Tuesday Update on This is Love June 19

Tuesday Update on This is Love June 19

Raman and IShita talking. Raman tells Ishita that he knows to rectify mistakes. She asks so easily. He says lets make a fresh start. She laughs. They both introduce each other. He says there is name confusion, we are not husband and wife from today. She asks what do you mean. Raman says GF BF, you are my GF and I m your BF. She laughs. He says we will go on dates and spend time. She likes the idea as they did not date before. He says I got a gift for you, and gives her a watch. She likes the gift and says I also got a gift. He asks her not to give toothpaste or dentist voucher. She shows best mom badge and fixes on his shirt. She says Pihu’s mum said you took care of all the kids well, its very commendable. He says whatever I did, credit goes to you, I was stuck and
I thought what would you do being in my place, then I did what you would do, I became best mom. She says don’t tell me, this is height of coincidence, I did the same. He asks what. She tells how she was stuck and she thought as Raman, to get contract and teach Ashok a lesson by calling NGO women. They have a talk and like the GF BF thing. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays……. They smile.

Maid asks Aaliya shall I keep Shagun’s food in fridge. Aaliya says yes, and wonders why did Shagun got so late, maybe for NGO work. Shagun comes home. Aaliya greets her and asks did you have dinner, I was waiting. Shagun is angry and reacts badly. She says shut up, I just started and you started, I m not your Amma, idiot. She goes. Aaliya cries. She gets Mihir’s call. He asks for Shagun, he has to talk to Shagun. She says Shagun is at home and cries. He asks whats the matter, tell me. She ends call. He says why is Aaliya crying, I have to go and see.

Raman asks Ishita about method maths. She asks does Pihu’s syllabus have it. He says yes, kids study a lot, what are you studying. She says business news, I feel its greek latin, whats this sens*x, shares… we have to do this well, else we may lose Pihu or take Shagun’s help to manage Pihu. They encourage each other. He asks was Romi there when Ashok was insulting you. She says no, Romi came late and then he told Ashok to mind business, but what can he say more, he is Ashok’s business partner, he stays with us, he can join you, we can involve him in this project and he can get away from Ashok.

He thanks her for coming back in his life, she has all solution. She gets shy. He asks her to come and talk to Romi. She says its late. They go and talk to Romi. Romi says sorry, I can’t take this partnership in charity, thanks for asking, idea is good. Raman says what charity in brothers. Romi says I can’t trust Raman, he can snatch partnership in office and insult me in office. Raman says I agree I m short tempered, did I move back from professional commitment. Romi says I don’t want partnership, I m not interested in the project.

Ishita says I thought you have interest, that’s why you did bidding. Romi says really, then you would have backed out seeing me there, I was second best contender and would have got it. Raman says so this is the matter, we are family and contract came in our house. Romi says I m not interested, I don’t want things to become like before. Ishita says fine then and goes.

Mihir talks to maid and gets to know that Shagun scolded Aaliya. He goes to Shagun. Shagun talks to Ashok and says what does Ishita think of herself, I will use this weapon against her. Ashok asks her not to use that now. She sees Mihir and says you.. Ashok asks her not to do anything now and ends call. Papers fall and she lies that its Mani’s property papers, and keeps safe. He asks her to show interest in Aaliya too, alongside property, why did you scold Aaliya, she was crying a lot. She says when I came home, my mood was bad, she was asking questions and I got irritated, I scolded her. He asks whats the reason, I know NGO work can’t irritate you. She says I miss Pihu. He says I can’t help you there, its Raman and Ishita’s matter, its not fair that you get frustration on Aaliya, you married Mani, Aaliya is Mani’s daughter, you can’t shout on her, she is crying a lot. She says right, its my mistake, what shall I do now. He asks her to go and say sorry to Aaliya.

Ishita says we can take Mihir’s help, but he has much work, I m dentist, how will I manage, give me some response. He asks her to give him time to answer, don’t be nervous. He jokes and asks her to sit. He says you are superwoman, I have solution, this is short time online business management course, you can do this from home and get to know business well, and I m there always for help.

Aaliya asks Shagun not to be sorry, I can understand you are facing many problems and missing Pihu, no one scolded me other than Amma and Appa, so I overreacted, sorry. Shagun says no, I spoke badly, I won’t talk like that again, did you forgive me. Aaliya says yes. Shagun says Mihir is waiting outside. Mihir says finally, my tension got over. Shagun says thanks to Mihir, we sorted this. Aaliya says I should also understand we are family. Mihir says I will see you guys later, its all okay now. He starts leaving. Aaliya thanks him for coming and solving her problems. He says you were crying on phone, I was scared, I can’t see you crying, I will see you in office tomorrow. He leaves. Aaliya says I forgot to say about Lata and Kishore songs, I will tell tomorrow in office. Shagun looks on and thinks whats going on.

Ishita says my problem is solved, what about your problem. He says I will learn everything. She asks how did you turn so sweet. He says I was always sweet. She says you got Salman’s style haircut and got more sweet, tell me, did this haircut happen intentionally or not. He jokes and she smiles.

