Tuesday Update on This is Love 3rd March 2020

Tuesday Update on This is Love 3rd March 2020

Munna doing a drama. Inspector asks what happened, why are you crying. Munna says my mum is really ill. Inspector says come up with a better excuse, do you have a mum or not, don’t even think of going from here. Munna begs him and thinks I have to go home, else they will put me in jail. Inspector says fine, we will come along to see your ill mum, if you try to act smart, I will put you in jail. Munna sees Shaina. Everyone likes the food. Aaliya coughs and says its so spicy. Yug gives her water. He says you are allergic to chillies. She says I didn’t know. He says you should have said… Ishita says give her sugar, its fine. Yug says call the doctor. Simmi says relax, its just chilly, not poison. Yug asks are you fine now, I feel sorry for my Aaliya. They all tease

him and laugh.
Yug says our Aaliya…. Aaliya smiles. Ishita sees them and smiles. She comes to her room. Raman asks is everything all right. She says yes, Yug and Aaliya, I m so happy to see that they love each other a lot. He asks are you not tired of crying. She says I wanted to thank you, you let Yug stay here, I was against him, I didn’t wish him to come in Aaliya’s life, you trusted him. Yug comes. She says its strange, Adi and Yug have many similarities, there is one difference, Yug loves Aaliya a lot, Adi was cheating her, Yug truly loves her, it feels so good to see them together. He says forget those memories, our son is Yug, he will keep Aaliya happy. She says thank God Yug is with us, Aaliya is happy with him. Yug says thanks, your support means a lot to me, I promise you I will never let your daughter cry. She thanks him. Inspector sends watchman to get tea. Sahil comes there in disguise. Inspector says stop, what are you doing here. Sahil says I m a mechanic, my boss has sent me to check a car on sale.

Inspector verifies and sends him. Ruhi asks Mihika to see the outfit, its gorgeous, I will buy it. Simmi asks are you planning to work from home. Mihika says she is shopping. Simmi asks why are you buying ethnic clothes. Ruhi says just like that, lets go shopping, I wanted lahengas. Simmi says I m going with my friend, I will get it. Mihika says we will buy it later. Karan comes and says maybe she is buying it for her marriage. He smiles. Simmi says you didn’t tell us that you confessed love to Karan. Mihika says you could have told Simmi and me. Ruhi says that’s not the case. Simmi says you got committed and didn’t tell us, we are close to you, I m really upset. Ruhi says this didn’t happen. Mihika says you have hurt me. Ruhi says wedding isn’t happening. Mihika says you mean Karan is lying.

Karan says I just twisted the truth, Ruhi hasn’t accepted that she loves me, but I can see it in her eyes, her anger means that she loves me, I m sure she will come to me and say, Karan I love you, be prepared for our marriage also. Ruhi goes. They laugh. Mihika says lets give this good news to Raman and Mihika. Sahil comes there and says where is Shaina. He sees Shaina and says you got saved when I left you to burn. He knocks and asks for Mr. Chopra. She says I don’t know. He says he called me and isn’t opening the door. She says I will call someone. He asks how are you Shaina. She gets shocked seeing him. He points gun at her and says you know me well, I m merciless, just do as I say. He threatens and takes her. She falls down. He holds her and says you fell down, come with me without acting smart. Inspector asks how did you fall down. Sahil says maybe she got dizzy, Chopra is coming downstairs. He offers lift to Shaina and takes her.

Mihika says Karan you have to make Ruhi say I love you. Karan says I can see her love in her eyes. Ishita says don’t trouble him, lets have tea made by Shaina. She calls out Shaina. Karan and Yug look for her. Karan says she isn’t at Iyer house. Ishita says strange, how did she go like this. Raman says we will ask the policemen. Inspector says Shaina went out. Watchman says Hetal went with someone in the car. Ishita says Sahil took her. Raman says Sahil will kill her, find Munna. He scolds Munna. Inspector says he didn’t do this. Munna asks why would Sahil kidnap your maid. Raman says we have to do something before it gets too late. Sahil slaps Shaina and scolds her. She says I don’t know anything.

Commissioner asks Ishita to calm down. Shamshad and Manish come. Shamshad asks what did Sahil do now, he is very clever, its not easy to defeat him. Commissioner says he took Shaina with him. Shamshad says what, now he will kill her. Sahil says I will kill you, what did you tell to police. Shaina says you know I don’t know anything. Commissioner says we will catch Sahil. Raman says you know any places where we can find him. Shamshad says Sahil doesn’t trust anyone. Ishita says share about any place you remember. Shaina says let me go. Sahil scolds her. Shaina says you think I m scared of death. She argues with him. He says I will find out who helped you and kill you. Commissioner says we will find Shaina. Raman says keep us updated.

Munna saying Hetal is Shaina, I heard this name, Shaina is Sahil’s wife, so he took her along, I have to call Sahil. He makes an excuse and goes. Munna calls Sahil and says I went home to meet mum, I had planned to run, but failed, you are great, you came here and took Shaina, take me also. Sahil says no, stay there, keep me informed, I have posted you there so you give me all the news. Munna says fine, don’t worry, Raman’s car is coming, they didn’t succeed, I think they couldn’t find Shaina. Sahil says they will not get her. Mihika says don’t worry, Shaina will come. Mani asks is Hetal really Shaina. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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