Tuesday Update on This is Love July 24

Tuesday Update on This is Love

July 24 Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita talking on call. Raman and Ishita are on the way. He thinks she is not talking to me and is busy on call. She ends call. It starts raining. The car stops suddenly. She asks whats happening, why is window stuck. He asks will the car inform her and stop. She asks him to do something. He says mechanic’s phone is off, I can’t do anything, sorry. They see each other. She asks him to take lift from someone. He says I checked weather forecast. She says you were prepared and checks weather. She says it will rain entire night. He says I won’t go out in rain, you do what you want. She says rain won’t stop, will we sit in car all night.

Shagun tells Mani that Aaliya will forget Adi, she will move forward and be happy with her husband. He thanks her for understanding.
Pihu comes and says there is a problem. Shagun asks what happened. Pihu says I have seen Aaliya going out with a bag. Shagun says maybe she went to gym. Pihu says no, it was not shoulder bag, it was a travel bag, she asked someone to meet her in hotel. Shagun says fine, I will see. Pihu asks should we not tell this to Mani. Shagun says I will see, you go and change. She wonders whats going on, anyway I won’t tell anything to Mani, he will know when things get spoiled.

Raman says its heavy rain. She says I did not know this before. He says its better to check car than getting cooked up here. He goes out and checks the car engine. She takes umbrella and asks did it get fixed. He sees umbrella and asks did you had umbrella, why did you not tell me. She says I thought you wanted to get drenched in rain. He takes umbrella and says now you will also get drenched. Raman holds her close and they dance on the song Aaj Rapat jao to…..He teases her and she smiles. They both dance happily and do some thumkas in filmi way. They have an eyelock.

Neelu asks Ananya is everything fine. Ananya says no, I want to tell something to Simmi, I don’t want to go to her. Neelu asks how will this work. Simmi comes and asks Neelu about Mrs. Bhalla. Neelu says she went to Iyer house. Simmi says I booked comedy movie ticket for mumma. Ananya asks Simmi not to go there, Amma and Mrs. Bhala are fighting, they will not take the movie tickets. Simmi asks her not to make excuse to talk to her. Ananya apologizes for being adamant for chatting. Simmi forgives her. Simmi asks Ananya to promise she will not trouble her.

Ananya promises and hugs her. Simmi promises she will not get angry on her. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla smile seeing them. Raman and Ishita sit back in the car and hold hands. He asks why do we fight. She says I m sorry, I slapped you, I should have not done that. He says no, I m sorry, its my mistake, I should have not said that. She says you always start. He says do I? Its you who start always. She laughs. He says I don’t want to go home, lets go somewhere. She says car is not good. He says it was off as our mood was off, now our mood got good, so car is working.

She calls him Nautanki. He takes her to hotel and asks the receptionist for Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla room booking. He asks Ishita to come and goes to make some preparations. Adi asks Aaliya will she stay in hotel. She says we will stay here, I booked the room on Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla’s name. Ishita gets keys of room 302. He asks are you mad to spend night here. She says it does not mean that, we will sleep separately, people will see what we say, they have to get helpless and make us get married. He asks which serial do you watch, this happens in serials, not real life. She says I m helpless to do this, Appa is shopping for my marriage. He says listen, I can’t let you get defamed. She stops him and asks him to understand.

Raman gets champagne and asks the room number. The man tells 304 number. Ishita calls reception and asks for her husband Mr. Bhalla. She says oh he is coming, fine thanks. She ends call and waits for Raman. Raman goes to room 304 and Adi opens the door. Raman gets shocked seeing Adi.

Raman asks what are you doing here, and sees Aaliya. Adi and Aaliya get shocked too. Raman sees the bag and asks Adi whats going on, I asked you to be away from Aaliya, you got her here by running away from hope. Ishita says whats happening, where is Raman. She hears Raman shouting, and goes out to see. Raman asks Adi to answer. He asks Aaliya why is she doing here, Mani did this with me. Ishita comes and gets shocked. She asks what are you two doing here. Raman says why are you shocked, Adi made Aaliya run away from home, you were giving lecture to me.

Ishita asks Aaliya what is her suitcase doing here, does Mani know this, did you come here with Adi, I will inform Mani, how can you do this, and Adi you… Aaliya says its not Adi’s mistake, its all my fault. She apologizes to Raman and Ishita and says I booked this room, I thought you all will melt and give approval for our marriage. Adi asks Raman not to blame Aaliya, she was scared and took this step, in fact I was explaining her that she is wrong. Raman slaps Adi and asks will you explain her, see her upbringing, and Ishita did you choose such girl for Adi, tell Mani to see his upbringing, she booked the room and called Adi, I will take Aaliya. Adi stops Raman. Raman says you don’t know Mani and Aaliya, Mani will get you arrested for running away with Aaliya. He asks Ishita not to stop him today, Mani should know what his daughter did. Adi asks him to listen.

Ishita scolding Adi and Aaliya. She asks how can they stain her upbringing, what was the need to take this desperate measures, you are scared of elders now. She says you guys have grown up, you both can’t do this, I m trying to resolve the problem, you all are trying to increase the problems, Raman is worried as Pihu is not with him, will Mani let Pihu come, Mani and Raman will hate you, why are you doing this, I can’t save both of you, did you not see how will I meet their eyes.

