Tuesday Update on This is Love 28th July 2020

Tuesday Update on This is Love 28th July 2020

Mrs. Bhalla giving aarti to everyone. Neeti looks on from far. Mihika gives aarti to Neeti. Ishita goes to Neeti’s room. She sees the sketch and says which place is this, London Eye, this would be Big ben, I don’t understand this. She takes pics to ask Raman. Sanjay comes and greets Yug and Raman. He says I m alone, my family is in village, I came here to do puja, I heard about puja happening here. Neeti gets scared and hugs Mihika. Sanjay looks on. Ishita signs Mihika to take Neeti to room. Sanjay gets sweets and Diwali gift. He thanks Raman and goes. Ishita shows the sketch made by Neeti. She asks Raman do you remember something. Raman says it looks like London’s place. She says yes.

She gets Bharat’s call. Bharat says this locket is made in London, I can’t say the brand name, logo is not clear. She thanks him. She says Bharat said this locket is made in London, it means Neeti is from London, Raman do you know anyone who can identify this place. Yug says Arijit is from London. Raman says yes, I will call him.

Arijit talks to his wife’s pic. He gets Raman’s call. Raman asks can you come home, its not good you are alone on Diwali. Arijit says I m doing puja, I can’t come today. Ishita says please don’t refuse, mummy ji and Papa ji will be glad, you helped us a lot in business. Arijit says fine, I will come. He says why are they calling me home, I will see Neeti from far, if she identifies me and tells that she is my daughter, everything will get spoiled.

Yug says I find Arijit very clever, if we ask him, he will ask us too, I can’t trust you. Karan says he won’t come, he would think of our agenda, he always hides things. Ishita says we can’t trust him, but just he can help us. Raman says we can’t tell him about Neeti. She says yes. Aaliya says you think he will tell us easily. Yug says we can casually ask. Raman says he will doubt and question us. Ishita tells some plan. Aaliya says its nice idea, forward me the pics. Raman says I will call Arijit. Raman says don’t call him now.

Arijit says why did Bhallas call me there, did Neeti tell them anything. Bhuvan comes. Arijit gets scared. He says I m tensed about Bhallas, if Neeti told them anything, everything will end. Bhuvan gives a gun and says take this along. Arijit asks what will I do. Bhuvan says you hate Bhallas, you keep fake friendship with them, kill them. Arijit scolds him. Bhuvan says I don’t know your enmity, how long will this game go on, kill Raman. Arijit says come with me, stand in parking, if anything happens, you and Sanjay will help me in getting Neeti out, its Diwali, we will take sweets on the way. Bhuvan says lets take this box, they are our enemies. Arijit says no, lets take laddoos, Neeti likes it a lot. Bhuvan thinks is Neeti his friend’s daughter or his own daughter, he knows a lot about Neeti.

Mihika gets laddoo for Neeti. She asks do you like this. She talks to comfort Neeti. Raman likes the laddoo. Karan says Arijit didn’t come yet. Neeti eats laddoo. Aaliya comes and says Neeti likes laddoo, shall I make halwa puri for you. Mihika takes Aaliya out. She says we won’t disturb her. Aaliya says sorry, I had come to say, Raman called Arijit to take help, Ishita said Neeti shouldn’t come out. Mihika says don’t worry, I will be with her. Aaliya goes. Mihika laughs and asks Neeti to eat more laddoos. Arijit and Bhuvan come there.

Raman welcomes Arijit and wishes happy Diwali. Arijit wishes everyone. He gets sweets. Ishita says thanks for coming, Mr and Mrs. Bhalla went for cards party at Amma’s house. Raman asks him to sit. Aaliya says Ruhi has messaged, she has sent some sketches. Ishita asks what is it. Aaliya says she wants us to guess where she is staying, Karan tell us where did she go. Karan says she sent me pics and asked me to guess. He says I think its London. Aaliya says yes, she wants us to tell exact location. Ishita asks how can we say, I went to London many times, but this place isn’t famous. Yug says one who stayed there for many years can help. Aaliya says oh yes, Arijit is from London, he can help us. Arijit sees the sketch and says this place….

He gets a call. He says no, I can’t hear you, can you hear me. He goes out to talk. Thia says Bhuvan called me and said Neeti is found, how is she. Arijit gets emotional and says she is fine. She asks is she living with your friend. He says I think she is happy, she made sketch of our London house, she wrote her initials also, N…. I don’t know how she changed being with them, she doesn’t know them, then how. He thinks no, she is with our enemies, she doesn’t know Raman and Ishita, she is knowing Bhallas. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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