Tuesday Update on True Love 22nd September 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 22nd September 2020

Vishnu looks at Mukta and Akash and he sees Yuvaan in Akash’s place. He feels as if Yuvi is mocking at him by dancing with her. Vishnu pulls Akash aside. Akash is confused. Vishnu asks him as to what is he up to. Why were you dancing with my wife? You want her right? Akash cannot believe what he is hearing. Vishnu continues, I doubted your intentions from the beginning but I am all sure now. Akash is getting angry. Vishnu can only see Yuvi in Akash’s place mocking at him. He grabs Akash by the collar. You want to have illegitimate relations with my wife. AKash slaps him and he lands in Mukta’s feet. Everyone is shocked to see him thus.

Mukta helps him in getting up while he feels dizzy again. Akash warns him not to repeat any of it again or he will forget that he is a part of this family. Everyone wants to know what’s happening. Mukta questions Akash how dare he slap Vishnu. Meethi too is at a loss about what has happened between him and Vishnu. This is the second time. Akash says Vishnu said something very gross. Meethi wants to know whereas Mukta cannot believe that Vishnu can say anything bad. Akash is about to say it out load but stops. They all want to know the exact thing but Akash stays put. He said something so gross which is why I was helpless to raise my hand at him.

Damini and Meethi still want to know but Mukta has full faith in her husband that he cannot say anything bad. If he has done so then we all want to know what it is. What did Vishnu say? Meethi suggests to ask Vishnu instead. Vishnu is confused for he cannot remember anything. He declines saying anything wrong. Akash calls it a lie. Say it Vishnu what you told me back then. He is lying. Meethi tries to calm him down. Mukta is sure Vishnu can never lie. Meethi also knows this. She makes Vishnu take her swear. Vishnu swears on her that he dint say anything untoward to AKash.


Akash again calls him a liar. Meethi tries to calm him down. Nani gets a chance to charge at Damini once again for being quiet. This time you can see who is at fault. This same thing happened yesterday. Akash pushed Vishnu the same way and Vishnu fell down for he wasn’t able to balance himself. Jogi requests her to be quiet atleast. She instead asks him to be quiet. She straight away tells Akash to leave from here. You have no right to join our family in any of the celebrations. Everyone is taken aback by her words. Akash agrees to go. But think coolly once as to why would I hurt my own family member for no reason. I am not mad to slap him for no reason.

Meethi asks tells him to calm down but he too takes Meethi’s swear to prove himself but Mukta does not trust him. I surely trust Vishnu’s swear. Damini closes her eyes sadly. Meethi trusts her husband completely which shocks Mukta. Akash can never lie to me. Akash you love me right then please end all this by apologizing in front of everyone. He is not ready to apologize as it is Vishnu who is wrong. She again requests him. We all are from one family only. Akash looks at everyone’s face and realises that they too think he is wrong. I understood everything. He walks out from the party even though they all call out for him trying to stop him. Meethi folds her hands and apologizes on his behalf. She too leaves from there.

Maharani comes to Kajri’s room and is pleased to see her all dressed as a bride. Maharani again talks about their profession. Kajri requests her to let her go. Maharani reminds her that her own family members have sold her. Where will we go?

At Thakur House, Nani is angry at the party incident. Akash did the same thing yesterday. She turns to Damini for an explanation who also trusts Akash for he wont take wrong swear of Meethi. Nani is not interested. She reminds her of the older times when Akash had come in the house using a fake identity with a mission to hurt Meethi. She cross checks with Divya if Vishnu has ever said anything wrong to anyone. No one buys it. Mukta shares that he immediately apologizes if he makes any mistake unlike Akash. Nani calls it the arrogance of money. Vishnu is not rich so Akash thinks of him lowly. Rathore reminds her that no one here sees things people like that in this house. Don’t instill such thoughts which are not there in people of this house. Mukta supports Nani this time. Akash dint even apologize once. He thinks that we are poor which is why he hurt Vishnu. I can never forgive him.

Tappu tells her not to take so much stress as it is not good for her or her baby. Things will get better with time. Nani only wants the happiness of this house for which it is very necessary to not let people like Akash come here. Damini is shocked. Jogi says it is our duty to bring the kids on the right path when they fight. Nani is worried thinking what if things repeat themselves. One day it will be too late to rectify things. Rathore is upset for her for she speaks too much. So many years have passed yet you haven’t changed this habit of yours. Every small thing becomes a big matter for you. It isn’t that I couldn’t say anything there. I kept quiet as elders were there so it was not needed that I should speak. But I cannot expect the same maturity from you or from any of them. Agree they shouldn’t have fought or raised hands but we don’t know exactly what happened. We dint understand anything.

Tappu agrees with him but they are not so immature that they couldn’t handle things. Rathore only wants to wait to decide the right and wrong till they get to know what exactly happened between them. We have no right to do so. Nani only expects them all to make Akash realise his mistake. He will come to his senses if we don’t let him come here for 4 days. Damini requests her not to do so. I apologize to you on Akash’s behalf. Divya tells her to put her in their place for once. If Vishnu would have made the same mistake and Meethi was pregnant then would you have forgiven him?

Akash is upset for Meethi apologized to everyone. You insulted me instead. She only did it for the sake of everyone else. It was Rathore Uncle and Tappu maasi’s wedding. I only dint want to ruin the celebration mode. He points out that he took her swear in front of everyone yet she apologized which proved him wrong. She denies. I said it in the party that I trust you fully. You can never take my swear for wrong reasons. I only wanted you to apologize as it was you who raised his hand at Vishnu yesterday and today as well. It was you who was proved wrong. We all are one family.

Akash says if Vishnu would have understood it then he wouldn’t have said any of that. She wants to know what Vishnu said to him and is shocked to hear them all. I was quiet as all the elders were there. I dint want them to know any of it. Plus Mukta is pregnant so I dint want her to know it. If it would have been someone else at his place then I would have beaten him black and blue so that he would not be able to repeat his words ever but what’t the point now. I was right yet I was proved wrong. You too wanted me to apologize. He leaves from the room while she tries to talk to him. Kyun Main Jagoon plays in the background. Meethi recalls how Nani told them to leave from the party; how Mukta was not ready to believe Akash but Vishnu. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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