Tuesday Update on True Love 3rd March 2020

Tuesday Update on True Love 3rd March 2020

Rohini comes inside Thakur House complaining about the ruckus Akash has created outside with kids and band. Jogi reprimands her if you think this is some joke. Tappu suggests calling police. Divya and Damini agree with her. damini tells how he came yesterday in their house shocking everyone. Tappu nods. We must do something for he is daring too much. We must lodge a complaint against him. mukku interrupts. Akash said if we don’t bring him inside our house in 2 hours time then he will leave for forever. Right Meethi? She nods back. Everyone is shocked.

The neighbours come to complaint about Akash at Thakur House. The band starts playing Le Jayenge..>Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge amusing everyone all the more. The ladies taunt Divya. We tried taking our kids back home but they declined saying Akash bhaiya must win. Rohini comments watching a similar situation in a movie. Jogi shoots her a look.
Akash is dancing happily while more people come to Thakur House to complain against him. I have a small daughter who too wanted to join them in dancing. I have locked her inside somehow. Do something to stop all this. They decide to call police for help when Meethi steps forward. Kindly forgive me / us. Everything which is happening outside has happened because of me. I know how to end this. I will do it. Damini and Tappu try to stop her but she gives her swear. She heads out to talk to Akash.

The kids are shouting the slogan – love me don’t be upset with me. Akash sees Meethi coming out. He quietens the kids. Your didi (sister) has come to say something. She angrily asks him what he wants. He replies she knows it and confirms with the kids who shout a yes. Meethi tells him how he is insulting her and her whole family on the road. Everyone is gossiping around. Is anything left? Akash descends from the stage and stands facing her. Everything will be alright once you take me inside with you. She declines outright.

Akash signals the kids who start shouting again. They wont stay quiet. Sensing no option, she tells him to come inside to talk. Akash tells her to say it louder for neither he nor the kids could hear it. She tells him not to do anymore drama. Let us talk inside. He looks at his watch. There are still 5 minutes left. You can change your decision if you want. She doesn’t react. He thanks the kids. You all should go home now while I will go with my wife to my rightful place. The kids cheer for him. They head inside. He tries to walk along her. We both are going inside together.

Jogi assures his neighbours Meethi will set everything right just when everyone notices in shock Meethi entering with Akash in tow. The neighbours leave telling them to keep the home matters inside the home only. He folds his hands in front of Jogi Thakur. Forgive me as you had to bear so much because of me. But I was left with no other option. I only want 23 days as a chance to prove everyone that I love Meethi. I want to spend 23 days with you all. Damini shouts if he hurt Meethi less in the days that she spent with him. jogi too is angry over this 23 days drama. Akash explains his point. I want to do atonement for all my misdeeds. I cheated her into marrying me and took her along with me to Aatishgarh. I and my family have hurt her a lot due to the fake drama of love. But when I realized my true love…Meethi cuts him off. It is just another lie! Akash tells her to give him a chance to prove if it is truth or lie. I want to spend the same amount of days here with you that you spent with me there. Tappu speaks up. You are not even going to spend 23 minutes here. I will call police right now. jogi nods in agreement. AKash says, I will again get bailed and will repeat the whole drama outside your home. The whole process will be repeated nothing else. Why are you not understanding I wont go? Rohini again makes another remark which is put off by Divya. Akash again asks Jogi for 23 days. I will serve you. I will try to make up for my mistakes. I will win your trust and make you believe I am not the old Vishnu anymore but Akash who loves Meethi truly. I have changed. Tappu calls him a liar. You wont get a chance. Damini too speaks the same stuff.

Akash begs for one chance. Divya questions him what will he prove in those 23 days. He replies he will do whatever they ask him to. I can stay in one corner of your home but I want one chance to prove that I have changed. Mukku supports him. I think he must get his one chance. Jogi shoots her a look. You have done a favour on us so we are keeping quiet but we wont allow you back inside this house ever. Akash rejects the idea of leaving without winning his love. This time my decision is firm. Even if I have to stay for 23 years I will stay put. If on 24th day Meethi tells me that she doesn’t love me then I will sign on the divorce papers and leave. Meethi asks him if he wont change his decision because lying is his habit. He corrects her. Not habit but in his character! It has been till sometime back but now if I am promising you something then I will fulfil it.