Romi calling his GF Sanchi. She says I can’t meet you. He says I have to meet you, I m coming. She says its very late. He says you have to meet me and ends call. Mihika hears him and acts like sleeping. He sees Mihika asleep and leaves. Ishita explains method maths to Raman. He says its difficult for kids, Pihu has unit tests, its pressure on kids. She asks on kids or for yourself. He says I learnt easily, I will teach Pihu now, but kids should play, how do they learn. She says kids are very smart.

He asks did you fill form. She says yes, check it once. He checks and says your marital status single. She says its single, if couple stay separated for 7 years, they are legally separated, its like that, even Mrs. Bhalla said this. He says you want me to take 7
rounds with you again, you will never be single till I m alive, once I die… she stops him from saying. She says don’t say this. He says we have specialty to die and get alive, we love each other a lot, and says sweet lines. She says my hero, what a dialogue, I like it, I wish I made video of Ravan kumar’s new avatar.

Adi goes to office and sees Aaliya. He shows the presentation and asks her to say how is it, why is she yawning, did she go for concert. She says no, I was listening Lata and Kishore’s songs. He says I know they are big singers. She says you don’t know they are very big singers. He says everyone know it, my friend challenged me that I can’t listen to old songs, I feel I m losing, what shall I do. He says I can help you, I have Dadu’s playlist in my laptop, you check that for details. She thanks him and kisses on his cheek. He smiles. She asks what happened. He says you kissed me. She says so, I should not have? He says you are a girl. She laughs and says you want a guy to kiss you, wait I will call a guy. He says you got mad, stop, go and get laptop, I will transfer data. She teases him and goes. He smiles and says a guy and girl are never friends, they are more than friends. He holds his cheek.

Raman looks for his shirt and throws the clothes. Ishita comes and says why are you raiding. He asks for blue shirt. She gives him and asks why are you irritated. He says I have many work, why are you laughing. She says you look cute, think what all women manage, why are you asking for suits. They sweetly argue. He asks her to get ready fast, she has to go for admission too. She says I will find suit. He asks her to find her brain too.

The client likes the presentation. Mihir thanks him and says I did not make this, let me introduce two rising stars Adi and Aaliya. The man says we will sign contract today. Mihir asks his staff guy to prepare contract. They all leave. Adi and Aaliya get happy. Aaliya praises Adi. Adi forwards his cheek to her. She smiles. Mihir asks what happened to your cheek Adi. Aaliya says how can I kiss you Adi, I m a girl. Mihir asks kiss? Its between you both, I don’t understand your generation talk, carry on, real work will begin now, get back to work soon. He leaves. Adi says I will remove suit. Aaliya says keep wearing it. Adi says you like it, its Papa’s suit, its old fashioned. She says its good, anyways old is in. she goes. Adi thinks to borrow more suits from Papa, and this suit is mine now.

Mihika thinks what happened to Romi. Sanchi meets her and says this is my fav coffee shop, what are you doing here, is everything fine. Mihika says yes, sit. Sanchi asks whats wrong, I felt so I asked, I feel some connection with you, you look genuine to me. Mihika says I feel same about you. Sanchi says I m stranger for you, you can share things with strangers, its good as strangers don’t judge you. Mihika cries and says I have been always strong and faced problems, this time I don’t know what to do, my marriage is in problem, I feel my husband has an affair. Sanchi asks what, how can he do this, I feel if relationship is not working, its better to end. Mihika says no, I don’t want to break marriage, running away from problems is not a solution. Sanchi asks is bearing problems worth it. Mihika says I love him and can bear pain. Sanchi asks her to fight for her relation, let me help if you need help. Mihika says you said right, sharing sorrow with stranger lightens heart, thanks. Sanchi says I m younger to you, but I understand, you can share anything with me.

The lady asks Raman does he want his daughter’s admission done, why did he not get her along. Raman says no, I want to get Ishita’s admission done. Ishita says yes, explain him about this. The lady says there is no age to learn, you can join online course, you can pay fees and your classes will start, we will send modules by email, you have to come to attend weekend class, rest you can study at home. Raman and Ishita thank her. Ishita says I m feeling scared, not by this role reversal, we are doing this for Pihu, I m scared thinking will Pihu accept me. He asks her not to think this, and they leave.

Aaliya goes to meet Mihir. He asks her to come. She says I liked Lata and Kishore’s songs. He asks which song did you hear. She says Tere bina and Chandan ka badan… he says Mukesh, his voice is magical, I m sure you did not listen Lata and Mukesh’s duets. She says I tried, but I slept. He laughs and says you are so cute. She smiles. She asks him to keep laughing, he looks good. He says I will keep laughing, if you do such things. They laugh.

Shagun meets lawyer. Lawyer says I can’t believe Bhalla family did such mistake and did not know, you have trumpcard and can use it till Pihu gets to this position, Raman is taking care of Pihu and she is happy, in that case we will have problem. Ashok asks for solution. Lawyer says there is one way, if they say you don’t have right on Pihu, you can use these papers, Bhallas should not know about these papers. Shagun thanks her. Ashok tells Shagun that it won’t be right to use papers now. She asks if I lose Pihu. He asks her to send children and know whats going on there. She says they love Ishita. He asks her to cry, and someone of Ruhi, Adi and Pihu will melt, try once. She nods.