Tuesday Update on True Love 10th November 2020

Tuesday Update on True Love 10th November 2020

Ashfaque suggests Akash to stay here for one or two days. We will be glad to have you with us. He tells Meethi that he has fulfilled his promise for which she thanks him. They all turn to go but stop as Remat Ula Khan tells them to raise their hands in the air. They are all shocked. Akash asks about his crime. Rehmat tells him that he has crossed the border illegally. I have seen you with my own eyes. Akash is being taken away by the police while Meethi tries to stop them but in vain as Ashfaque holds her back. Her taviz breaks in the process. They are surprised to see a chip in the taviz. Meethi recalls Fida’s words – thousand lives can be saved. She mutters that this taviz was given to me by Fida.

Vishnu’s condition is very critical. He has very less time. Jogi tells him to save Vishnu. his wife is in this hospital only. What will I tell to her? Do something. Doc can keep Vishnu alive for some time using artificial oxygen. You have to decide what you want. Divya is pained to see Vishnu’s condition. How long will he bear this pain? Everyone will be hurt by his death but it will happen one day. We will have to come to a conclusion one day. Jogi is completely against the idea. He is like my son. I wont let anything happen to him.

Akash is told to sign a few papers which term him a spy. He stops midway and decides not to take Meethi’s name or they will arrest her as well. Akash calmly agrees to produce his identity proof. He talks about the diverse cultural people living in India. Rehmat Ula Khan is not interested. Who do you work for? You don’t have any proof to prove your reason of being here. Asgar is watching them from outside. Akash keeps his temper in check. He wants to make one phone call through which he can get all his documents shipped to Pakistan. Rehmat Ula Khan stays out. Sign or I will have to force you to do this. Akash agrees but wants his hands to be out of the handcuffs. Rehmat Ula Khan orders his men for the same. Akash crosses on the papers much to his shock. I wont sign anywhere. Rehmat Ula Khan orders his juniors to take good care of Akash.

Vishnu has trouble in breathing. Jogi is pained to see him thus. I wish God puts me in your place. I have seen everything in my life. Nothing would be greater than seeing my granddaughter happy. I dint agree with Divya for I want you to be with Mukta always. I became selfish. I cannot see you like this. I cannot see you writhing in pain like this. Forgive me as I couldn’t do anything. He cries bitterly. He finally leaves from the room as Vishnu struggles to breathe.

Rehmat Ula Khan is bent on making Akash confess that he is an Indian spy. He takes his thumb impressions on the papers forcefully. he hurts Akash on his hand using the rifle. He finally succeeds in taking Akash’s thumb impression on the papers but he tears them. He orders his men to take him inside the cell.

Divya talks about the new born baby’s arrival which is a matter of joy and happiness for everyone whereas Vishnu might be breathing his last any minute. Will we celebrate or mourn at things? Damini explains that sometime they act like puppets in God’s hands. His way of justice is very cruel at times. Jogi tells them that they will have to free Vishnu. We cannot keep him alive just to safeguard Mukta’s vermilion. We will have to free him. I could see that his breath is stuck somewhere. Maybe it’s waiting for the arrival of his baby. I have taken so many decisions till date. Some have been right, some wrong but this is the most crucial one. It is very difficult for anyone to come to this conclusion. But I will have to take this decision for Vishnu’s sake.

Ashfaque wants to get Akash out from jail. His dad wonders as to how that can be done. Ashfaque has his hopes on his brother. Rizvi ji tells him that it is a very difficult task. Meethi wants to go to the Indian Embassy here in Pakistan. They will surely help me if I tell them everything. Ashfaque wants to think things through and then come to a conclusion. You and your husband have come to Pakistan illegally. Plus no one will believe you if you tell them your truth. This will sound more like a story. It will be really difficult. Saba is angry as another problem (Akash) has piled up. We have had enough already.

Khalid reprimands her for her rudeness. Meethi wants to go from there as she has become a burden to them but Ashfaque stops her. Don’t make such decisions based on emotions. The most important thing to do right now is to save Akash. Saba cannot understand why he wants to help Meethi. let her go to jail if she wants to. She and her husband both can go to jail. They both bicker. Everyone tries to stop Saba but she continues to talk ill about Meethi. She is ready to tell anyone about Meethi’s identity in case any problem befalls on their family because of Meethi. She leaves from there in a huff. Khalid apologizes to Meethi on her behalf. She cares for her younger brother a little too much because of which she speaks too much at times.

Khalid and Asgar propose to wait till Asgar returns. He always takes the right decisions under such circumstances. Rizvi ji agrees. Its all in God’s hands now. Meethi is worried for Akash. Don’t know how he will be. How will I get him out of jail? Epi ends on the split screen between Akash and Meethi.


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