Tuesday Update on True Love 23rd June 2020

Tuesday Update on True Love 23rd June 2020

We will have not one but 3 kids….one son and two daughters. She tells him to stop it. I am married get it. What do you want? Don’t you want me to be happy in my life? Leave me alone. She starts going from there but he tells her to wait. A sad tune is playing in the background all this while. Everything is over? You told me on the first day (of those 23 days when he stayed at her place as her servant) to go back….there is nothing between us but the truth came out on the 23rd day right. What else can I ask for except your happiness? I am here for you only….for your happiness. She walks off from there. He wonders aloud….I don’t want her happiness. I cannot see her happy!

Vishnu is on call with Meethi. Everything happened the way you wanted to. I am returning back to Mumbai now. She repeats his words to herself and gets happy. This means he met Mukta. But I asked for the files. He met her or not?

Mukku is in the car too. She thinks, we are so close yet so far. He too is thinking the same. These distances can never go away now. She feels if you try once or even say it loud once. He is wondering not all can be said. A lot is left unsaid in life. They are looking at each other on and off. Their car gets stuck in some jam. The driver goes to check. The road has broken down. Things will be sorted out by the morning only. He tells the same to Vishnu. This is a village so it will take time. Vishnu and Mukku are supposed to board evening flight. Realising that there is no other option, he asks the driver to take them to some good lodge or hotel.

Meethi walks down the stairs cautiously. She walks towards Akash’s room and peers in. One whole wall is covered with her photographs. She opens the doors wide and lets herself in. Akash is looking at one photo where he and Meethi are looking at each other. He says till now you were only in the pictures but have come on your own to meet me now. She doesn’t like it. He calls it love. You drew the line and broke it on your own. She tries to take her picture of the wall but he holds her hand. She sternly tells him he has no right on these pictures now. He says this is my room. Is it up to you to decide whose pictures I put up in my room? You crossed that line even before 48 hours time and came all the way to my room. A chant plays. She leaves from there.

The weather outside is not good. Mukta and Vishnu take a room to stay for the night. They are told by the owner / manager that there is no light since morning. It will come tomorrow only. He tells them where the candles are kept. He leaves. Mukku asks Vishnu if Meethi has sent him here. He nods. I will talk to her once. She says a husband has to take permission from her lover to talk to his wife! I will go and get fresh. Vishnu calls up Meethi. She neither picks her mobile nor the landline. He is worried. He dials Akash’s number now. akash picks his call. Vishnu asks for Meethi. Akash jokes with him. Vishnu asks him to give phone to her if she is around. Akash teases him all the more. She is your wife and yet you are asking me. I could have given the phone earlier only if she wouldn’t have drawn that line. I cannot break the promise. Vishnu tells him to pass on this message that he will have to stay here only for tonight. He disconnects the call.

Mukku comes out of the washroom. Vishnu has lit a candle and goes to put it on the table. Lightning strikes and Mukku hugs him as she gets scared. He too holds her tight. They stay like that for some time. They realise the situation and part. They share another small eye lock. Mukku turns to go but her hairs get stuck in Vishnu’s shirt’s button.

Meethi is working in the kitchen when Akash comes there. He praises her cooking and is about to call her his (wife) but stops and corrects himself…Mrs. Kashyap. You still remember my liking. He is about to take a bite when she exclaims that she dint make it for him. Akash has held the bite in the air. She tells him to eat now as the bite has already been broke. Kasha kaka comes there. She tells him to set the table as Vishnu would be coming. He nods. Akash tells him he is doing a favour on her by eating it or else it would have all gone waste.

The one you are preparing all this for is not coming home tonight. He tells her about the call and the message. Please talk to him or else he doubts me first rather than trusting you. She says you could have told me. He reminds her of the line that she has drawn. Kitchen is common so thought to come to tell you. You should be thankful. She gets thinking. He asks her where Vishnu is….alone or with someone. I don’t understand he is spending his night alone away from you…you guys are newly married. She retorts it isn’t important to tell you if he has gone with someone or not. He points out that there is indeed someone! He guesses it. Vishnu has gone to Aatishgarh.

The roads are damaged because of the weather. He would have to spend the night at some hotel. She decides to talk to him right now. Akash stops her. 2 lovers are together…let them live for some time alone. You too want this right. Anyways the planning is yours that Vishnu and Mukta spend some time together so that we can spend some time together. She tells him she doesn’t want that. I repeat it every day so today also I will tell you – there is nothing between us. Just leave me alone. She goes from there. He calls out to Mrs. Kashyap but she doesn’t stop. There is a relation!

Meethi is in her room recalling Akash’a words. Akash comes there. Why are you trying to show that you don’t love me? The sad instrumental tone starts playing. You can lie to the whole world but not to your Akash. I can see that pain in your eyes. Say it once that you don’t want the lives of all four of us to get sorted for better? Vishnu and Mukta come together. Why did you send him? All the right people are together tonight. She turns and tells him to stop. Whatever I think of Vishnu and Mukta I feel it is right.

I only want both of them to be together and live their life together. But that doesn’t mean I will come back to you as soon as that’s done. That can never happen. I have taken Anni’s swear that come whatever I wont return to you and I cannot break that promise ever. Try to understand. There would be pain whenever I will remember you but I can bear it. But if Anni is hurt because of me then I won’t be able to bear it. That is why please go out of my room. Do this much for me. She turns her face from him. She bangs her hand on the wall angrily. He stands there watching her actions and looks hurt. Finally he leaves from there.

Mukta and Vishnu are standing exactly like they were. Jee le zara begins playing in the background as they both keep looking at each other. Their hands touch while they both try to take the hair off. On the other hand, Meethi sits on the bed upset. Akash is lying on the bed and is holding onto one of Meethi’s picture. Screen keeps flashing on both of them…both are looking very sad and hurt. Vishnu and Mukta continue staring into each other’s eyes. He tries once but then lets Mukta untangle it. Meethi is crying / upset with herself. Akash recalls Meethi’s words that she has taken Anni’s swear she wont go back to him ever and cannot break it…the whole convo. Meethi lies down too. There is a split screen of Akash and Meethi. He thinks, we will be together for forever.


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