Tuesday Update on True Love 18th August 2020

Tuesday Update on True Love 18th August 2020

Inspector tells Maiyya that she has got bailed. She wonders who got her bailed when Meethi comes there telling her she did that. Maiyya is shocked to see her there. Meethi got her bailed as she is just like her mom. You are Akash’s mom after all. I only want to know how you ended up here as I have taken money from Akash. Maiyya agrees that she will tell everything. Trust me I will tell you everything but get me out of here first and then swear that you wont tell anything to either of my sons. Take me out and I will tell you the entire truth.

Sankrant is smiling to himself as he looks at Ambika’s pictures. Akash comes and sits down quietly. He looks at the pictures which his brother has brought with him. Have you brought clothes as well or you got these only? Their flight is due in half an hour. Sankrant says I am packing my stuff only. Akash wonders how his little brother became so romantic. You spent your whole night by looking at these pictures. You have brought Ambika here with you. Sankrant takes the pic from him. truly speaking, I never thought that a loafer like me can change so much because of someone’s love. akash smiles in agreement. Love is like that only and your whole life brightens up when you meet the right kind of person in life. Now stop romancing with the photo or we will be delayed. Sankrant is all set to leave.

Mukku tells Vishnu that there is a walk-in interview tomorrow at her office. You will go right? Vishnu gets thinking. You work there. I don’t want to use your post for some favour. She stops him. Am I the CEO of that company? I have only met the HR Manager once. Apply in my company just like you apply anywhere else. Rest we will see later. I am sure my company wont be able to ignore you as you are so qualified and deserving. She gets excited thinking that they will go to office together if he gets this job. We will be together 24×7. He tells her not to dream so much in advance. He agrees to attend the interview for her only as she requests him so much. They both share a hug.

Meethi repeats her question at Maiyya who is in no mood to lie today. meethi wants to know why she wants to distance him from Akash. Why do you try to kill me time and again? Maiyya turns to look at her. I know all your questions. I accept I behaved wrongly with you (narrating all the incidents back at Aatishgarh). When you married my son again then I was upset but I dint do anything this time. Meethi wants to know how the fan fell off in her room, who pushed me in the fog in Shimla and the other incidents. Maiyya takes Ambika’s name which stuns Meethi. She cannot believe it. Why will she try to kill me? you must not blame an innocent girl like Ambika.

Maiyya asks her to trust her. This is all Ambika’s plan you don’t know her. I too dint understand initially why and who did all that in Shimla. I had my doubts on Ambika but couldn’t understand why she did all this. Then that fan fell. I understood that Ambika is behind all this. I tried a lot to tell Akash but he isn’t ready to trust or listen to me. I could have told everyone the truth that is why she got me jailed as her dad is the ACP. Meethi remarks that don’t feel bad but it is impossible to trust you after what all you have done with me. let us forget and forgive you for your past but I cannot accept it that Ambika wants to separate me and Akash or that she wants to kill me. Why would she do it? You hate me.

Maiyya tells her that her hate, her revenge was all for Iccha. I ahve left that behind. Ambika is doing everything. Don’t trust her. meethi reminds her how both her sons don’t trust her today. No one will believe it that Ambika is so bad that she wants to kill me. Maiyya swears by both her sons and her late husband. This is the truth. Ambika is the answer to everything. Meethi still doesn’t understand the reason as to why Ambika would do so. Maiyya says she does everything and puts all the blame on me. She is doing all this for revenge.

Akash was engaged to her and was about to marry her but he chose you over her. this hurt her badly. You became the elder DIL while she married Sankrant. She is taking revenge for this from you and the whole family. She even said this out loud in anger to me once. No one can stop me. meethi is shocked. She is good and takes good care of everyone. How can this be? Maiyya comments that a knife is supposed to cut. Tell me one thing, how can I message from Akash’s phone when I am here? I cannot understand how to operate it and I will send a message? Who made this program for honeymoon and planned it all? Meethi recalls how Ambika planned the honeymoon for both the couples. Maiyya also insists that how would she know about the dummy snake which Akash will supposedly bring and I will exchange it with a real one? Meethi remembers how Akash had told her that only he and Ambika knew about the fake snake. Maiyya asks her if I will fail the brakes of my son’s car.

Meethi recalls the accident. Flashback ends. Would I want to kill my own son? I am his mom and he is the apple of my eye. What do you think I will plan to loosen that fan so that it falls on my son? It can hurt my son too then why would I do it. Do you remember how I fell in front of your feet for my son’s sake? Meethi does remember everything. But tell me how Akash’s phone was found in your room. Maiyya tells her to understand that Ambika must have kept it and then she sent you over so that you find it and feel certain that I am your enemy. Meethi remembers that incident where Ambika was to go to keep those clothes in Maiyya’s room but due to the sprain in her leg couldn’t do it so Meethi did that and found the phone. Maiyya continues, I don’t love you so much but I cannot kill you as you are my son’s life. I cannot kill you!

Meethi is still thinking about all this when she gets a call from Akash. Maiyya asks her not to say anything about her. meethi nods and resumes talking. He asks her to come home right away and sounds worried. Nothing is fine come home asap. She agrees.

Ambika tells everyone how Maiyya tried to get her kidnapped today. gomti and Pavitra are shocked while Akash looks angry. Ambiha sheds fake tears as she continues, why so much hatred?

Rathore reaches outside police station. He looks at the papers and thinks that this copy of Malvika’s statement will be a slap on your face today. Meethi and Maiyya pass by but no one notices each other. Maiyya gets a sprain in her leg and Meethi asks her to be careful. Are you all right? Rathore stops as he hears Meethi’s voice. He calls out for Meethi. he asks them if everything is fine. How come you are here? Maiyya lies. The electrician whom we had called at home left the fan loose. Luckily, nothing happened so we had come to register a complaint. Meethi agrees with Maiyya. He offers to drop them off but Meethi denies. we have a car we will manage. They leave.

Rathore walks inside the police station. The same inspector (Shinde) tells someone that Chaubey sir isn’t available tonight. He will be back after 4-5 days. Rathore hears this and leaves from there. Shinde turns to address him but he is gone by that time.

Meethi and Maiyya come home. Everyone looks really tensed. Meethi asks Akash what happened. ambika continues to cry. Akash and everyone keep glaring / staring at Maiyya as she enters. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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