Pihu asks Shagun did she tell Mani about Aaliya. Shagun says I will tell him, don’t worry, tell me what gift you want. Pihu says I want a top model mobile for my best friend Ananya. Shagun asks Simmi’s daughter. Pihu says yes, Simmi saw her with phone and scolded for chatting.
Shagun says why not, chatting can be done at home, there is nothing wrong in that, I will get a new phone for Ananya, now go to sleep. Shagun thinks everything is in my control, just I know Aaliya’s secret.

Mani opens the door and sees Raman. Raman shows Aaliya. Mani gets shocked. He asks whats all this happening. Raman says we will talk inside, I don’t want you to lose name in society. Raman asks Mani not to stare Adi, stare Aaliya and ask her what was she doing in hotel room at night with my son, and before you blame Adi, mind you, you should know Aaliya called Adi to hotel. Adi says Aaliya did not had such intention.

Raman says shut up, did Aaliya not book room on Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla’s name, Mani see your upbringing, see what she did and my son is still defending her, listen to me, till I m alive, I don’t want such characterless girl for my son. Aaliya cries. Shagun looks on and smiles. Raman asks Adi to come. Adi, Ishita and Raman leave.

Mani angrily slaps Aaliya multiple times. Shagun asks Mani to stop it, its not right to slap grown up daughter, I know I m not her mum, but this is wrong. Mani says Raman caught her from the hotel room, I had to get Raman’s slap because of her. Aaliya asks what could I do, I love Adi, I told you, I had no option, who are you to stop me. Mani cries and says when your mum was dying, she took promise from me that I will raise you, I did not marry then, I raised you like a father, you have seen my love, now you will do what I do to fulfil a father’s duty, I will get you married soon. Aaliya says you can’t do this, I have to inform Adi. Mani asks how did you get phone and breaks her phone. He locks Aaliya in the room. She asks him to open the door.

Shagun calms down Mani and says I m also feeling bad as Adi is my son, he should not encourage Aaliya, why did he not stop Aaliya, don’t know who is influencing them, its all wrong. Mani says I will end this connection. Shagun says yes, infact Aaliya’s marriage decision is right, get her married, Adi will forget her, and Aaliya will be happy after marriage. Mani nods and goes.

Shagun says drama just started, lets see what Raman and Ishita do. At bhalla house, Raman scolds Adi for defending Aaliya. Adi says I was explaining Aaliya, she took big step as there is no one understanding her, its not her mistake, we all know whose mistake is it, its your mistake that you did not change Shagun’s name in Pihu’s birth certificate, that’s why Pihu is not here.

Raman gets shocked. He argues with Raman and blames Raman for everything. He says we did mistake, Aaliya’s intention was not wrong, we wanted to show we are together, Papa came when I was explaining her, we had no wrong intention, trust me, we are not small kids, we know responsibilities and values. Adi convinces all family members. He says we behaved impulsively, I realized my mistake when I got to know Aaliya does not love me, you can’t blame us always, and what role models are Raman and Ishita, Raman gets drunk and says anything to others, if all mistakes are forgiven to him, why not us. Raman gets angry. Adi asks Raman to beat him. He says just think how helpless you made us that we took this step, its your mistake.

Adi goes to room and calls Aaliya. He worries as her phone is off. He gets angry and says it means Mani took her phone, don’t know how is she. He calls on landline. Mani answers call and says Adi, I know its you, don’t call her again. He ends call. Adi huts the bed and throws the sheets angrily. Romi comes to Adi. Adi cries and says Mani took Aaliya’s phone, if Mani does her marriage with someone, what will I do, I have to stop this marriage. Romi says come with me. Adi asks where. Romi says you trust me right. Adi says yes. Romi says then come. Mihika calls them out. Romi asks Adi to get the car. Mihika asks where are you going. Romi says we will beat the guy and threaten him. Mihika asks what, this is worse plan than mine. Ishita tries to stop them. Romi leaves. Mihika tells Ishita where Romi went. Ishita asks what, its limit, stop them.

Shagun and Ashok meet and have a talk about Adi and Aaliya. She tells how Aaliya is like Ishita, and she does not like her for Adi, she will find a better girl for Adi, once Aaliya gets married to that guy, Pihu and I can get space, and I can spend time with Mani. He says you are saying a lot for Mani. She says he is a nice man, he supports me, if I get feelings for him, its fine. Ashok says fine, but does he know you are playing game with him, you are having midnight coffee with me and loving Mani, is there anything like loyalty. She asks him to shut up and not talk about loyalty, let me enjoy my coffee now.

Romi and Adi go and meet Karan. Karan asks Romi why did you call me, all is well, shall I call Manav. Adi asks Karan to be away from Aaliya. Karan says my fiancée. Adi says you did not exchange rings, she did all that drama of getting drunk, forget her, refuse for marriage, as Aaliya is just mine. Karan says I already said yes. Adi shouts and says everyone does mistakes, now rectify it. Karan asks him not to get aggressive. Adi asks him to refuse, then Mani will forget this. Karan asks Romi to explain Adi. Romi says Adi is my nephew, just do what he says, you get away from Aaliya, you will refuse to marry her, else forget your marriage, just Adi will become Aaliya’s groom, got it.