She agrees to bear him for 23 days after which he will leave. He reminds her…if I am unable to prove that you love me. meethi accepts that the bet is ridiculous. Forget about 23 days even if you stay over for years over here even then my answer will be same like today. I accept your condition. Tappu is equally shocked like everyone else. What are you talking? Kanha, Divya, Damini question her sense of mind (lol). Meethi tells them she has agreed to give him a chance but he will have to live like a servant. He will have to do everything that is asked of him. akash agrees to her all terms and conditions. She reminds him how his family had made her get water out of the well; clean utensils, etc. Akash does remember it all. I remember it all too well. Even if you insult me like my family did to you then I am ok with it.

I wont say anything but will continue with my work quietly. She warns him if he does one mistake in his work then she will show him the door. Do you agree to it?
Akash says he accepts all her conditions. For the next 23 days, I will be your servant. I will do whatever you want me to and if I make one mistake then you can show me out but I have trust on myself I wont do any. Piya plays. He looks at his watch. In that 2 hours time, 30 seconds are still left I told you, you yourself will invite me inside. Tappu asks Meethi if she knows what she is doing. Meethi accepts it. I just want Akash to understand that there is no place left for him in my heart.

If there is anything then its hatred! My family is with me in whatever I decide on. Your lie wouldn’t work here. You married me by cheating me. It was my mistake to trust / love you. I too want 23 days to prove to him that he doesn’t hold a place in my heart. I only hate him nothing else. This is your last chance. 23 days…on the 24th day you will sign the divorce papers and leave. Akash says with you only. Meethi shouts (stunning everyone), servants don’t talk like this AKash. Remember Akash Chatterjee, one mistake and you are out! Akash just smiles while she thinks you wont be able to spend 3 days here forget about 23 days.

Meethi shouts (stunning everyone), servants don’t talk like this AKash. Remember Akash Chatterjee, one mistake and you are out! Akash just smiles while she thinks you wont be able to spend 3 days here forget about 23 days while Akash promises himself that if he isn’t able to turn everyone’s hatred in to then he would change his name.
Jogi speaks up now. I can understand Meethi’s feelings very well for I heard her every word very clearly. I want to talk to you.

Don’t think that we will welcome you in our home after the drama that you have done. For you 23 days might be some kind of madness but for my granddaughter they are very important. You aren’t allowed yet. I want to talk to you first then only will I decide if you deserve one chance or not. Come with me. Akash follows Jogi Thakur while everyone else stands surprised. A chant plays. Tappu is sure that her dad wont allow Akash in ever (I am so waiting for your dream to be crushed 😛 ).

Jogi says, you think after what all you have done anyone here will trust you? Once when the whole family had put their trust in you then you cheated them. You knew what you were doing yet you dint feel for anyone? You have hurt Meethi a lot she has just come back from hell you tell me why should be trust you? Don’t take my silence to be my weakness. Meethi has opened the doors for you but that doesn’t mean that you can do anything. Akash folds his hands before him. I only want to prove my truth to you.

I would have died long back in the jungle if Meethi wouldn’t have saved me. I am alive only because of her. When I realized this, I let her go away from me, my life. I have been raised with one thing all my life by my family and my mother. They always told me about revenge and hatred. I too used to speak the same language till some time back. But Meethi came in my life. She turned my hatred into love. I am standing here before you with my head bowed. Now even if you wish to kill me I will only say that I truly love her. jogi turns away from him. akash continues, you are elder to me.

If you can see the truth in my eyes then let me stay here with your family so that I can prove my love. If you feel that Meethi still loves me then give me the permission to stay. I will do atonement for my mistakes in these 23 days and if on the 24th day, you feel I am not worthy of Meethi then you can throw me out. I wont do anymore drama. I will go away for forever from your family and Meethi’s life. He kneels down before him (with tears in his eyes…aww 🙁 ). You have always supported truth. I too want to prove that my love is true. Allow me this one chance thinking the same. The guy about to be hanged is too asked about his one wish. I only want one chance. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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