji will get her life back. Veer smiles back and Rathore looks at Damini in awe. Jogi hopes for the same.

Meethi is doing her work when Gomti comes and drops a lot more utensils for her to clean. Meethi tries to protest. Gomti again begins her taunts. This is just the beginning. There will be a lot more by the afternoon only. She needs to work fast. She mocks if Meethi is tired already…she is a city girl that is why she has become tired so soon. Do it fast. Has your mother not taught you anything?
Meethi gets up in rage and throws the utensil on ground. She shouts no she hasn’t because neither she nor anyone from my family would want me to do any kind of work, let alone be it cleaning the utensils.
Akash picks up the utensil and shouts Meethi!

Akash asks Meethi what drama is this? You know it is the barsi of Maiyya’s husband today and instead of lending a helping hand at home, you are throwing things. And is this the way to talk with Massi?
Meethi shouts back at him. What else could I do? I cant do all this. She could have lovingly told me everything but she kept on insulting & taunting me, my mother. I cant tolerate all this. Gomti watches amused but has stern expressions. Meethi continues that her mother and Anni have taughter her only one thing that is to treat the guests with all due respect unlike you. We don’t even speak with the servants of our house like this.

She goes to Akash and tells that she wants to go back home. This place is so weird. I don’t want to stay here anymore…let’s go back.
Akash tries to calm her down saying they will call home.
She says you only lie and don’t even fulfil the promise but not this time. Tell me honestly, when are we going back home? I am missing everyone.
Akash hugs her and tells her that they will be going back soon.
She cries in his arms. Please take me back. I don’t want to stay here. I am missing all of them


Meethi has changed in a colourful saree and is sitting in her room…all sad. Akash comes up to her and asks if she is still angry with him? All guests have left…he too should be leaving now.
She doesn’t look at him but asks him if she can where is he heading to? And when he should be staying with his wife why is he going far?
He tells her very far…so that he can call at her home and see that smile at her face.
Meethi gets excited and gets ready to go with him. But he says he cant take the risk as if the phone doesn’t work then she might throw it too like the utensil.
She promises him that she wont do anything like that. He still cites an excuse that it is very far from here and they both cant go out together. She sits dejected.

Maiyya in her room speaks to the picture. She is remembering her mother a lot. Let her be. But looking at her suffering it feels good to my heart. Maiyya cries aloud….the way I couldn’t look at you for the last time, I wont let that Iccha’s daughter see her mother’s face….not until she is alive (she means either Iccha or Meethi).

Meethi gets excited and gets ready to go with him. But he says he cant take the risk as if the phone doesn’t work then she might throw it too like the utensil.
She promises him that she wont do anything like that. He still cites an excuse that it is very far from here and they both cant go out together as by the time they will be back it will be night. Its a small village where women don’t stay out at night and certainly Maiyya wont like it. She sits dejected.
He tries to reason out that he will have to take something for 10kms and walk the rest 10kms. If she too goes with him then they will reach by night now and here night is very scary. He then asks for her messages to everyone.

Meethi excitedly tells Akash to convey her messages to everyone back home. Tell them that she is very happy with her Vishnu but don’t tell her about the how she threw the utensil in the morning or else they would be angry with her. Tell Anni that her daughter is very happy and will be back soon. Kanha bhaiya must take care of everyone and especially her bhabhi. Bade papa must take care of his health and have medicines on time. And tell Ma that her daughter will be back soon and will spend a whole week with them. Both smile.

The nurse asks the lady for the patient’s name. She repeats that she doesn’t know her. The nurse nods and asks her to wait outside.
As the lady gets up to leave, Iccha holds her hand and tries to write something. The lady shares the same with the doctor but he doesn’t pay heed and asks her to cooperate by going outside. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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