Tuesday Update on This is Love 14 January 2020

Tuesday Update on This is Love 14 January 2020

Ishita getting coffee for Yug and Aaliya. She asks how is the project going on. Aaliya says good, Adi has handled everything, is your hand aching. Ishita says no, its fine. Aaliya asks shall we go for movie. Ishita says we will be at home and spend quality time, I will call Shagun home. She calls Shagun and asks her to come home. She says fine, call me when you are free, you have gone for NGO work.

Yug says mom is busy, we can play Ludo. Mihika says Adi is asleep, I will also play. They play. Ishita gets Anjali’s call and says fine, I will let you know. She says a kid broke his tooth, I have to go. Aaliya says Adi and I will drop you. Ishita says you should stay at home and rest. Ishita says I want to go out. Ishita says no, end of discussion now. Mihika says we will play Ludo. Aaliya goes to her room.

Ishita says I will come back soon, Mihika look after Aaliya. Aaliya says I m not sick, I want to go out, what’s wrong. Yug says you aren’t sick, Ishita told so as you may get tired. She says why will I get tired, I m fine, I m not mad, you think I m mad and weak, I feel suffocated here. He says calm down, don’t get angry. She says I want to watch a movie. He says Ishita will kill me. She says I knew you will say this. He says fine, lets go, but we need to be careful. He goes to check and they leave by tricking Mihika.

Aaliya thanks Yug for taking her for movie. He says I can do anything for your smile. She says I want to eat chaat. He says I will bring it for you, you be here. Ishita says why isn’t Mihika answering my call, I will call Yug. She calls Yug and asks how is Aaliya. He says she is fine, I can’t hear you. She says I m coming home. He says it will be a problem if she comes home soon. He goes to car and doesn’t see Aaliya. He goes to look for her and asks some people about her. He says where did she go, Ishita will not leave me, I will call Raman. She hears Aaliya’s voice and runs to see her. He hugs her and says I was so tensed. She asks what happened, I m not a child to get lost, there is a lady there, she needs our help. He says there is no one.

She says she is there behind, come she needs her help, I will ask her if she has any problem to meet you. She asks Shanti to meet her husband, he will solve her problems. She takes him and says he is my husband Aditya Bhalla. He gets shocked seeing no one there. Ishita asks where did they go. Mihika says I don’t know, I was attending Adi, I didn’t know they will go like this. Ishita says Yug is unreliable. Bala says he didn’t answer my call. Ishita says when I spoke to him, he lied to me. Aaliya asks will you help Shanti. He nods. He gets Ishita’s call.

Aaliya says console her, she is crying, poor woman, she came straight to me, its good, I did the right thing. She consoles Shanti. He gets shocked. Ishita says he isn’t answering. Mihika says I hope Aaliya is fine. Ishita says he is such a fraud, Raman should see this. Aaliya says Shanti gave me this paper when I was in car, read this. He sees the blank paper.

He says we didn’t inform Ishita, we shall leave, lets go home and tell her. She says you mean I should leave Shanti alone, its so dangerous, didn’t you read this, she is so troubled by her husband, we won’t leave her. He says we will tell Ishita, she will come here ad help Shanti, and Shagun has NGO, she will help, right. She says we shouldn’t leave Shanti here, what if we don’t find her again. He says fine, lets take her along. She says yes, I need to ask her.

He gets Ishita’s call. She asks where are you, where is Aaliya. He says I can’t tell you much, just come fast, I will send my location, Aaliya is right in front of me. Ishita says Aaliya needs me. Bala says I will come along. Raman and Ruhi come. Ishita says get in the car, lets leave fast. Bala says Aaliya is in trouble. Aaliya says she doesn’t want to go to police station with us. He says we didn’t inform anyone and we have to go home.

She asks how can you be so heartless, shall we leave her alone, what if her husband comes, he ousted her and snatched her kids, he left her on the streets, what if he hurts her, its not safe, we shouldn’t leave Shanti, we should call the cops, police will come and get her house back. He says yes, we should go to police station, then police will see her. She says you go, I will stay here with Shanti, she is our responsibility. He says stop it, we are getting late. She says I don’t want to go, you go to police station. He says come with me. She pushes him. He falls back. She says you are behaving so strangely, what’s wrong, don’t you want to help, fine, I will take her to the police, I didn’t know you are a big coward. She asks Shanti to come, she will help. Ishita, Raman, Bala and Ruhi come. Aaliya asks did you call Ishita here, I want to help Shanti. Ishita asks Shanti. Aaliya says she is Shanti, can’t you see her. Ishita gets shocked.

Aaliya saying I want to help Shanti. Bala asks Shanti? But Aaliya, there is no one. Aaliya says you mean I m mad, I asked Adi to call police, why did he call you, you can see her, right, I m very confused, I will handle, just go. Ishita asks Bala to wear glasses, can’t he see Shanti. Bala says yes, she is standing there. Raman says Shanti is here, we believe you. Aaliya says I will handle this. She argues with them and says I will take Shanti with me. Yug says we will take her to police station. Aaliya asks what are you trying to say, I don’t need you, I will take Shanti, just stay away. She faints.

They get Aaliya home. Doctor says I have given her sedatives, Yug told me everything, its clear that she is hallucinating, she doesn’t know that she is imagining

that lady, I have increased her dose, it won’t be safe to leave her alone. Ishita scolds Yug. She says I told you not to take her out, why did you take her. Yug says I didn’t know this would happen, sorry, I was scared seeing her, I love her a lot, I can’t think of harming her. She says you have harmed her, I told you not to hurt her and stay away, you have put her in this trauma, if you didn’t come close to her, this would have not happened, what is going to change now.

He says nothing and cries. He says I was blinded by love, I thought to stay with her anyhow, forgive me. Rohan comes there and says get up, get out of this house. Everyone asks Rohan to leave him. Rohan says dad, I won’t listen to you. Raman says Yug won’t go anywhere, enough Rohan. Rohan asks why, you know he is responsible for Aaliya’s state. Raman says I have decided this, get out. Sudha and Kara come.
Sudha says don’t you dare Raman slap my son, Rohan is Aaliya’s husband, he cares for you all a lot. She gets dizzy. Rohan asks why did you come here.

Karan says stop this, mom came here following you, I had heard that men change after marriage, today I have seen it, these people insult you, you come here, what’s this love that’s making you away from your mum, you are running after your wife who doesn’t like to see your face, I respected and loved you a lot, I felt I got the best brother in the world, go to Aaliya and beg her, let your mum die, shame on you, I will take care of mum alone. He calls them selfish and asks Sudha to come with him. They leave. Rohan says Ishimaa, keep me updated about Aaliya’s condition. He goes. Ishita asks Yug did he get what he wanted, Raman has thrown Rohan out to save you.



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